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2018-07-19 17:26:07 The universe of people trying to deceive journalists keeps expanding, and newsrooms arent ready Nieman Journalism Lab
2018-07-19 17:16:05 FCC accuses SINCLAIR of trying to mislead regulators.
2018-07-19 08:46:07 Putin says there are 'powerful forces' trying to damage US-Russia relations
2018-07-12 06:36:05 Nearly Half of Americans Trying to Lose Weight, CDC Data Show - Bloomberg Quint
2018-06-11 13:28:05 Arrest During Philly Pride Parade For Trying To Burn USA Flag.
2018-06-08 11:42:02 Giuliani trying to influence perception of Mueller probe
2018-06-06 09:10:05 Giuliani accuses of trying to \'frame\' Trump.
2018-06-04 00:40:10 Secret files prove Iran is trying to build bomb, claims Israel News The Times
2018-06-02 13:54:05 Man trying to dance with woman stabs her boyfriend, friends
2018-06-02 08:40:05 U.S. trying to find discreet way to pay for Kim Jong Uns hotel during summit The Seattle Times
2018-06-01 19:38:05 The U.S. is trying to find a discreet way to pay for Kim Jong Uns hotel during the summit - The Washington Post
2018-05-31 20:18:05 Criminals are trying to get caught so they can smuggle drugs into jail, an Alaska official says - Anchorage Daily News
2018-05-29 09:30:04 Pompeii: New find shows man crushed trying to flee eruption
2018-05-28 08:32:05 Live forever or die trying: Meet the biohackers who fear their work could get them killed The Independent
2018-05-25 13:12:05 Environmental red tape stalls border agents trying to fill drug-smuggler tunnels Fox News
2018-05-18 09:28:05 President suggests DOJ trying to frame him.
2018-05-10 08:12:06 This Cryptocurrency Billionaire Is Trying to Split California Into Three States - Bloomberg
2018-05-04 12:38:08 Federal judge accuses Mueller's team of 'lying,' trying to target Trump: 'C'mon man!' Fox News
2018-05-03 14:00:08 Police Use Stun Gun On Man Trying To Have Sex With Car.
2018-04-26 07:16:05 US warns migrant 'caravan' against trying to enter
2018-04-26 06:08:04 Isis trying to foment a wave of migration to Europe, says UN official World news The Guardian
2018-04-25 10:20:04 Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt by Impounding Innocent Peoples Cars -
2018-04-20 08:22:05 Kangaroo in zoo dies after being pelted by bricks from tourists trying to see it hop: report Fox News
2018-04-05 09:10:05 De Niro: We are \'beyond trying to see another person\'s point of view\'.
2018-03-21 22:34:05 To Weather Storms, Airlines Trying to Keep Passengers Away From Airports - WSJ
2018-03-18 20:06:04 Report: Cambridge Analytica trying to block expos by U.K.'s Channel 4 - CBS News
2018-03-05 19:26:05 Woman restrained after trying to open airplane cabin door during flight - CBS News
2018-03-05 11:12:04 Now Russia accuses US of election meddling as minister claims Washington is trying to sow chaos to bring down Vladimir Putin
2018-03-04 14:00:08 Roger Stone: Mueller likely trying to snag Trump over Flynn, Comey firings TheHill
2018-03-03 16:56:05 Woman, 26, says her debt spiraled trying to be a social media star Daily Mail Online
2018-02-20 22:48:04 Man Slips, Falls 500-Feet To His Death Trying To Rescue Dog At Golden Gate.
2018-02-20 06:38:05 Police suspect Netanyahu associate of trying to bribe judge
2018-02-17 10:22:04 ANOTHER Violent Case Of Road Rage In CA; SUV Overturns Trying To Sideswipe BMW.
2018-02-16 17:54:04 Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes through metal fence, breaks arm of man trying to catch her then swims to safety on island in lake The Independent
2018-02-16 16:06:05 Augusta woman arrested for trying to rip off boyfriend's genital - WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL
2018-02-07 07:48:04 Kansas man accused of trying to buy child for $250, meth
2018-02-06 13:24:04 Saudi Suspected of Trying to Join Qaeda Camp Is Arrested in Oklahoma - The New York Times
2018-02-05 11:20:04 Senate documents show FBI trying to suppress release of new Trump dossier info TheHill
2018-01-31 14:20:05 Trophy hunter shot dead while trying to bag his second lion - SFGate
2018-01-23 15:30:04 Trump and the media are trying to destroy each other, Howard Kurtz says - POLITICO
2018-01-18 13:50:04 Chris Christie Caught Trying To Evade Newark Airport Security.
2018-01-16 14:52:05 Thieves steal car from good Samaritan trying to save child.
2018-01-07 20:40:08 Woman run over with her own car while trying to escape cat...
2017-12-23 13:58:05 Rural towns are trying to get Americans to move Daily Mail Online
2017-12-18 09:24:21 Republicans Trying to Avoid Roy Moore Humiliation in Virginia.
2017-12-12 10:46:04 Inside Trumps legal team: Trying to protect the president from Muellers killers - The Washington Post
2017-12-12 08:28:05 Inside Trumps legal team: Trying to protect the president from Muellers killers - The Washington Post
2017-12-06 09:20:05 Woman accuses Franken of trying to forcibly kiss her in 2006 - POLITICO
2017-11-30 18:20:07 Matt Lauers lawyers trying to get him $30M payout after firing Page Six

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