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2019-04-21 06:20:03 Democratic hopefuls demur on pursuing Trump investigations if they were to oust him in 2020 - The Morning Call
2019-03-28 11:32:06 The Pentagon is Absolutely Unapologetic About Pursuing AI-Powered Weapons - Nextgov
2019-03-22 14:54:04 Netanyahu says he's suing Gantz, Ya'alon for libel over 'treason' claims The Times of Israel
2019-02-22 14:16:04 New York prosecutors pursuing criminal charges against Manafort: source Reuters
2019-02-12 16:40:04 Lufthansa Is Suing a Passenger for Missing a Flight Fortune
2019-01-29 17:34:04 A Utah man is suing Gwyneth Paltrow and Deer Valley, asking for more than $3.1 million for hit and run ski accident - The Salt Lake Tribune
2019-01-02 23:02:01 Male model suing Bruce Weber for 'soliciting sex in exchange for work' sent photographer nude pics Daily Mail Online
2018-12-12 15:48:04 Man Suing Airlines After Finger Caught in Armrest - NBC Bay Area
2018-11-29 17:40:03 Iowa prison porn ban: 58 Iowa inmates suing for right to pornography
2018-11-15 00:26:42 American Airlines flight attendant suing scarf assault drag down aisle - Business Insider
2018-11-12 11:04:07 Byron York: As Democrats consider impeaching Trump, GOP leaders regret pursuing Clinton
2018-10-15 19:46:05 Mother left paralysed after being 'catapulted' from bed during sex is suing manufacturer at High Court
2018-09-17 14:04:07 A British Cave Rescuer Is Officially Suing Elon Musk For Calling Him A Pedophile
2018-09-05 21:40:28 Roy Moore Is Suing Sacha Baron Cohen For $95 Million
2018-08-13 22:14:15 A horse was neglected by its owner. Now the horse is suing. - SFGate
2018-08-01 15:52:04 He passed out in front of his children because of an opioid. And now the Utah man is suing McDonalds, saying an employee drugged him. - The Salt Lake Tribune
2018-07-27 12:54:04 U.S. not pursuing regime change, collapse in Iran: Mattis
2018-07-20 19:38:07 MGM banks on never-used anti-terrorism law in suing victims
2018-07-02 17:28:08 Former Alabama player Les Williams is one of more than 100 suing NCAA over brain injuries - The Washington Post
2018-06-04 19:02:04 Sailor pardoned by Trump after photographing classified area of sub is SUING Obama and Comey Daily Mail Online
2018-05-01 21:08:14 Texas suing to end \'Dreamers\' program once and for all.
2018-04-30 07:26:05 Man who tried to drown himself in pool is suing the people who pulled him out - Laredo Morning Times
2018-04-28 22:22:06 Cop Suing STARBUCKS After Violent Encounter With Homeless Threatening To Kill Everyone Over Free Croissant; Warned Managers For Months.
2018-03-21 10:28:07 Arnold Schwarzenegger Promotes Gas Guzzling Helicopter Ride over L.A. While Suing Oil Companies for Murder
2018-03-20 17:44:04 China and Russia aggressively are pursuing hypersonic weapons: General
2017-12-31 11:54:10 Iran warns protesters against pursuing bold challenge to leadership
2017-12-17 18:28:10 Johnny Depps Ex-Lawyers Suing Star After He Sued Them For $30M Deadline
2017-11-07 20:04:07 Feds want cash seized in a raid last year, so theyre suing the cash Miami Herald
2017-10-24 14:24:05 U.S. Soldiers in Niger Were Pursuing ISIS Recruiter When Ambushed - NBC News
2017-09-27 10:36:04 Family Suing NYC Hospital After Man Slips into Coma in ER Waiting Room - NBC New York
2017-08-28 21:42:07 Muslim Reformer Maajid Nawaz Joins Christian Ministries in Suing the SPLC for 'Hate' Defamation
2017-08-15 16:46:08 Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews pursuing felony charges in toppling of Confederate soldier statue Monday Aug. 15, 2017. The Herald Sun
2017-08-05 09:54:07 California considers suing Trump administration over immigration The Sacramento Bee
2017-06-27 18:54:03 Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamati The Daily Caller
2017-02-05 18:08:07 His selfie went viral for all the wrong reasons. Now this refugee is suing Facebook.
2017-01-18 19:12:15 Facebook CEO suing hundreds over Kauai land - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL
2017-01-18 08:16:10 Chinese authorities tell local weather forecasters to stop issuing smog alerts
2017-01-05 17:06:07 Obama issuing record number of 'midnight' regulations: Study - Washington Times
2016-12-29 17:36:04 A Dallas HR director received penis-shaped candies at work. Now she's suing to find out who sent it Texas Dallas News
2016-12-15 20:12:04 Strip club dancers are suing clubs over pay and winning - Baltimore Sun
2016-10-23 13:00:04 Kaine on Hillary Pursuing TPP After Election: 'You Never Close the Door' - Breitbart
2016-09-23 09:06:49 Lawyer is suing Emirates after nine-hour flight seated next to an obese man Daily Mail Online
2016-07-07 19:14:51 NYT: How a FOXNEWS Anchor Ended Up Suing Her Boss.(NY Times)
2016-05-30 08:10:03 The Nanny State Groweth: NYC to Start Issuing Salt Fines to Restaurants
2016-05-25 14:44:05 Arizona Joins Texas in Suing Feds Over Obama Bathroom Directives
2016-05-06 16:26:39 British couple suing donor firm claiming sperm was from schizophrenic criminal - Mirror Online
2016-05-02 13:20:02 Hulk suing Gawker for allegedly leaking his racist tirade New York Post
2016-04-20 11:54:08 Obama: If we let Americans sue Saudis for 9/11, foreigners will begin suing US non-stop
2016-04-06 11:52:04 Sarah Palin: Im Suing Azealia Banks for Her Gang-Rape Demands: Put the Fear of God in Her by Holding Her Accountable
2016-04-01 11:28:04 Lawsuit Claims New Orleans Traffic Cameras Illegal, Suing to Stop Program and Reclaim Money

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