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2019-03-25 16:04:03 McClatchy Stands By Disputed Cohen-Prague Story After Mueller Finds No Collusion The Daily Caller
2019-03-05 20:30:04 McClatchy Stands By Reports That Michael Cohen Visited Prague, Despite Ex-Trump Lawyers Denials The Daily Caller
2019-02-18 11:48:04 Fox Stands Behind Jussie Smollett in Wake of Staged Assault Report Variety
2019-02-08 20:24:03 HBO Stands by Michael Jackson Doc \'LEAVING NEVERLAND,\' Won\'t Edit.
2019-02-06 20:04:03 Ex-NY Times Editor Jill Abramson Stands by Book 100 Percent: 'I Certainly Didn't Plagiarize'
2019-01-26 11:00:04 NYPD: Group Of Teens Targeting Manhattan Newsstands In Violent Crime Spree.
2019-01-17 15:32:04 Jerusalem's iconic Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock covered in SNOW as 6C temperatures bring Middle Eastern city to a standstill
2018-12-28 06:38:04 New York sky lights up with eerie blue glow after huge power plant explosion brings Big Apple to a standstill and sparks alien invasion jokes
2018-12-14 12:46:04 Yellow vest Britain:Protest brings London to standstill at Westminster Daily Star
2018-12-06 10:20:02 Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound. ::
2018-12-06 06:34:03 Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound. - The New York Times
2018-11-20 12:58:02 Trump says US stands with Saudi Arabia despite Khashoggi killing
2018-11-05 06:26:04 Demonized or Celebrated, Pelosi Stands Firm and Refuses to Agonize ::
2018-10-14 08:18:08 Ted Wheeler, Portland mayor, stands by decision to allow Antifa to block traffic - Washington Times
2018-09-21 18:38:05 NY Times Reporter Stands by Rod Rosenstein Bombshell: 'This Wasn't a Flippant Remark'
2018-09-02 19:22:08 Aretha Franklin funeral eulogy slammed; pastor stands firm
2018-08-30 21:48:13 Insect apocalypse: Flying bugs bring Russian town to a standstill Daily Star
2018-08-17 16:42:07 Glenn Kessler on Twitter: "Our Four-Pinocchio rating stands. Everything in this article was noted in our piece, except for the suggestion that Nelson leaked classified information."
2018-08-08 21:20:05 'Worlds smallest horse' stands tall at 19 inches and hes called Gulliver Daily Mail Online
2018-08-02 12:58:04 New York Times stands by new tech writer Sarah Jeong after racist tweets surface Fox News
2018-06-22 16:48:07 Time Magazine Stands by Cover After Photo Correction: Captures Stakes of This Moment Mediaite
2018-06-15 12:50:10 Merkel stands firm against Bavarian demands to close borders
2018-06-12 22:58:10 World Cup: US stands a good chance to win 2026 bid
2018-06-01 20:04:10 MSNBC stands by Joy Reid after new apology for controversial blog posts - Laredo Morning Times
2018-04-22 15:44:04 Facing legal threats, Mississippi's last abortion clinic stands defiant
2018-03-01 13:28:05 Voters vow to elect a Congress that stands up to Trump, poll shows
2018-01-29 19:40:04 Diane Keaton stands by Woody Allen Page Six
2018-01-12 07:40:05 Contracts for consensual one-night stands? Theres an app for that New York Post
2018-01-08 21:50:08 Trump Cheered At College Football National Championship Game, Stands For Anthem Video RealClearPolitics
2017-12-17 19:28:09 Sudden power outage brings Atlanta airport to a standstill
2017-12-15 09:10:07 Heres Where the GOP Tax Plan Stands Right Now - Bloomberg
2017-12-05 06:10:08 John Oliver takes on Dustin Hoffman over sexual harassment claims during live interview: 'No one stands up to powerful men' The Independent
2017-11-26 14:50:05 Special counsel Robert Mueller stands on reputation that belies a record including fumbles - LA Times
2017-11-19 19:22:05 Marshawn Lynch only stands for Mexican national anthem New York Post
2017-10-24 08:24:04 Republican Sen. Bob Corker stands by his criticism of Trump and White House as an 'adult day care center' - ABC News
2017-10-20 10:32:04 LOOK: Marshawn Lynch watched Chiefs-Raiders from the stands after ejection -
2017-10-16 14:44:05 WATCH: Donald Trump stands with Mitch McConnell for Rose Garden press briefing PBS NewsHour
2017-10-13 17:14:08 Sheriff Lombardo says he stands by new timeline of Las Vegas shooting Las Vegas Review-Journal
2017-10-05 08:52:05 Video: Injured Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Stands to Meet Trump Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
2017-09-30 16:52:15 San Juan Mayor to Liberal Media: We Are Getting No Help From Trump - As She Stands In Front of Pallets of Aid
2017-09-25 11:14:05 UPDATE: ONLY ONE STEELER STANDS.
2017-09-25 11:10:04 UPDATE: ONLY ONE STEELER STANDS.
2017-07-26 22:46:05 Scaramucci still stands to profit from SkyBridge from the White House - POLITICO
2017-06-28 09:42:02 Condoleezza Rice: President Donald Trump stands for American values
2017-06-27 09:12:02 Britain's tiniest puppy stands as tall as a tin of beans
2017-06-06 08:38:03 Marc Kasowitz, Toughest of the Tough Guys, Stands Beside Trump
2017-05-01 15:02:05 One-eyed horse stands out from competition at Kentucky Derby - CBS News
2017-04-19 00:32:04 US VP Pence says to North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'
2017-04-17 14:20:05 Govt stands by officer in J&K human shield row India News - Times of India

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