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2018-10-08 15:36:05 Evacuations ordered as Hurricane Michael speeds toward Florida
2018-09-26 18:00:05 Saudi Arabia opens high-speed train linking Islam's holiest cities The Independent
2018-09-18 11:00:04 Unprecedented Government Spending Spree Picks Up Speed - Nextgov
2018-09-08 09:50:04 NASA news: Caltech nanomaterial speeds spacecraft 134,000,000 mph' Daily Star
2018-09-07 07:46:05 Post Malone cheats death AGAIN as high speed crash destroys Rolls Royce two weeks after plane scare
2018-08-28 07:24:05 After driving ban ends, Saudi women taste thrill of speed
2018-08-28 06:32:04 Global Car Sales Hit Speed Bump as Demand Slows and Trade Tensions Loom - WSJ
2018-08-27 18:18:07 Tourists shocked as migrant boat speeds to Spanish beach before Africans dash for cliffs World News
2018-08-23 19:54:04 Speedy flip in Earth's magnetic field could cause trillions in damage, scientists warn - NZ Herald
2018-08-20 11:40:07 There are signs the U.S. economy is approaching its speed limit - MarketWatch
2018-08-09 19:56:04 We have measured the speed of death and its 2 millimetres an hour New Scientist
2018-08-04 14:02:05 Election crackdown runs into speed-tweeting human 'bots'
2018-08-01 18:10:07 Need for speed.
2018-07-30 22:56:04 State bullet train might not attain mandated speed
2018-07-26 18:36:08 Virgin Galactic's Unity space plane breaks new speed record - CNET
2018-07-14 12:10:04 Cops Under Fire For \'Flipping Coin\' To Decide Whether They\'ll Arrest Speeding Driver.
2018-06-26 11:38:05 VIDEO: Man Clings To Hood Of Speeding MERCEDES On I-95 In FL
2018-06-14 11:30:07 Elon Musk firm tapped to build Chicago high-speed transit
2018-06-06 06:56:05 US house prices are going to rise at twice the speed of inflation and pay: Reuters poll
2018-06-06 06:12:04 Soldier Leads Virginia Police on Bonkers Mid-Speed Chase in Stolen Armored Vehicle
2018-05-23 17:34:05 Pentagon Is Speeding Up Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia, Other Allies - Defense One
2018-04-12 23:48:05 Judges say Sessions plan to speed up immigration courts wont work U.S. Government
2018-03-29 12:34:08 Stormy Daniels' Attempt to Speed Up Trial with Donald Trump Gets Denied
2018-03-16 09:14:05 Speed-Limit Boosts Show No Signs of Slowing Down - WSJ
2018-03-09 15:54:05 Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller to Speed End of Russia Probe - WSJ
2018-02-21 14:22:05 Vandals Destroy Speed Cameras In DC The Daily Caller
2018-02-14 18:02:07 Woman says Lantana mayor offered speed bumps in exchange for sex
2018-02-02 11:30:04 US jobs engine gathers speed in January as wages rise
2018-01-29 22:06:05 Ford making AI robot POLICE CARS RoboCops to catch speeding drivers Daily Star
2018-01-22 17:08:05 DHS waives more than 30 environmental laws to speed Trump's border wall
2017-12-29 05:44:05 The Year the News Accelerated to Trump Speed - The New York Times
2017-12-19 20:42:05 Rail experts ask why new track in Washington state Amtrak crash did not have speed control system - LA Times
2017-12-18 19:56:05 Curve where Amtrak train derailed in Washington has speed limit of 30 mph The Seattle Times
2017-12-18 12:48:05 Mayor feared deadly accidents from high-speed train service -
2017-12-11 15:26:05 Man in high-speed police chase crashed while checking phone for directions New York Post
2017-12-11 09:06:05 Precision sacrificed for speed as GOP rushes ahead on taxes - The Washington Post
2017-11-14 09:22:04 Hyperloop and Denver: Arrivo to buildhigh-speed tube transport
2017-11-12 09:30:04 'I'm in a high-speed chase, bro!': Man goes live on Facebook during police chase
2017-10-27 16:56:04 Mysterious object seen speeding past sun could be 'visitor from another star system' Science The Guardian
2017-10-15 08:20:05 Pentagon Turns to High-Speed Traders to Fortify Markets Against Cyberattack - WSJ
2017-10-03 08:06:05 Gunman had 'bump-stock' device that could speed fire
2017-09-12 00:00:21 Bugatti Chiron hypercar sets incredible speed record Daily Mail Online
2017-09-09 20:40:08 Trump calls for a tax reform 'speed-up' in light of Hurricane Irma
2017-09-04 16:48:04 Royal Navy tests new missiles which can destroy enemy bombs at supersonic speeds from Japan-bound ship amid growing global tensions
2017-08-24 16:54:05 HUMMER with casket on roof leads cops on high-speed chase.
2017-08-15 22:44:02 U.S., China Militaries Set Up Speed Dial to Avoid Inadvertent North Korea War - WSJ
2017-08-11 07:24:05 Ultrafast wi-fi on horizon as scientists send data at 100 times current speeds
2017-08-10 08:24:10 China working on 'repression network' which lets speed cameras track and identify cars - and human motorists
2017-08-04 08:28:10 Flash - Venezuela's currency crumbles at dizzying speed - France 24
2017-07-28 08:44:05 Second-quarter U.S. GDP speeds up to 2.6% - MarketWatch

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