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2018-11-22 11:44:16 Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing aDuet of"SaySomething" - YouTube
2018-11-11 17:32:03 Why Did Facebook Fire a Top Executive? Hint: It Had Something to Do With Trump - WSJ
2018-10-09 13:46:05 Ban on same-sex couples roils small Christian college: This isnt something sinful, God The Sacramento Bee
2018-10-01 13:12:06 Barack Obama on Twitter: "Today, Im proud to endorse even more Democratic candidates who arent just running against something, but for somethingto expand opportunity for all of us and to restore dignity, honor, and compassion to public service. They dese
2018-09-17 11:54:05 'Something's Wrong with Her': Christine Ford's Students Savage Her in Reviews :: Grabien News
2018-08-31 15:12:04 Mueller may drop something big before Labor Day - Business Insider
2018-08-23 17:14:04 Wilmette mom investigated for letting 8-year-old walk dog around the block. 'For something like this to happen to me, theres something really wrong.' - Chicago Tribune
2018-08-17 19:02:04 Signs that North Korea is planning something big for September: Blocked visas, parade practice and haircuts - The Washington Post
2018-07-16 11:50:04 Nancy Pelosi: Russia has something on Trump, explains 'his refusal to stand up to Putin' at summit - Washington Times
2018-07-14 08:12:04 TRUMP: Why didn\'t Obama do something?
2018-07-07 23:20:22 Class, Acceptance and the KKK: These Movies Have Something to Say
2018-06-20 15:14:04 Trump says he'll sign 'something' to keep migrant families together
2018-06-20 12:12:04 Trump says he'll be 'signing something' on detained children
2018-06-09 15:34:10 I must be doing something right: Billionaire George Soros faces renewed attacks with defiance - The Washington Post
2018-05-29 09:26:05 Hillary Clinton health fears after she wears over-sized coat with something sticking out the back and not for the first time
2018-03-22 11:00:22 Democratic candidates try something new to cope with anti-Pelosi campaign attacks: Disavowing her
2018-03-16 13:48:10 After eating CHIPOTLE for 500 days, man ready for something new.
2018-02-15 22:42:05 Mr. President, its time to do something about guns New York Post
2018-01-25 06:02:04 Something Shocking Happened in Florida After the Alaska Earthquake: Well Water Levels Changed The Weather Channel
2018-01-14 07:34:04 Vegas shooters girlfriend may have known something was up New York Post
2018-01-09 19:28:05 Australian birds have weaponized fire because what we really need now is something else to make us afraid National Post
2018-01-04 21:48:15 Bay Area earthquake rattled 9.8 million people and offers a preview of something much worse - LA Times
2018-01-02 19:08:04 Tonya Harding says she 'knew something was up' before infamous 1994 baton attack on Nancy Kerrigan - ABC News
2017-11-14 21:28:07 There's something weird going on that's worrying the markets
2017-11-02 17:44:05 Las Vegas shooting: Paddock's girlfriend may be hiding something, sheriff suggests Fox News
2017-10-29 11:58:04 Trump demands Republicans DO SOMETHING in Twitter meltdown New York Post
2017-10-11 23:30:14 Fortysomethings Are the New Club Kids - WSJ
2017-09-09 10:46:04 "The Guy is Hiding Something": Top Hillary Advisor Suggests Bernie Colluded With Russia During the Primary
2017-08-31 07:32:05 Dems' 2020 dilemma: Familiar 70-somethings vs. neophyte no-names - POLITICO
2017-08-21 17:18:10 This new AI-composed pop song sounds like something from a Spotify playlist
2017-08-18 07:00:04 Hurricane eclipse? Something new under the sun
2017-07-21 20:30:05 Chris Christie just did something he says will save lives in N.J.
2017-06-21 12:56:03 Exclusive: Quentin Tarantino Says His Fans Will Have to Wait Until 2019 For Something New Showbiz411
2017-04-14 14:40:05 'World's oldest porn star' reveals the secret to his amazing stamina... and it's something we can ALL do
2017-04-13 08:34:08 Police departments say they don't enforce immigration laws. But their manuals say something different - LA Times
2017-04-07 10:38:05 The myth of the miserable millennial: 5 reasons why 20-somethings are happier than their grandparents
2017-03-31 07:48:05 The Dow is about to do something it hasnt done in 10 years - MarketWatch
2017-03-16 18:38:12 SNL to finish a record-shattering season by doing something its never done before - The Washington Post
2017-03-06 14:56:04 Something like road rage: Man punched by construction worker dies after traffic cone dispute - The Washington Post
2017-01-12 07:40:14 Something 'fishy' going on at LA sushi restaurants: study
2017-01-11 19:26:06 Trump alleges leaks by U.S. spy agencies, says that's something 'Nazi Germany would have done' - LA Times
2017-01-04 13:58:06 There's something out there: Mysterious fast radio bursts originate from distant dwarf galaxy
2016-12-31 10:52:04 Something About This Russia Story Stinks
2016-12-30 14:42:03 Something About This Russia Story Stinks - Rolling Stone
2016-12-16 09:22:05 John Podesta: Something is deeply broken at the FBI - The Washington Post
2016-12-09 11:30:07 Michael Moore: Something Crazy Could Happen to Stop Trump Becoming President
2016-12-07 20:04:07 Trump \'work something out\' with dreamers.(NYT)
2016-11-27 18:22:07 Pizzagate Is Real: Something Is Going On, But What?

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