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2018-12-13 08:28:06 Human smuggler packs 19 into one pickup truck.
2018-12-06 20:08:04 Smugglers ingested Mexican cartel cash, say Colombia police after arrests Reuters
2018-11-30 08:56:03 Indian 'corpse smuggler' arrested with 50 human skeletons in his luggage
2018-10-25 15:24:05 Smugglers use U-Haul truck to shuttle immigrants across the border, feds say Immigration Dallas News
2018-07-27 07:18:04 Sombra the police drug-sniffing dog is famous in Colombia. Now, smugglers have put a bounty on her head. - Laredo Morning Times
2018-06-25 09:10:40 Illicit drone flights surge along US-Mexico border as smugglers hunt for soft spots The Seattle Times
2018-06-21 11:16:03 Smuggler abandons 6-year-old in blazing desert - Story WNYW
2018-05-25 13:12:05 Environmental red tape stalls border agents trying to fill drug-smuggler tunnels Fox News
2018-05-01 11:54:05 Smugglers abandon tiger cub in bag along Texas border
2018-04-20 14:16:07 California game wardens bust Asian plant smugglers
2018-03-13 09:28:07 Bird Smuggler Caught At JFK Airport With Bag Full Of 20 Finches.
2017-12-21 18:04:05 Border groom passes federal background check, turns out to be convicted drug smuggler - The San Diego Union-Tribune
2017-11-26 21:06:08 Border Patrol's 'tunnel rats' stalk drug smugglers in an underground game of hide-and-seek - LA Times
2017-08-15 23:32:05 Sessions: Sanctuary Chicago, 'trafficker, smuggler, predator's best friend'
2017-08-02 21:54:05 Car mules: South Africa smugglers use donkeys to bring stolen Mercedes into Zimbabwe
2017-06-30 20:46:02 U.S. to Arrest Parents, Sponsors Who Hire Smugglers to Bring Children Across Border - WSJ
2017-04-23 22:02:05 Italy migrant crisis: Charities 'colluding' with smugglers - BBC News
2017-02-08 15:04:06 European People-Smugglers Are Using Garlic To Sneak Illegal Immigrants Into The UK Heat Street
2016-11-15 13:58:10 Feds Use Eyes In The Sky To Stop Drug Smugglers
2016-10-03 10:22:09 BORDER SURGE! Smugglers Tell Illegals to Get to US Now, Because TRUMP WALL Is Going Up (VIDEO)
2016-06-30 13:04:41 Human smugglers hail Uber drivers to take migrants to U.S.-Mexico border
2016-06-03 12:38:02 Venezuela State Under Martial Law Against Smugglers
2016-05-24 17:58:39 Border Patrol horse punched by drug smuggler Washington Examiner
2016-04-06 15:20:04 People smugglers use FACEBOOK to get illegal immigrants into Europe World News Daily Express
2016-04-02 06:06:04 Migrant smugglers use Facebook to promote new trafficking routes
2016-04-01 20:02:03 Suspected Smugglers Caught on Video Scaling Border Fence into US
2016-04-01 08:38:03 Mexico TV station films drugs smugglers sneaking into US by scaling Arizona border fence Daily Mail Online
2016-03-28 15:58:02 Immigrant Smuggler Caught 23 Times by Border Patrol Gets Prison Time
2016-03-27 22:28:03 Smuggler caught by Border Patrol 24 times is sentenced -
2016-03-24 08:42:03 Smugglers Built Home to Hide Cross-Border Drug Tunnel, a First for Calif.: US Atty. NBC 7 San Diego
2015-12-22 15:52:11 Smugglers reap $1 billion windfall from refugee crisis
2015-09-21 19:16:04 People smugglers using Facebook to sell fake Syrian passports to economic migrants - Telegraph
2015-09-14 14:46:13 Europe Approves Military Action Against Refugee Smugglers As Germany Warns 1 Million Coming
2015-09-05 10:36:03 ISIS smuggler: We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate West
2015-09-01 20:02:04 My Way News - Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings
2015-08-29 17:28:07 Smugglers who drove migrants to their deaths were part of a vast web - The Washington Post
2015-08-22 10:28:03 Venezuela state under martial law against smugglers - BBC News
2015-08-19 22:56:03 ARREST LEADS TO UNDERWATER TUNNEL ACROSS BORDER. Scuba smuggler.(AP)
2015-05-12 14:02:07 EU Pushes Mandatory Quotas for Migrants, Military Action Against Smugglers
2015-05-01 18:30:03 Aspens Smuggler Mountain is full of dog poop and it stinks - The Washington Post
2015-04-20 18:51:03 "Spanx Smuggler," 70, Arrested With Four Pounds Of Cocaine In Her Girdles, Underwear The Smoking Gun
2015-04-20 15:48:04 EU to launch military operations against migrant-smugglers in Libya World news The Guardian
2015-03-05 09:33:05 Alien Smuggler Accused of Assaulting a Border Patrol Agent Claims He Was Deported 49 Times
2015-02-19 07:09:03 Two smugglers who left pregnant woman to die in California sentenced - Yahoo News
2015-01-02 15:00:05 New Tactic: Smugglers Put Ships on Autopilot - ABC News
2014-12-12 08:12:05 Drug Smuggler Sues over Mean Drug Dog
2014-10-31 11:00:06 U.S. authorities repeated Fast and Furious tactics with suspected grenade smuggler
2014-10-13 11:15:05 Fuel Smugglers Line Up Every Day to Drain Indonesia Economy
2014-10-08 12:36:02 Four smugglers arrested after fatal rollover - Brownsville Herald: Valley

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