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2019-05-31 06:12:04 Hospital shortages a death sentence for Venezuelan children
2019-05-27 13:54:04 Shortages plague Cuba as U.S. sanctions sharpen economic woes - Reuters
2019-04-04 19:10:03 Cuba cuts newspaper size due to paper scarcity as shortages bite - Reuters
2019-03-10 07:14:04 Ritual animal slaughter law leaves Belgium's Muslims and Jews facing shortages, price hikes
2019-01-14 15:04:03 Government shutdown: TSA staff shortages cause airport delays
2019-01-14 10:32:08 TSA Staffing Shortages Spread Amid Government Shutdown - WSJ
2019-01-11 06:28:04 Government shutdown: TSA shortages push MIA to close terminal Miami Herald
2019-01-06 21:38:04 Venezuelans facing food shortages, leading to deep hunger Miami Herald
2018-12-19 21:30:02 COMMUNISM: Bread, Eggs, Meat, Rice Shortages Hit Cuba.
2018-11-19 06:42:09 Murder rate soars in Venezuela, forcing population to take extreme precautions amid shortages Daily Mail Online
2018-07-30 09:38:04 Mobs of kangaroos take to streets of Australia's capital over food shortages - CNN
2018-07-14 21:30:04 Widespread unrest erupts in southern Iraq amid acute shortages of water, electricity - NewsTimes
2018-05-31 07:26:05 Another antibiotic crisis: fragile supply leads to shortages Reuters
2018-05-12 21:50:08 Care homes: Elderly to be cared for by ROBOTS as staff shortages hit UK News
2018-04-21 08:42:04 Venezuela Police Attack Patients, Doctors at Hospital Shortages Protest Breitbart
2018-03-25 16:30:04 The Other Opioid Crisis: Hospital Shortages Lead To Patient Pain, Medical Errors Kaiser Health News
2018-02-10 17:34:07 Tamiflu Shortages from Coast to Coast as Flu Epidemic Ravages U.S. Lifestyle
2018-01-21 17:24:13 'We loot or we die of hunger': food shortages fuel unrest in Venezuela World news The Guardian
2018-01-07 09:16:04 Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California - LA Times
2018-01-06 08:54:08 Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California - LA Times
2017-12-08 07:38:04 Venezuela's chronic shortages give rise to 'medical flea markets'
2017-12-02 09:52:05 Cuba battling medicine shortages in wake of cash crunch
2017-09-14 17:20:07 They put bows on them: Venezuelan plan to encourage rabbit-eating amid food shortages goes awry as people adopt them as pets
2017-09-07 21:38:25 Fuel shortages, bottlenecks hamper Florida mass exodus
2017-09-07 06:02:08 A Venezuelan woman had grown used to shortages. Then her HIV drugs ran out. - The Washington Post
2017-06-22 19:38:02 Venezuela Shortages Spur Perilous Sea Journeys.
2017-02-13 13:06:04 Maduro Kicks CNN out of Venezuela for Report on School Food Shortages
2017-02-11 21:04:09 Food and medicine shortages werent bad enough. Now Venezuelans cant even get passports. Miami Herald
2016-11-03 18:14:02 Venezuelan military to take over distribution of medical and surgical supplies amid shortages Fox News Latino
2016-09-17 10:44:40 Gasoline shortages, price hikes coming to East Coast after pipeline leak - Sep. 16, 2016
2016-07-31 17:58:42 More Than 50 Animals Starve to Death in Venezuela's Zoos as the Nation Endures Devastating Food Shortages PJ Media
2016-07-21 17:14:42 Big Mac latest casualty of Venezuela shortages GlobalPost
2016-06-15 20:52:39 Looting and unrest continue roiling Venezuela as shortages persist and protesters demand food - LA Times
2016-06-03 13:32:03 Riots Break Out Across France as Strikes and Fuel Shortages Rock the Country
2016-05-31 19:06:38 'We can't go on like this': Shortages, economic crisis make Venezuela a nation of lines - LA Times
2016-05-28 09:04:39 Poll finds Venezuela shortages to exceed 80 percent
2016-05-18 12:52:38 Venezuela economy fractured with shortages of essentials across the country euronews, world news
2016-05-16 07:06:02 Watch Venezuela, Because Food Shortages, Looting And Economic Collapse Are Coming To America Too
2016-05-13 16:48:03 Venezuela Looters Target Chicken, Flour Amid Worsening Shortages
2016-05-13 13:40:38 Venezuela looters target chicken, flour amid worsening shortages
2016-04-27 12:40:03 Venezuela declares a 2-day workweek because of dire energy shortages
2016-03-20 23:38:02 Colouring-in craze causes pencil shortages - Telegraph
2016-02-23 22:24:02 Nevada Republican caucuses: Campaigns fear ballot shortages -
2016-01-29 08:24:02 Rationing Begins: Drug Shortages 'New Normal' in Medicine.(NY Times)
2016-01-22 14:40:02 Gas Shortages Reported in DC Area Ahead of Blizzard NBC4 Washington
2015-11-29 09:38:06 Shortages Ahead: Half of Global Gold Production Is No Longer Profitable
2015-09-10 13:20:03 Venezuelans turn to homemade products as shortages drag on - Yahoo News
2015-08-18 14:56:04 Away from Caracas, shortages even worse in Venezuela - Yahoo News
2015-08-18 08:08:05 Away from Caracas, shortages even worse in Venezuela - Yahoo News

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