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2019-05-16 19:38:04 Central US high alert for deadly severe weather outbreak.
2019-03-12 22:18:12 'Almost certain extinction': 1,200 species under severe threat across world Environment The Guardian
2019-03-04 06:12:02 At least 23 dead as tornadoes, severe storms ravage South
2019-02-14 06:40:03 Delta flight makes emergency landing after severe turbulence injures 5 Daily Mail Online
2019-01-24 18:08:05 Tonga sent back to 'dark ages' after underwater Internet cable severed Fox News
2019-01-08 14:24:05 Far-right German lawmaker is severely beaten in Bremen
2019-01-08 06:06:03 German far-right leader severely injured after being beaten in 'assassination attempt'
2019-01-06 09:26:02 SNAP benefits and the shutdown: Millions could face severe cuts to food stamps due to government shutdown and USDA underfunding - CBS News
2018-12-10 00:16:18 The stock market's severe drop: Normal pullback or an ominous sign? - Los Angeles Times
2018-12-08 13:14:15 China Vows Severe Consequences If Huawei Official Is Not Released - WSJ
2018-11-30 14:10:04 Major damage, tsunami warning issued after severe magnitude-7 earthquake in Alaska - The Washington Post
2018-11-15 06:50:24 British PM May suffers severe blow over Brexit as ministers ...
2018-11-08 18:32:05 FDA plans to impose severe restrictions on e-cigarettes - The Washington Post
2018-11-06 15:56:07 Severe weather causes disruptions at East Tennessee polling locations
2018-10-29 13:58:05 Soccer star found dead almost beheaded with his genitals severed
2018-10-19 11:34:13 Trump: 'Very Severe' consequences if Saudis killed Khashoggi
2018-10-19 06:34:04 Shocking state of plane after severe turbulence injures 15 passengers on eight-hour flight from hell
2018-10-13 08:40:06 Trump says Saudi Arabia faces "severe punishment" ...
2018-09-22 09:44:08 ER\'s Seeing Rise In Syndrome Related To Pot Use; Severe Vomiting, Painful Cramps.
2018-08-28 17:22:07 Bow hunter severely mauled by black bear in Riverside County
2018-08-22 15:50:05 Islamic state chief, in rare speech, urges followers to persevere
2018-08-19 20:24:08 FDNY brawl one of the most severe beatings seen on tape: insider
2018-08-10 07:10:04 Wildlife officials, vets 'optimistic' tilapia skin will heal bear cub severely burned in California fire - ABC News
2018-08-02 16:00:05 A severed leg led police to a Connecticut cult's 'chief apostle' who went missing 14 years ago - SFGate
2018-07-23 21:24:04 Suspected Danforth shooters family cites psychosis, severe mental health challenges, after SIU identifies him as Faisal Hussain, 29, of Toronto The Star
2018-07-20 11:40:09 Man Severely Beaten, Nearly Paralyzed In Mosh Pit At Concert.
2018-06-20 00:34:14 Severe obesity rates surging in rural America Reuters
2018-06-06 18:06:05 Corpus Christi man bitten by severed rattlesnake head
2018-06-06 11:28:05 Baseball-Sized Hail Shatters Windows Across North Texas During Severe Storm.\'Never Seen Anything Like This\'.
2018-05-29 13:24:08 MYSTERY: Severed Goat Head Found On Woman\'s Car With Photo Of Herself.
2018-05-18 14:24:05 Ex-WWF Wrestler Severely Beaten Over Parking Spot.
2018-05-18 06:56:05 UPDATE: Scientists Bring Severed Brain Back To Life, Sparking Ethical Debate.
2018-05-05 08:04:06 Chula Vista school mural depicts severed, speared Trump head - The San Diego Union-Tribune
2018-04-26 16:00:05 Clues Sought On Severed Heads Discovered In Texas, Louisiana.
2018-04-10 21:52:10 3 dead, more than 100 with severe bleeding from synthetic pot: Illinois health officials - ABC News
2018-04-06 22:46:28 Outbreak of Severe Bleeding Caused by Synthetic Weed Spreads.
2018-04-03 12:18:05 Up to 500,000 airline passengers across Europe face severe delays after air traffic control failure Daily Mail Online
2018-04-02 21:28:14 Fake weed leaves two dead, 54 with severe bleeding - CNN
2018-03-16 20:46:08 Venezuela begins power rationing as drought causes severe outages
2018-03-08 11:42:04 Chilling discovery as 27 pairs of severed human hands mysteriously wash up on an ice-covered island in Russia
2018-03-02 11:46:05 Severe winds leave more than 300,000 without power in DC area WTOP
2018-02-06 07:38:07 A Group of Dental Students Took a Selfie With Severed Heads Time
2018-02-03 08:22:05 Lady Gaga cancels 10 concerts, suffering from 'severe pain' Music The Guardian
2018-01-30 11:44:04 Cancer risk elevated with severe gum disease
2018-01-21 16:34:04 Kraft on Brady injury: Thankfully it wasn't as severe -
2018-01-15 14:02:05 A severe flu season is stretching hospitals thin. That is a very bad omen
2018-01-07 09:16:04 Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California - LA Times
2018-01-06 08:54:08 Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California - LA Times
2017-11-17 01:08:18 Report: Polar vortex to bring 'extended period of severe winter weather' - The Buffalo News
2017-11-16 12:24:05 Toxic algae: Once a nuisance, now a severe nationwide threat

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