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2020-08-01 12:34:05 Scooter Braun Defends Ellen DeGeneres amid Talk Show Controversy
2020-06-22 13:32:04 Rome sees scooter invasion as city emerges from lockdown
2020-05-28 13:40:04 Uber destroys thousands of bikes and scooters - BBC News
2020-02-19 17:42:03 Montreal ends electric scooter experiment, citing 'disorder'
2019-12-26 11:52:04 Drunk Driver Rides E-Scooter on German Autobahn
2019-12-13 10:08:03 Taylor Swift Calls Out Scooter Braun During Billboard Speech - Rolling Stone
2019-11-23 12:50:04 Why Taylor Swift and Scooter Brauns bad blood may reshape the industry Music The Guardian
2019-11-22 06:58:03 Scooter Braun pleads for resolution with Taylor Swift following death threats Music The Guardian
2019-11-22 06:56:03 Scooter Braun Breaks Months-Long Silence on Taylor Swift Battles Variety
2019-11-20 07:38:11 Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun and the Imminent Rerecording War Hollywood Reporter
2019-11-17 09:42:04 Scooter Braun's office shut down after threats amid Taylor Swift feud
2019-11-15 09:30:04 Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta slam Taylor Swift's AMAs claims
2019-11-14 20:00:04 Taylor Swift says Scooter Braun is banning her from performing her old material
2019-11-14 19:48:03 Taylor Swift Says Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta Blocking AMAs Oldies Variety
2019-10-25 16:54:04 Electric scooters: France introduces new rules to 'restore tranquillity' - BBC News
2019-10-20 07:18:03 Can Self-Driving Scooters Ease Sidewalk Clutter? - The Atlantic
2019-10-02 17:54:03 Man who cut brake lines on 140 electric scooters gave no motive, cops say - South Florida Sun-Sentinel
2019-09-17 09:08:04 Berlin police: In 3 months of e-scooters, 74 accidents
2019-08-30 14:52:03 Miami orders scooters removed from streets before hurricane Dorian turns them into flying projectiles
2019-08-28 12:48:03 Police: Woman On Mobility Scooter Pulled Over Going Wrong Way On Interstate CBS Detroit
2019-08-02 12:32:03 E-scooters not as green as thought.
2019-07-23 12:22:03 Dash camera captures Lime scooter rider on I-35 in downtown Dallas during rush hour - Story KDFW
2019-07-22 10:52:04 Taylor Swift Fans Go After Kamala for Attending Scooter Braun Event.
2019-07-16 11:52:03 YouTube Stars Death Renews Concerns About E-Scooters Safety
2019-07-05 09:18:03 E-scooters: Transport \'tsunami\' flooding cities worldwide.
2019-07-04 10:34:04 Scooter Braun feud is part of Taylor Swifts instinct for victimhood The Star
2019-07-01 09:40:03 Taylor Swifts Ex-Label Boss Disputes Her Claims About Scooter Braun and Masters Deal Pitchfork
2019-06-11 10:18:04 First electric scooter death in Paris as controversy rages
2019-05-13 20:16:03 HORROR: Pedestrian brutally beaten to death with e-scooter.
2019-04-25 13:58:03 Police track down teens accused of taking e-scooters at gunpoint
2019-04-21 08:24:06 Scooter Critics Rage Against the Machines - WSJ
2019-03-21 11:20:06 LA wants to track data on scooter users. Is it a dangerous precedent? National
2019-03-08 12:02:06 Electric scooter injuries pile up, half coming from drunk or high riders - Electrek
2019-01-25 17:18:04 APD identifies bank robbery suspect who used e-scooter for getaway
2019-01-11 17:30:03 Bird tries to take down Boing Boings story about hacking its scooters - The Verge
2018-12-21 18:28:03 Armed robber gets away on Bird scooter, Baltimore police say - Baltimore Sun
2018-12-11 19:08:04 E-scooters being dumped into Oakland's Lake Merritt - Story KTVU
2018-12-11 19:02:04 People are throwing Bird and Lime scooters into rivers and lakes
2018-11-28 17:04:04 90-year-old woman dies in collision with electric scooter
2018-11-28 11:44:04 Electric scooters are now disrupting wrists, elbows and heads - CNET
2018-11-16 17:04:03 Norfolk has 560 Bird scooters impounded, company owes over 93K for them
2018-11-02 17:40:05 Lime, Segway Trade Blame Over Flaming Scooters
2018-10-05 16:28:05 Spanish cities grapple with invasion of electric scooters
2018-09-24 09:10:06 Hospital ER reports 160 percent spike in visits involving e-scooters - Laredo Morning Times
2018-09-19 19:16:07 Pentagon Declares War on Scooters - Defense One
2018-08-16 21:26:05 L.A. officials moved to ban rental scooters in March. So why are they everywhere?
2018-08-10 08:34:04 Fed-up locals are setting electric scooters on fire, smearing them with poop and burying them at sea
2018-07-24 19:18:07 Scooter companies ride high on hope and hype Reuters
2018-07-24 17:36:06 Electric scooters accused of being a nuisance on LA streets are now being destroyed in creative ways - Story KTTV
2018-07-20 09:22:04 Backlash Brews as Bird Scooters Take Over LA.

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