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2018-06-14 09:06:05 British LGBT campaigner Peter Tatchell detained by Russian police
2017-03-10 08:50:04 Russian police detain prominent Putin critic after his prison release
2016-12-19 13:18:06 Gunman who shot Russian ambassador was off-duty police officer: security sources
2016-11-29 14:38:12 Doggy Doubles: Cloned Canines to Assist Russian Police in Siberia
2016-07-07 13:46:41 Russian TV Shows U.S. Diplomat Decked by Embassy Policeman - Bloomberg
2016-06-11 18:04:38 The big kick-off: Dozens of England fans are injured in running battles against hundreds of knife-wielding Russian thugs - and riot police - on Marseille streets ahead of tonight's Euro 2016 game Daily Mail Online
2015-05-17 17:32:03 Russian police detain activists at gay flashmob in Moscow - Yahoo News Canada
2015-04-16 13:48:03 Russian police raid offices of Putin critic Khodorkovsky - Yahoo News
2014-11-18 12:48:04 Russian police to get reindeer in hunt for Arctic criminals - Telegraph
2014-02-13 00:36:09 Watch the Russian Police Choir sing Get Lucky at the Olympics Opening Ceremony
2014-01-21 10:48:06 Russian police kill terror suspect in Winter Olympics security crackdown
2014-01-21 10:00:03 Snowden to ask Russian police for protection after US threats
2013-11-11 16:09:05 Russian Man Nails Testicles To Street To Protest The Police State
2012-06-12 01:10:49 Russian police launch raids of homes...
2012-05-07 11:11:00 Russian riot police round up protesters as Putin takes office...
2012-05-06 15:11:43 Russian police battle anti-Putin protesters...
2012-04-05 19:07:01 Grisly death fuels tales of Russian police torture...
2012-03-17 15:07:01 Russian police detain anti-govt protesters...
2011-12-29 11:07:06 Russian Police Discover Huge Stash Of Contraband Caviar In...
2011-12-13 20:45:45 Russian election: police, troops and youth groups stifle anti-Putin protests - December 7th, 2011