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2019-05-11 08:36:04 Beto O'Rourke plans 'reintroduction' as 2020 buzz fizzles
2019-05-05 06:34:12 Gearing up for days of fighting, IDF sends tank reinforcements to Gaza border The Times of Israel
2019-03-06 08:36:04 Trade deficit soars to 10-year high in 2018, foiling Trump White House effort to rein it in - MarketWatch
2019-03-02 12:54:05 Steven Spielberg May Propose an Oscars Rule Change to Rein In Netflix Vanity Fair
2019-02-14 10:24:04 Venezuela military reinforces Colombian border blockade
2019-01-11 08:28:06 Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez - POLITICO
2019-01-07 06:22:03 Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson Reins In Predecessors Ambitions: Im Not Howard - WSJ
2019-01-03 18:18:04 House Rep. Brad Sherman reintroduces impeachment articles against President Donald Trump
2018-12-07 14:50:04 Rare white reindeer photographed in Norway.
2018-12-06 11:24:04 Elementary school bans Santa, candy canes, reindeer, Elf on the Shelf, red/green items to be inclusive and culturally sensitive
2018-11-02 21:08:05 Trump administration to reinstate all Iran sanctions - BBC News
2018-09-22 10:08:04 Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford moved 3,000 miles to reinvent her life. It wasnt far enough. - The Washington Post
2018-09-11 13:08:04 Local school reinstates paddle policy
2018-08-25 08:38:04 SHOWDOWN: UNC board member calls for Confederate statue to be reinstalled on campus after protesters tear down.
2018-08-16 09:08:04 String of Chinese satellites to keep real-time watch on South China Sea to reinforce national sovereignty South China Morning Post
2018-07-16 06:00:04 Rob Reiners Shock and Awe Earns a Measly $41,000 on Opening Weekend Mediaite
2018-06-23 21:00:10 Dozens of last blue macaws to be reintroduced to Brazil
2018-06-19 19:32:05 Its time to rein in the data barons - MIT Technology Review
2018-06-16 16:56:09 Reiner denounces De Niro, celebrities for anti-Trump remarks.
2018-05-30 10:48:20 Cancellation reinforces speech double standard in H\'wood.
2018-05-09 12:16:05 CIA nominee Haspel vows spy agency will not reinstate torture
2018-04-23 14:12:05 Metro Nashville PD on Twitter: "BREAKING: Murder suspect Travis Reinking is in custody. Arrested moments ago. "
2018-04-22 07:46:06 Waffle House shooting: 3 dead, Travis Reinking named person of interest
2018-04-20 13:40:05 Philippe Reines Responds to Clinton Book, Tells Jezebel He Has 'Tapes'
2018-04-16 20:26:05 Reince Priebus: GOP will revert to old ways after Trump
2018-04-04 20:12:08 The Woman Who Is Reining In Americas Technology Giants - WSJ
2018-03-29 16:54:04 China Keeps Tight Rein on Bishop as Vatican Deal Looms - WSJ
2018-03-11 11:30:05 Former Clinton Adviser Philippe Reines Reacts to Trump Rally: I Understand Why He May Win Again in 2020 Mediaite
2018-02-14 15:28:04 Who Needs a Controversy Over the Inauguration?: Reince Priebus Opens Up About His Six Months of Magical Thinking Vanity Fair
2017-12-31 06:50:05 For Trump, a Year of Reinventing the Presidency - The New York Times
2017-12-28 08:16:05 Baby Boomers Looking for Reinvention Try CollegeAgain - WSJ
2017-12-27 21:42:07 Ridley Scott Defends Republican Tax Bill: Clever Business Owners Will Reinvest, Generate Economic Growth
2017-12-27 09:38:05 Controversial Problem of Whiteness course reintroduced at UW-Madison - The College Fix
2017-12-21 22:34:04 Alphabet's Schmidt Hands Reins to Google Founders, New Leaders - Bloomberg
2017-12-21 17:38:07 The down-and-out Mall Santa reinvents himself for a modern age - The Washington Post
2017-12-21 16:00:05 Norway orders reindeer slaughter days before Christmas
2017-11-27 12:22:05 Hawaii reinstates Cold-War era nuclear attack warning signal amid North Korea tension KTIC Radio
2017-11-26 21:18:05 106 reindeer run down and killed by trains in four days Daily Mail Online
2017-10-29 11:18:16 Who Will Rein in FACEBOOK? Challengers Lining Up.
2017-10-19 08:22:05 Tinder is reinforcing ancient mating habits, study finds The Independent
2017-09-25 19:18:05 Reines quits consulting firm to protest Trump full time - POLITICO
2017-09-18 19:08:05 Inside nomadic Siberian tribe during mass reindeer migration when tribesman drink BLOOD to survive the biting cold
2017-08-28 17:06:05 Ed Skrein Exits 'Hellboy' Reboot After Whitewashing Outcry Hollywood Reporter
2017-08-25 17:02:08 Right Said Fred to rake in royalties as Taylor Swift 'reinvents' classic pop track - Mirror Online
2017-08-06 07:04:04 New Chief of Staff Reins in White House Aides-and Trump's Tweets - Bloomberg
2017-07-28 16:58:11 Reince Priebus Pushed Out After Rocky Tenure as Trump Chief of Staff - The New York Times
2017-07-28 15:52:04 Colorado mountain towns struggle to reinvent their economies
2017-07-27 17:20:05 Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon The New Yorker
2017-07-27 08:32:10 Scaramucci Reportedly Asks FBI to Investigate Reince Priebus For Leaking (UPDATE) Mediaite

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