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2019-05-09 13:42:04 Child Rapist Vows To \'Rape First Woman He Sees\' After Release.
2019-05-06 15:04:04 Therapists Without Couches: Apps Broaden Client Pools - WSJ
2019-03-15 16:54:03 Therapists explore virtual reality to help patients Fox News
2019-02-26 14:58:04 Suburban daycare owner posted $100,000 bail for accused child rapist R Kelly Daily Mail Online
2019-01-23 15:00:04 Once-prominent 'conversion therapist' will now 'pursue life as a gay man'
2019-01-08 08:32:03 Woman flips out at airport, calls JetBlue worker a rapist
2018-10-18 16:16:06 Double rapist using Tinder claiming he's an 'easy-going guy' after release from prison
2018-10-09 14:34:07 Police find 500 videotapes in home of suspected serial rapist
2018-09-26 10:24:04 Whoa! Kavanaugh Attorney: Lawyers for Christine Ford Have Not Turned Over Results of Lie Detector Test or Therapist's Notes (VIDEO)
2018-09-24 08:50:05 First sex robot brothel in US enrages religious group 'because it trains men to be rapists' - Mirror Online
2018-09-05 07:14:04 Elon Musk brands British diver in Thai rescue a 'child rapist' as feud escalates
2018-09-04 16:10:04 Vandals scrawl 'serial rapist' on Bill Cosby's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
2018-07-28 13:56:05 Therapists say they\'ve seen rise in anxiety.
2018-07-20 07:12:04 The New Camp Counselor Is a Therapist - WSJ
2018-05-20 17:04:04 Grindr rapist was targeted in gang vendetta by Kriss Donald killer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid - Daily Record
2018-04-25 13:52:06 Report: Suspected East Area Rapist who murdered 12, raped 45 held in Sacramento jail - SFGate
2018-04-13 14:16:07 'Racist + Rapist' On Jefferson Stat The Daily Caller
2018-04-11 12:26:07 Bill Cosby accuser calls him 'serial rapist' from witness stand - Philly
2018-04-05 17:28:08 Trump ditches boring tax script for Mexican rapists, illegal voting claims - POLITICO
2018-03-26 13:36:05 Pakistan rapist let off after sick deal allowing victims brother to rape his sister
2018-01-25 11:38:05 Kevin Spaceys brother Randy Fowler says the actor is worse than their Nazi rapist dad and accuses the star of having a creepy relationship with their mum
2017-11-30 16:22:14 Pelosi Daughter Decries \'Whisper Network\' At CA Capitol.\'Rapists In This Building, Molesters Among Us\'.
2017-10-25 21:44:28 Hollywood's Accused Harassers, Molesters, Rapists -- The Rap Sheet, So Far
2017-10-09 20:56:05 Convicted rapist in Michigan awarded joint custody, victim's...
2017-09-18 16:44:05 'I Would Rather Die Than Go Back to Togo': Convicted Rapist Being Deported Fights With Officers at Dulles - NBC4 Washington
2017-08-31 15:08:04 Most physical therapists face sexual harassment from patients Reuters
2017-08-28 12:06:07 87-Year-Old Woman Uses Walker to Fight Off Rapist.
2017-07-27 08:18:07 Why married people have the best sex, according to psychotherapist The Independent
2017-07-10 14:44:08 Female rapists leave teacher for dead - The Standard
2017-05-29 14:40:11 Pretoria police hunt for three female rapists - Times LIVE
2017-05-25 08:34:11 THERAPIST: Socials Causing Couples To Have Significantly Less Sex.
2017-03-21 08:30:26 Anger as 'transgender rapist moved to women's prison' UK News
2017-02-28 09:12:08 Oscars Gary from Chicago: attempted rapist jailed since 94 Daily Mail Online
2017-02-24 07:56:10 Why therapists are having such a hard time talking about Trump - LA Times
2017-02-06 20:52:07 He once called it election stress disorder. Now the therapist says were suffering from this. - The Washington Post
2016-12-30 17:11:04 Sweden, The Most Tolerant Country For Rapists
2016-12-06 12:38:06 Hate Speech: Facebook Bans German Woman For Posting Picture of Migrant Rapist
2016-11-22 08:10:13 Financial Planners Play Therapist to Paralyzed Liberals - Bloomberg
2016-11-02 07:44:07 SHOCK VIDEO: Unhinged Hillary Explodes On Bill Rapist Protester
2016-11-02 06:34:02 Hillary Clinton explodes on Bill 'rapist' protester - YouTube
2016-11-01 13:44:03 Hillary Clinton Learned How To Manipulate The Law By Defending A Child Rapist
2016-10-22 09:40:04 VIDEO=> "Bill Clinton Is a Rapist!" Protester Interrupts Bill at Small FL Rally
2016-10-14 13:50:10 Obama battles Bill Clinton 'rapist' protester: 'This is happening everywhere' - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2016-10-11 15:54:11 Hillary Clinton Interrupted By A Bill Clinton Rapist Protester Again Need To Know Network
2016-10-10 18:00:06 Debate dredges up Clinton's defense of accused rapist, audio of her laughing at case Fox News
2016-10-10 14:08:03 Hillary Clinton Defends Rapists, Attacks Trump
2016-10-10 11:00:03 Brave Patriot Who Confronted Rapist Bill Clinton Meets Trump!
2016-10-09 21:26:05 Bill Clinton Is A Rapist Contest Goes Viral!
2016-10-09 18:54:09 Will this dirtiest debate ever? Anderson Cooper to open debate with hot mic question as Trump limbers up on Twitter suggesting he will call Bill Clinton a rapist, but flies to St Louis early leaving press pool behind Daily Mail Online
2016-10-08 20:58:04 Youre a rapist!: Protesters Taunt Bill Clinton at Milwaukee Rally

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