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2019-06-14 14:46:04 President Trumps internal polling data from March showed him far behind Joe Biden in key battleground states - ABC News
2019-06-13 20:44:04 "I Really Want to Thank the President" Kim Kardashian Thanks President Trump at the White House for His Passion for Criminal Justice Reform (Video)
2019-06-11 17:06:04 President Trump Delivers Remarks on Renewable Energy - YouTube
2019-06-10 09:20:04 President Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims over 869 days - SFGate
2019-06-02 01:30:04 President Trump to announce re-election bid at Orlando rally
2019-05-30 11:28:03 Professor who has correctly predicted 9 presidential elections says Trump will win in 2020 unless Democrats impeach TheHill
2019-05-22 21:04:04 Internet Association To Honor House Speaker Nancy Pelosi And Advisor To The President Ivanka Trump At Sixth Annual Charity Gala - Internet Association
2019-05-17 21:24:04 Iran tests President Trump's 'America First' pledge
2019-05-16 13:36:03 President Donald Trump's annual financial disclosure has been released
2019-05-15 21:38:04 Conrad Black, Former Media Mogul, Granted Full Pardon By President Donald Trump Deadline
2019-05-11 13:50:04 Mayor Pete to President Trump Over Nickname: What, Me Worry?'
2019-05-10 22:00:03 President Trump takes over Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program - Anchorage Daily News
2019-05-10 21:58:03 President Trump's tariffs, once described as negotiating tools, may be here to stay - GreenwichTime
2019-05-07 11:12:04 57% of Democrats Believe President Trump Guilty of Treason
2019-05-06 18:52:01 Tiger Woods receives Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump
2019-05-06 11:02:02 President Trump & Gallup -- Approval Rating Ticks Up to New High of 46 Percent National Review
2019-05-01 14:24:05 Barr says he did not exonerate President Trump the American people can decide for themselves
2019-04-27 18:54:03 Poway Synagogue Shooter Left a Manifesto - Calls President Trump a "Zionist, Anti-White, Traitorous, C*cksucker"
2019-04-21 15:38:04 Democrats 'may' pursue impeachment against President Donald Trump
2019-04-21 09:38:04 How Michael Cohen Turned Against President Trump
2019-04-19 09:46:04 President Trump says some of Mueller report is total bulls--t -
2019-04-18 15:42:04 How White House counsel Don McGahn was ordered by President Trump to fire Robert Mueller Daily Mail Online
2019-04-18 11:46:04 President Trump despaired after Mueller appointment - Washington Times
2019-04-05 11:04:04 White House Correspondents' Dinner: President Donald Trump to skip "boring" White House Correspondents' Dinner for third year in a row - CBS News
2019-03-29 13:58:03 President Trump in Florida today: Trump says he's having a news conference at Mar-a-Lago, and he thinks it's about SBA Administrator Linda McMahon live updates - CBS News
2019-03-27 11:12:05 Michigan GOP "Energized" For President Trump's Appearance
2019-03-25 11:14:06 Apologies to President Trump TheHill
2019-03-24 15:52:05 Justice Department says Mueller report 'does not exonerate' President Trump Daily Mail Online
2019-03-19 13:48:03 President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the President of Brazil - YouTube
2019-03-11 18:38:05 Former vice president Cheney challenges Pence on Trump's foreign policy - Laredo Morning Times
2019-03-11 17:42:04 Former vice president Cheney challenges Pence at private retreat, compares Trumps foreign policy to Obamas approach - The Washington Post
2019-03-11 16:04:10 Nancy Pelosi on impeaching President Trump: Hes just not worth it - The Washington Post
2019-03-09 18:16:06 President Trump Hits Back Hard At TV Pundit Ann Coulter: Wacky Nut Job Deadline
2019-03-08 11:30:03 President Trump's bad week - Washington Times
2019-03-06 16:22:04 Former President Barack Obama complains about leaders who beat their chest, says Palin led to Trump Daily Mail Online
2019-03-03 22:08:05 South Carolina 2020 Poll: Biden leads Primary Field by Wide Margin; President Trump Popular with Base. Emerson College Polling
2019-03-02 11:34:06 President Donald Trump LIVE Speech at CPAC - Full Coverage - Sat, March 2, 2019 - YouTube
2019-02-19 07:44:04 Bernie Sanders launches second presidential run with all-out assault against Trump Daily Mail Online
2019-02-17 19:48:03 Andrew McCabe 60 Minutes interview: Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe talks President Trump investigation and taking over for James Comey during the Russia investigation - full transcript - CBS News
2019-02-17 09:56:04 Stephen Miller defends President Trump's decision to declare a national emergency on the southern border On Air Videos Fox News
2019-02-16 19:08:04 Protests planned across US on Presidents Day in response to Trump's national emergency for border wall TheHill
2019-02-16 14:04:05 Why American voters were primed for a president who talks like Trump Politics
2019-02-15 09:54:04 President Trump Speaks on the National Security & Humanitarian Crisis on Our Southern Border - YouTube
2019-02-14 08:28:05 Andrew McCabe says he ordered the obstruction of justice probe of President Trump - 60 Minutes - CBS News
2019-02-07 09:28:07 President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast - YouTube
2019-02-06 00:18:04 POLL STUNNERS: Both CBS and CNN Polls: 76 Percent of Viewers Approve President Trump's State of the Union Speech; CBS: 72 Percent Approve His Immigration Ideas
2019-02-06 00:00:03 Socialist Crackpot Bernie Sanders Scowls As President Trump Proclaims "America Will Never Be a Socialist Country!" (VIDEO)
2019-02-05 21:02:03 LIVE: President Trump 2019 State of the Union Address & Democratic Response (C-SPAN) - YouTube
2019-01-31 15:44:04 If Howard Schultz Wants To Run For President, He Should Run Against Donald Trump
2019-01-30 13:32:02 Maxine Waters Blames President Trump for Attack On EMPIRE Actor Jussie Smollett NTK Network

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