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2019-04-25 14:06:04 Many drivers who test positive for marijuana have a child in the car, survey finds
2019-04-22 15:46:04 Can virtual reality boost positive feelings in patients with depression?
2019-04-12 10:10:04 Inside Manhattan's Newest Hangout for Sex-Positive Millennials Hollywood Reporter
2019-03-28 10:16:03 First living HIV-positive donor provides kidney for transplant in medical breakthrough -
2019-02-10 08:54:04 Kids test positive for cocaine, Winchester woman charged Lexington Herald Leader
2019-02-06 00:22:06 CNN: Our Poll Respondents Had Very Positive View of Trump Speech :: Grabien News
2018-11-04 06:18:06 Democrats lead in House preferences, but positive views of the economy and concern about border security may buoy Republicans, poll finds - The Washington Post
2018-10-30 12:04:14 5-year-old tests positive for meth after eating Halloween candy.
2018-10-11 08:34:05 S&P 500 futures go positive after CPI data shows weaker inflation than expected
2018-10-02 21:48:20 Fed's Powell sees 'remarkably positive outlook' for economy
2018-08-21 18:48:05 Record Number Of Bugs Test Positive For \'West Nile\' On Long Island.
2018-08-17 07:48:05 Zane Lowe marches ahead to a new beat while bringing positive vibes to Apple Music's Beats 1
2018-08-14 18:22:04 Spanish driver tests positive for every drug in test Euronews
2018-06-22 07:18:05 The Positive Death Movement Comes to Life - The New York Times
2018-06-19 14:54:05 'Gotti' appears to be posting fake positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes
2018-05-25 14:04:23 Mussels test positive for opioids in Seattle's Puget Sound - BBC News
2018-05-10 12:14:05 Dow jumps 200 points, goes positive for 2018
2018-03-25 16:16:07 ABC Reporter Comes Out as HIV Positive, Says Colleagues Discouraged It
2018-03-18 20:42:04 The negatives of Obama's positive school discipline policies - NY Daily News
2018-03-01 18:06:07 Tech elites embracing positive stress: cold showers, extreme diets
2018-02-06 09:44:05 Dow turns positive as stocks try to recover from steep sell-off
2017-12-27 21:40:05 Pew: Trump media three times more negative than for Obama, just 5 percent positive
2017-11-08 16:30:05 Canadian restaurant run by HIV-positive staff aims to smash stigma
2017-08-23 18:08:07 Trudeau says steps to tackle spike in asylum-seekers yielding 'positive results' - Politics - CBC News
2017-08-14 09:58:06 Fleas test positive for the plague in parts of Arizona - 3TV CBS 5
2017-07-20 12:22:05 Positive thinking cuts your risk of early death by 71% Daily Mail Online
2017-06-30 23:40:03 Cocaine tests are positive for 12 racing greyhounds in Orange Park, according to the state
2017-06-28 17:30:02 Nurse blames \'sweaty sex\' with user for positive cocaine test.
2017-04-26 09:24:04 Gay, HIV Positive Asylum Seeker Detained By ICE.
2017-04-17 08:14:14 Adult Performer Tests Positive?
2017-01-05 08:02:24 Spiritual Sedona: the Arizona town bursting with positive vibes Travel The Guardian
2016-11-26 19:50:04 Canada PMs positive Castro remarks spark ire, humor
2016-11-07 07:28:05 Want To Know Why Team Trump Has Been So Positive Of Late? Heres Why
2016-09-30 11:16:41 Tyson Fury 'tests positive for cocaine' and could be stripped of his world heavyweight title belts
2016-09-05 06:10:03 Shut it Down!: Reuters Orders Cameraman to Kill Positive Trump Footage
2016-09-04 09:52:43 HIV-positive Ugandan women complain of forced sterilization in government hospitals
2016-08-10 17:10:08 McDonalds Makes Positive Food Changes Due To Demand For Healthy Food
2016-08-09 09:22:40 Charlie Sheen urges other HIV-positive stars to come forward Daily Mail Online
2016-08-04 16:00:04 EPA Cannot Prove That Its $16 Million Education Program Had Any Positive Results
2016-07-27 19:50:42 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Gains $3.4 Billion In An Hour After Positive Second-Quarter Earnings
2016-07-12 12:10:40 HIV positive people CAN have unprotected sex without passing on disease, scientists claim
2016-07-12 07:58:42 SoCal man arrested after his dog tests positive for Meth News - KCRA Home
2016-06-22 12:48:04 Omar Mateens gay lover claims Orlando shooting was revenge against HIV-positive partner
2016-06-15 11:32:38 Cops: Woman Ran Over Boyfriend With Car After Learning He Was HIV Positive The Smoking Gun
2016-06-04 17:38:39 More than one-third of refugees in Vermont test positive for tuberculosis -
2016-05-17 11:18:38 22 Percent of Resettled Refugees in Minnesota Test Positive for Tuberculosis - Breitbart
2016-05-09 14:40:39 Critical airline staff test positive for cocaine, cannabis and methamphetamine Daily Mail Online
2016-05-06 12:30:39 Poll: Obama has third straight positive month Washington Examiner
2016-05-03 12:52:01 Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie star in couples STD, HIV ad, test 'positive' Washington Examiner

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