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2019-04-16 15:48:04 New study shows grim outlook for future of Air Force pilot shortage Federal News Network
2019-04-12 21:20:04 Trump threatens to dump immigrants into Californias sanctuary cities U.S. Government
2019-04-05 00:14:03 Kirstjen Nielsen has hung on as Homeland Security secretary, but at what price? U.S. Government
2019-04-01 20:34:04 Hackers Use Little Stickers To Trick Tesla Autopilot Into The Wrong Lane
2019-03-31 12:58:08 Joe Bidens history of unwanted touching threatens to put off women voters Politics
2019-03-28 22:30:03 No longer a political winner: Silicon Valley is a minefield for 2020 hopefuls Politics
2019-03-26 08:12:03 US Air Force pilots struggle to explain mystery UFO seen 'falling from sky' - Mirror Online
2019-03-20 17:58:04 JetBlue pilots drugged, raped three female airline workers: suit
2019-03-20 11:48:06 Border Patrol says detention centers are full and starts releasing migrants U.S. Government
2019-03-19 20:30:03 More than 100 dead animals, 25 live ones found during search of home in Virginia Beach Courts & Crime
2019-03-19 10:18:03 ORourke minivan tour risks being too nice for anti-Trump party Politics
2019-03-18 06:24:03 Air Controller Wowed By Pilot's Ability To See Mystery Object Over Las Vegas With Night Vision (Updated) - The Drive
2019-03-15 10:18:03 Pilot lived a mysterious double life. Then a plane crash exposed aliases, falsehoods and questions Nation/World
2019-03-12 20:16:03 Boeing 737 Max 8 pilots complained of suspected safety flaw months before Ethiopian Airlines crash
2019-03-12 18:52:04 Boeing 737 Max 8 pilots complained to feds for months about suspected safety flaw Airlines Dallas News
2019-03-07 22:48:04 The Navy fighter pilot judge who shot down Mueller
2019-03-04 19:36:03 Armed with pastel handles and pink holsters, women are storming into gun sales Outdoors
2019-02-28 06:26:03 Pakistan to release Indian pilot tomorrow 'as peace gesture' World News Sky News
2019-02-27 21:44:12 Risk of India-Pakistan war may hang on fate of downed pilot
2019-02-27 20:42:04 Boeing unveils 38ft-long autonomous 'Loyal Wingman' fighter jet that uses AI to fly alongside pilots Daily Mail Online
2019-02-27 07:10:04 Moment Indian pilot is savagely beaten by locals after Pakistan shoots down jet - World News - Mirror Online
2019-02-16 14:04:05 Why American voters were primed for a president who talks like Trump Politics
2019-02-12 12:54:04 First female Viper demo team pilot relieved of command after two weeks
2019-02-11 19:16:03 Tesla on Autopilot Veers off New Jersey Highway, Strikes Curb and Signs: Police - NBC New York
2019-02-04 19:34:04 Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax denies sexual assault allegation Politics
2019-02-04 18:34:03 Lion Air crash shows cockpit computers are no substitute for pilot skills - Los Angeles Times
2019-02-03 06:34:02 Ralph Northam denies he's in racist photo, but calls for his resignation grow Virginia Politics
2019-02-01 16:24:05 Ralph Northam yearbook page shows men in blackface and KKK robe Virginia Politics
2019-01-31 14:00:04 Suffolk man charged with bestiality, animal cruelty following federal conviction Courts & Crime
2019-01-30 09:00:03 Tesla driver caught SLEEPING behind wheel while driving on autopilot down Las Vegas highway
2019-01-25 08:24:01 Coming to Jesus, armed: Virginia Senate OKs guns in churches Virginia Politics
2019-01-19 13:08:03 Analysis BuzzFeed's stumble fuels doubts about the press, even if a few details are missing U.S. Politics
2019-01-15 17:00:04 "Please be advised that the eyes appear to glow": Bigfoot-like sculpture alarms N.C. drivers North Carolina
2019-01-11 07:08:03 Polaroid. Walkman. Palm Pilot. IPhone? - WSJ
2019-01-10 17:42:03 Virginia Beach Navy officer stole $2.7 million to feed high-stakes poker habit Courts & Crime
2019-01-03 14:24:02 Ruby Rose's Batwomangets CW pilot order with Game of Thrones director
2019-01-03 14:22:08 Ruby Rose-Led 'Batwoman' Pilot a Go at CW Hollywood Reporter
2018-12-20 13:50:06 UPDATE: Underwhelming Response To CA City \'Basic Income Pilot Program\'.
2018-12-14 14:24:06 CA City First In Nation To Launch \'Basic Income Pilot Program\'.
2018-12-13 20:06:04 The shadow campaign for Democratic presidential nomination is well underway Politics
2018-12-03 08:36:05 Tesla drove 7 miles using Autopilot as driver allegedly slept drunk behind the wheel - TechSpot
2018-11-28 17:14:06 Delta pilot used Grindr to hit on passenger during flight
2018-11-27 20:10:03 Florida man hangs on for his life when hang glider pilot forgets to strap him in - Orlando Sentinel
2018-11-27 15:44:04 Lion Air pilots fought to save airplane before fatal crash
2018-11-26 09:28:04 Pilot 'fell asleep' in the cockpit and missed runway by 29 miles Metro News
2018-11-25 20:44:04 As many as 145 pilot whales dead after mass stranding on Stewart Island - NZ Herald
2018-11-21 16:48:02 Thunderbirds commander was fired after grabbing neck of another pilot in bar argument
2018-11-12 15:52:06 UFO probe after pilots report seeing mysterious bright lights 'moving fast' as they crossed Ireland Daily Mail Online
2018-11-05 16:28:05 NYC Cars to Talk to One Another Under Traffic-Safety Pilot Program - WSJ
2018-11-03 21:34:04 Tuesdays elections feature one of the most diverse groups of candidates ever Politics

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