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2019-02-28 08:58:04 The California Dream Is In Nevada: Golden State Expats Flock To Las Vegas Suburb Zero Hedge
2019-02-04 13:50:04 Cops Stop Man In Brady Jersey Sneaking Into PATS Locker Room.
2019-02-04 10:54:03 Throwback night: Pats win Super Bowl the old-fashioned way
2019-01-21 00:42:04 Super Bowl: Pats vs Rams in a meeting of Past vs Future
2018-10-14 23:56:04 NFL on Twitter: "TOM BRADY RUSHING TD! @Patriots retake the lead #KCvsNE #GoPats: NBC "
2018-09-06 06:38:05 Expats Would Rather Live in Bahrain Than the U.S. - BloombergQuint
2018-07-31 06:02:04 Living Abroad Isn't So Idyllic for U.S. Expats Facing New Taxes - Bloomberg Quint
2018-01-21 15:06:05 The Latest: Kraft says Pats targets of "jealousy and envy"
2017-12-04 10:30:05 "Expats go home": Amsterdam's visitor boom angers locals Daily Mail Online
2017-09-07 16:46:08 Goodell To Be Greeted by 70,000 Clown-Face Towels at Pats-Chiefs Opener
2017-06-08 10:42:02 In Valencia, Expats Adopt a Simpler and More Seductive Spain - WSJ
2017-05-24 08:04:05 Pope urges Trump to work for peace as smiles replace spats
2016-10-13 22:34:16 Bromance Between Xi and Putin Grows as U.S. Spats Escalate - Bloomberg
2016-09-21 16:16:44 'Stop Trump' campaigners rally US expats from London bus
2016-09-21 15:50:48 The Wikipedia bots that are engaged in spats that never end New Scientist
2016-05-06 12:52:05 Did Cruz Clan Collude With JFK Assassination Patsy?
2016-01-27 19:10:04 When Neighbor's Drone Pays Unwelcome Visit:Spats over trespassing, privacy heat up.(NY Times)
2015-12-18 11:52:03 FBI Nabs Pizza Patsy
2015-11-30 00:24:03 Patriots Live Blog: C.J. Anderson Breaks 48-Yard Touchdown Run To Give Broncos 30-24 Win Over Pats CBS Boston
2015-11-15 19:56:03 Patriots Live Blog: Gostkowskis 54-Yard FG Gives Pats 27-26 Win Over Giants CBS Boston
2015-10-30 11:28:03 Boomer Was Told The Jets Asked NFL To Sweep Pats Locker Room For Bugs CBS New York
2015-10-24 07:40:03 Tech spats spark US fears of 'digital protectionism'.
2015-09-08 18:48:03 Bush dials Asia for campaign donations.Video conference with expats.
2015-05-14 18:10:03 Brady appeals suspension on deflated balls; Pats rebut NFL
2015-04-04 18:12:04 Many Iranian expats in California have doubts about nuclear deal - Yahoo News Canada
2015-03-03 17:39:03 Ireland launches initiative to lure expats home.(Financial Times)
2015-01-30 08:21:03 Super Bowl Footballs To Be Taken Into Custody By NFL On Friday After Pats, Seahawks Prepare Them CBS Connecticut
2014-12-26 08:39:03 Cuba expats in America weigh return to island - Yahoo News
2014-12-25 14:06:10 Cuba expats in America weigh return to island - Yahoo News
2014-12-24 12:30:03 Expats, Heres the Best Country for You - Expat - WSJ
2014-12-10 22:00:04 Sonys hacked e-mails expose spats, director calling Angelina Jolie a brat - The Washington Post
2014-10-05 21:12:03 Patriots Live Blog: Brady Throws TD To Wright To Give Pats 14-0 Lead; Brady Tops 50,000 Career Passing Yards CBS Boston
2014-01-28 19:24:37 BIG GOVERNMENT: TSA pats Down Alec Baldwin's Five Month Old
2013-12-18 02:00:05 The most expensive place for expats? You'll never guess
2013-11-27 06:54:06 UPDATE: New tax law driving expats to renounce U.S. citizenship.
2012-10-19 10:10:31 'Possibility' Tebow may be used as RB vs. Pats...
2012-10-18 22:10:18 FBI Entraps Witless Patsy in Federal Reserve Bombing Plot (178 comments)
2012-10-12 01:11:29 Are expats America’s laziest voters?
2012-09-17 19:08:42 FBI Arrests Another Clueless Muslim Patsy - September 17th, 2012
2012-09-10 19:07:13 FBI Promised “Martyrdom Payments” to Clueless Jihad Patsy - September 10th, 2012
2012-08-10 19:08:35 The Shadow Patsy Rises Again: How Mind Control Is Connected To Gun Control - July 30th, 2012
2012-07-25 16:10:47 Patsy and Edina Drink in the Olympic Spectacle
2012-06-12 15:07:25 Taliban Patsy Sentenced to Life for Dealing CIA Heroin - June 12th, 2012
2012-05-20 21:11:27 Provocateurs Entrap Patsies as NATO War Council Plans Mass Murder (135 comments)
2012-05-08 07:11:50 Underwear Bomber 2: Return of The Patsy - May 8th, 2012
2012-04-13 15:07:49 PATS TIGHT END: 'I would F Tebow to take his virginity'...
2012-04-13 13:10:00 PATS PLAYER: 'I would F Tebow to take his virginity'...

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