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2019-03-17 07:48:06 Salinas doctor found in trunk of a car, murdered in Las Vegas
2019-01-10 21:52:06 Kevin Fret dead: Openly gay rapper murdered in Puerto Rico amid wave of violence - CBS News
2018-12-10 20:28:04 The final irony: By being murdered, Whitey Bulger may help compensate his victims - The Boston Globe
2018-11-13 19:10:05 American tourist Taylor Meyer, 27, murdered in Mexico; family wants answers, FBI to invesitgate Playa del Carmen stabbing death
2018-11-08 09:50:08 Gunman who murdered 12 people in student bar identified as Ian Long, 29 Metro News
2018-10-12 21:10:05 Woman who opened Anger Room as safe outlet for aggression allegedly murdered by ex-boyfriend
2018-09-15 09:28:07 Mother Of Teen Murdered BY MS-13 Killed While Visiting Daughter\'s Memorial Site.
2018-09-03 18:02:04 Van Gogh was murdered claims new film at Venice
2018-07-30 07:22:08 Man 'used Tinder to find victims who were raped and murdered' in crime spree stretching from New York to LA - Mirror Online
2018-07-24 15:40:04 Journalist murdered in southeast Mexico near tourist hotspot
2018-04-25 13:52:06 Report: Suspected East Area Rapist who murdered 12, raped 45 held in Sacramento jail - SFGate
2018-04-21 13:02:07 11 Killed in Tijuana in 24 hours 650 Murdered in 2018
2018-04-11 09:26:05 Mexicos party hotspot Cancun sees 14 murdered in 36 hours as tourist town is overrun by drug gang violence
2018-04-09 11:28:10 Jews murdered for being Jews in France
2018-04-09 10:10:04 Fears Real Bodies: The Exhibition' cadavers belonged to Chinese political prisoners who were tortured and murdered
2018-03-29 06:20:05 'Enough is enough', say marchers at Paris rally for murdered Holocaust survivor - France 24
2018-03-28 10:14:05 Paris march to honour murdered elderly Jewish woman
2018-02-06 07:38:07 Morgue worker who 'had sex with corpse' of murdered Russian Big Brother star arrested - Mirror Online
2017-12-19 08:46:04 Man murdered outside Times Square bar New York Post
2017-12-17 11:56:07 British embassy employee found dead in Beirut 'after being raped and murdered' as devastated family reveal heartbreaking loss - Mirror Online
2017-11-06 14:34:04 Grandmother-In-Law Murdered.
2017-08-02 08:06:04 Arab man says he murdered Jewish girlfriend to free Palestinian prisoners - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
2017-04-28 09:14:05 COPS: 86-Year-Old Woman Brutally Murdered While Walking.3 Elderly Women Attacked In Day; 18-Year-Old In Custody.
2017-02-11 08:42:05 U.S. man, Mexican woman found murdered in Acapulco apartment
2017-02-06 08:22:12 Stefano Brizzi, the Breaking Bad obsessed satanist who murdered cop he met on Grindr and dissolved him in acid is found dead
2017-01-03 20:37:01 Magnolia man murdered inside Tomball Walmart - Houston Chronicle
2017-01-02 16:22:05 Turkish police release footage of ISIS gunman who murdered in Istanbul nightclub Daily Mail Online
2016-12-15 09:34:06 Mexican immigrant married American woman so he could get a Green Card then 'murdered her with the help of his real wife' Daily Mail Online
2016-12-12 08:18:10 Breaking Bad-obsessed Satanist who murdered cop he met on Grindr and dissolved his body in acid is jailed for life
2016-12-08 14:54:04 Texas Fisherman Murdered on Border Lake; Police Say
2016-12-05 07:38:05 EU parents of daughter raped/murdered by Muslim migrant COLLECT FUNERAL DONATIONS FOR MIGRANTS
2016-12-01 10:50:04 Tacoma Officer Murdered
2016-11-29 09:28:05 95-Year-Old Man Found Brutally Murdered In Home.
2016-11-24 10:22:07 Shocking crime scene photos taken minutes after 'cannibal' teen murdered couple and was found eating victim's face
2016-11-21 15:30:05 Parents of Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Beg Public for Help
2016-11-21 12:40:04 GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman holds presser with parents of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich - Story WTTG
2016-11-18 11:48:04 Green Berets Murdered For Thwarting CIA-Led ISIS Training Program
2016-11-08 14:56:06 Donald Trump Murdered in New Marilyn Manson Music Video
2016-09-10 11:28:05 War On The Brink / CIA Threatens Russia / Putins Staff Murdered
2016-08-30 14:40:48 Man murdered after not holding door open at Vegas MCDONALD\'S.
2016-08-18 14:56:04 Seth Rich Disappeared For Almost Two Hours Before He Was Murdered
2016-08-12 17:32:04 ShotSpotter Listening Device Led Police to Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich
2016-08-11 16:24:05 Clinton Body Count: Murdered DNC Staffer Was Wikileaks Source?
2016-08-10 20:16:39 Outrage at Julian Assange for implicating murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich in leak Daily Mail Online
2016-08-10 08:06:04 Assange Suggests Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was Source For E-mail Leak
2016-08-09 21:30:39 WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich - Who Was MURDERED in DC - Was Wikileaks DNC Source!
2016-07-12 11:12:45 DNC Staff Seth Rich, 27, Murdered In DC Heat Street
2016-06-19 20:36:03 Cameron Cites Murdered MP in Neck-and-neck Brexit Race
2016-06-18 09:16:39 Husband murdered in rare male Pakistan 'honour killing' - Khaleej Times
2016-06-13 20:14:39 Attacker 'who pledged allegiance to ISIS' murdered police commander and his wife at their home near Paris before being shot dead by officers in raid that saw child hostage rescued Daily Mail Online

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