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2020-06-25 12:24:06 Incessant Fireworks Keeping Minneapolis Residents On Edge Amid Gun Violence Boom WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-06-24 17:50:04 Minnesota Sues Exxon, Koch over Climate Change - WSJ
2020-06-09 17:14:03 Lawsuit Accuses Nations Top Meatpackers Of Conspiring To Boost The Price Of Beef WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-06-03 14:14:06 Derek Chauvins Murder Charge Will Now Be 2nd Degree; 3 Other Ex-MPD Officers Also Face Charges WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-06-01 15:34:03 George Floyd Familys Lawyer: Independent Autopsy Determines Floyd Died Of Asphyxiation WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-31 08:46:03 Members of 82nd Airborne Division in North Carolina on standby to deploy to Minnesota
2020-05-31 08:02:03 LA Times reporter recounts being hit with rubber bullets by Minnesota police National
2020-05-30 11:14:05 Minnesota Governor Tim Walz fully mobilizes state's National Guard for first time in history amid George Floyd death protests in Minneapolis - CBS News
2020-05-29 22:44:04 If You Keep Murdering Black People, The City Will Burn: Community Shares Their Anguish At Rally WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-29 22:40:05 Exclusive: Mayor Jacob Frey Discusses What Led To The Abandonment Of 3rd Precinct WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-29 11:18:07 US should stand with Minnesota violent protesters as it did with HK rioters - Global Times
2020-05-29 10:48:04 Minnesota State Patrol Blasted for "Lie" Tweet About CNN Arrest of Journalists Hollywood Reporter
2020-05-29 06:50:03 New Day on Twitter: "Minnesota police arrest CNN reporter and camera crew as they report from protests in Minneapolis"
2020-05-28 11:56:03 Lynching In Broad Daylight: Rev. Jesse Jackson To Speak In Minneapolis About George Floyds Death WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-28 11:54:05 We Cannot Let Tragedy Beget More Tragedy: Minneapolis Burns During 2nd Night Of Protests Over George Floyds Death WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-27 22:12:07 George Floyd Protests: Dozens Loot Minneapolis Target Store; Police Fire Irritant As Protesters Appear To Break Precinct Windows WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-27 11:36:09 Its Real Ugly: Protesters Clash With Minneapolis Police After George Floyds Death WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-26 15:42:03 MPD Chief Arradondo: 4 Police Officers Fired Following Death Of George Floyd WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-22 12:18:03 Its The Only Decision: Minnesota State Fair Canceled For 2020 Due To COVID-19 Pandemic WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-20 12:34:09 How Can I Be Sick? Woman Who Took Hydroxychloroquine For 19 Years To Treat Lupus Still Got COVID-19 WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-05-15 08:58:06 A fever is 100.4 in Ohio; its 99.5 in Minnesota: States, companies write their own rules for temperature screening in a pandemic
2020-04-27 13:38:04 Coronavirus In Minnesota: 200K Pigs May Be Put Down Due To Processing Plant Closures WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-04-22 12:36:03 Egg demand shifted, and 61,000 Minnesota chickens euthanized -
2020-04-15 17:32:07 Coronavirus In Minnesota: Hospitalized 3 Times In 10 Days, Mpls. Man Still Denied COVID-19 Test WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-04-09 14:18:03 Coronavirus Impact: Gas Prices Fall Below $0.80 In Some Parts Of Minnesota WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-03-28 09:38:05 Coronavirus In Minnesota: Sen. Amy Klobuchar Says Husband Was Coughing Up Blood WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-03-10 14:40:03 Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Proclaims March 10 Abortion Provider Appreciation Day WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-01-31 14:08:03 Minnesotans Suffering Through Grayest January On Record WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-01-31 12:06:04 Wisconsin Small Town Festivals Chicken Toss Draws Ire Of Animal Rights Activists WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-01-29 11:46:04 Bethel University Working To Reduce Student Costs By Ditching Textbooks WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-01-23 11:00:03 University of Minnesota student jailed in China for Twitter posts -Axios
2020-01-11 19:20:04 Watch Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers [01/11/2020] including a live Drive Chart and real-time highlights
2020-01-02 08:42:03 Minnesota rapper Lexii Alijai dead at 21
2019-12-12 12:14:03 Its Scary Stuff: Cyber-Security Expert Says Recording-Device Investigation At Hyatt Hotel Is Not Uncommon WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-12-05 10:52:03 Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is quietly gaining momentum in the race for president as rivals drop out - Chicago Tribune
2019-12-03 17:30:04 Minnesota husband, wife married for 68 years die day apart
2019-12-03 11:52:03 Ordinance Forbids Throwing Snowballs In Wausau, Wisconsin WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-11-27 14:54:03 Florence Teeters, 104, Bags Buck To Become Wisconsins Oldest Hunter WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-11-16 10:14:04 Struggling Farmers Are Key to Trumps Hopes in Minnesota - WSJ
2019-11-11 07:14:03 Exorcisms make a 21st century comeback in Minnesota, U.S. -
2019-11-05 15:42:04 Rep. Ilhan Omar Divorces Husband Ahmed Hirsi WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-10-07 11:16:03 Mpls. Police Union Selling Cops For Trump Shirts Ahead Of Trump Rally WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-10-07 11:14:03 Rep. Ilhan Omar Files For Divorce From Husband Ahmed Hirsi WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-09-17 11:36:03 20 Arrested, 18 Charged In Brutal Downtown Minneapolis Robberies WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-09-14 13:36:04 Video shows man get beat outside Minnesota's Target Field
2019-09-04 09:12:03 Minnesota woman survives more than 80-foot fall down South Dakota cliff, officials say Fox News
2019-07-30 09:50:03 Minnesota Weather: Temperatures Dip To 37 Degrees In International Falls, Breaking 121-Year-Old Record WCCO CBS Minnesota
2019-06-20 07:06:03 These People Arent Coming From Norway: Refugees in a Minnesota City Face a Backlash - The New York Times
2019-05-09 11:24:03 GLOBAL WARMING: Spring snowstorm breaks 117-year-old record in Minnesota.
2019-04-19 00:36:11 Minnesota researchers identify virus as cause of mystery paralysis in kids -

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