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2018-01-14 06:22:04 SA man threatened mass shooting at NFL playoff game, affidavit...
2017-12-08 18:16:04 After mass shootings, North Carolina churches learn how to protect themselves Faith & Religion
2017-11-24 09:04:13 Real-life Stranger Things base uses creepy mass mind control to trigger shootings across the world, conspiracy theorist claims
2017-10-09 19:04:05 Police: Las Vegas gunman fired at security guard before mass shooting - CNN
2017-10-04 14:08:04 Trump visits Las Vegas to grieve with city traumatized after mass shooting Reuters
2017-10-02 22:02:07 It was a horror show: Mass shooting leaves at least 59 dead, 525 wounded on Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas Review-Journal
2017-10-02 14:14:05 Nations deadliest mass shooting stuns Las Vegas PHOTOS Las Vegas Review-Journal
2017-10-02 08:22:07 More than 50 dead, 200 injured in mass shooting on Las Vegas Strip - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper
2017-10-02 05:52:04 Mass shooting at music festival on the Las Vegas strip New York Post
2017-10-02 05:36:05 WATCH LIVE: At least 20 dead, more than 100 hurt in Vegas mass shooting
2017-09-14 09:52:11 Breaking Bad-obsessed 'gunman, 15, who fantasised about school massacres killed classmate and injured three girls after posting dry-run shootings on YouTube'
2017-06-05 09:22:03 WATCH LIVE: Several dead in mass shooting at Orange County...
2017-04-30 23:32:08 8 people injured in mass shooting at University City pool; gunman killed by police
2017-01-10 17:00:07 Jury sentences Dylann Roof to death for Emanuel AME Church massacre Church Shooting
2016-12-15 16:50:05 Dylann Roof found guilty on all counts in Emanuel AME Church massacre case Church Shooting
2016-10-15 10:20:07 3 killed, 12 wounded in mass shooting at house party in West Adams area - LA Times
2016-09-22 08:46:04 Amid Mass Rioting, Vandalism, Looting, Shooting, Assaults, MSNBC Claims Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Peaceful, Hugging Each Other, Cleaning Up Trash
2016-09-09 19:52:44 After mass shooting, San Bernardino endures a surge in deadly violence: 150 shootings, 47 slayings - LA Times
2016-07-09 06:24:06 Facebook Headquarters Puts Up Massive Black Lives Matter Sign Following Dallas Shooting
2016-07-07 15:52:03 Obamas Civilian Drone Death Count up to 500% Higher Than US Mass Shootings
2016-07-07 12:22:03 Obamas Civilian Drone Death Count up to 500% Higher Than US Mass Shootings
2016-06-30 18:10:04 Mass Shooting Prevented By Good Guy With Gun
2016-06-20 12:12:03 Orlando Wasnt The Deadliest Mass Shooting In History
2016-06-20 11:12:40 Orlando Mass Shooting: Omar Mateen's 911 Call ... 'In the Name of God'
2016-06-17 08:12:39 DOOMSDAY COMING? Full moon before summer solstice 'could spark madness and mass shootings' Weird News Daily Express
2016-06-13 16:02:38 Former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank says Orlando shooting reinforces case for surveillance of 'Islamic Element'
2016-06-13 12:52:38 Suspect in Orlando mass shooting acted alone, FBI says PBS NewsHour
2016-06-12 09:04:02 20 Dead, Scores Wounded In Orlando Nightclub Domestic Terrorism Mass Shooting
2016-06-12 08:58:39 Terrorist was organized and well prepared during deadly nightclub mass shooting, official says WFTV
2016-06-12 07:38:40 Several slain in mass shooting at Orlando nightclub; shooter dead
2016-06-12 07:38:40 Pulse gay club: Suspect in mass shooting dead, police say -
2016-02-27 05:22:03 Mass Shooting Swept Under Rug After Liberals Learn Suspect is Black
2015-12-26 12:02:03 Poll: Mass Shootings, Terror Attacks Weighed On Minds Of Many In 2015 CBS New York
2015-12-13 17:12:07 Protesters Armed With Farts And Dildos At Mass Shooting Drill
2015-12-09 20:32:03 Group to stage mock mass shooting at UT.
2015-12-09 19:02:05 Pro-Gun Groups to Stage Fake Mass Shooting at University of Texas
2015-12-07 15:16:09 Obama: Terrorists Have Embraced All Too Common American Style of Violence: Mass Shootings
2015-12-04 12:32:07 Obama Plans Executive Action On Gun Control; White House Admits It Will Not Prevent Mass Shootings
2015-12-03 21:54:03 Armed citizenry seen as mass-shooting, terrorism deterrent - Washington Times
2015-12-03 17:28:08 Arpaio calls on 250K armed citizens to stop terrorism and mass shootings
2015-12-03 15:18:08 CA Mass Shooting Was Site of Numerous Active Shooter Drills
2015-12-03 11:06:04 Prayer Shaming After a Mass Shooting in San Bernardino
2015-12-02 20:08:03 Dispute at party may have sparked San Bernardino mass shooting that killed 14 - LA Times
2015-12-02 14:48:02 Authorities responding to reports of mass shooting in San Bernardino, California
2015-11-18 10:58:06 Hours Before the Terror Attacks, Paris Practiced for a Mass Shooting
2015-11-17 19:22:04 Hours Before the Terror Attacks, Paris Practiced for a Mass Shooting - Bloomberg Business
2015-10-07 09:50:05 protesting Obamas effort to politicize the mass shooting
2015-10-04 18:00:03 Mass shootings prompt gun sale surge.
2015-10-04 13:50:05 Trump: Stricter gun laws would not prevent mass shootings
2015-10-04 13:40:06 Trump: Stricter gun laws would not prevent mass shootings

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