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2019-01-03 09:32:04 Decorated US Navy SEAL to Face Court-Martial for Charges, Including Premeditated Murder in Death of Young ISIS Fighter - NBC 7 San Diego
2018-11-27 07:02:06 Ukraine introduces martial law citing threat of Russian invasion Reuters
2018-11-26 11:04:06 Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko claims Russia is preparing a GROUND INVASION as he declares martial law hours after naval clashes spark war fears
2018-11-26 11:04:06 Russia-Ukraine crisis - live: Kiev declares martial law as world powers call emergency meetings after Putin's forces seize ships near Crimea The Independent
2018-11-26 08:18:03 BREAKING Russia-Ukraine crisis: Kiev declares martial law after 'attack' on gunboats - Mirror Online
2018-11-26 07:28:09 Russia: Ukraine's proposal of martial law adds instability to standoff
2017-11-06 12:52:04 Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley served in Air Force, was court-martialed for assaulting wife, child Fox News
2017-09-15 06:34:08 Duterte may declare martial law: Philippine defence chief - Channel NewsAsia
2017-07-11 08:08:08 First Marine court-martialed for nude photo-sharing scandal.
2017-06-27 22:28:03 Mixed martial arts vs tai chi group brawl stopped by police in Shanghai but battle rages on online South China Morning Post
2017-06-15 19:52:03 Court-martial possible in Marines nude photo sharing scandal TheHill
2017-05-24 08:12:05 Philippines' Duterte may place entire country under martial law Reuters
2017-05-23 12:38:05 Duterte declares martial rule in southern Philippines - ABC News
2017-03-01 23:04:10 West Point cadets face court-martial for drugs.
2016-12-23 08:32:04 Philippine critics alarmed by Duterte's martial law talk
2016-12-20 15:00:10 Germany declares War - as parties call for martial law World News Daily Express
2016-12-13 20:44:06 Parris Island hazing scandal: Three Marines face court-martial
2016-10-11 18:22:04 Russian Military Practicing Martial Law Over Nuclear War Risk
2016-08-09 00:42:08 With Use Of Deadly Force In Question, Some Cops Learning Martial Arts
2016-06-03 12:38:02 Venezuela State Under Martial Law Against Smugglers
2016-06-02 10:20:16 Coming Destruction? Alan Greenspan Warns Venezuela Under Martial Law and America Is Next
2016-05-15 11:48:03 AmeriGEDDON: How to Resist Martial Law
2016-05-13 13:10:03 Will Zika Virus Be Used To Bring In Global Martial Law?
2016-05-06 16:12:02 Will Donald Trump Stop Martial Law and Global Depression?
2016-05-05 10:12:04 How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.
2016-04-28 18:50:06 Trump Election: Military Infrastructure in Place for Martial Law
2016-04-27 20:18:02 Martial Law Could Be Used To Stop Trump: Roger Stone
2016-03-07 08:38:05 Government-Hollywood Complex To Sell Patriotic Martial Law Lockdown In New Boston Bombing Films
2016-02-29 14:58:05 Martial Law Gets Oscars Cameo: Hundreds of police up and down every street
2016-02-19 11:34:04 AliPac Head: Form Of Martial Law Happening
2016-02-09 11:18:08 Top Libertarian Warns of Martial Law, Cashless Society
2016-02-08 18:08:06 Top Libertarian Warns of Martial Law, Cashless Society
2016-01-28 20:24:10 Ron Paul: Martial Law Is No Conspiracy Theory
2016-01-27 13:36:08 Senator Warns Of International Martial Law
2016-01-26 16:56:07 Senator Warns: Martial Law Bill Introduced
2016-01-26 14:38:08 X-Files Predicts The Day Martial Law Will Start
2016-01-26 12:16:07 Video: Senator Warns AUMF Bill is Declaration Of International Martial Law
2016-01-25 14:08:05 Senate Ready to Give Obama Authority to Declare International Martial Law
2016-01-25 11:44:08 Slow Motion Martial Law Is Already Here
2016-01-25 01:06:10 Red Alert! Martial Law 2016
2016-01-25 00:52:07 Snow and Martial Law
2016-01-23 06:06:05 Red Alert! Martial Law 2016
2016-01-23 04:50:07 BREAKING: Military Martial Law Bill Sneaked Through by Senate
2016-01-22 17:44:05 BREAKING: Military Martial Law Bill Sneaked Through by Senate
2016-01-22 17:44:05 Red Alert: Martial Law 2016
2016-01-09 03:54:05 Obama Responds to Infowars on Gun Control, Martial Law
2016-01-08 12:14:05 Obama Responds to Infowars on Gun Control, Martial Law
2016-01-01 19:04:04 Report: Terror Attacks / Martial Law 2016?
2016-01-01 11:54:04 Pastor Warns Of Martial Law Coming In 2016
2015-12-14 16:10:04 Bergdahl to face desertion charge in general court-martial

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