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2019-05-21 19:44:04 Rahm Emanuel contributing editor for The Atlantic, ABC News contributor - Chicago Sun-Times
2019-03-26 14:14:04 'Is there no decency in this man?' Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel condemns Jussie Smollett Daily Mail Online
2019-03-04 22:54:03 Emmanuel Macron calls Brexit an 'irresponsible lie' Daily Mail Online
2018-12-06 10:54:10 Beleaguered Emmanuel Macron predicts major violence across France this weekend as approval rating crashes to record low of 18 per cent
2018-12-02 09:40:03 Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico's new president, signs deal to stop migrants - Washington Times
2018-11-29 22:40:06 Rahm Emanuel rejects Beto O'Rourke 2020 buzz: 'You don't usually promote a loser' Politics Dallas News
2018-11-12 21:44:10 Rahm Emanuel Shops Around for Cable News Gig.
2018-11-11 07:48:05 Emmanuel Macron rips nationalism in Paris speech as Donald Trump looks on - Washington Times
2018-10-30 11:24:08 Rahm Emanuel Mocks: \'I Know Election Season Catnip When I See It\'.
2018-10-15 14:14:08 Endeavor Eyes More Content Acquisitions As CEO Ari Emanuel Opens Up About Conflict Of Interest & Saudi Arabia Investment Mipcom Deadline
2018-09-04 11:58:05 Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he won't run for re-election next year - Chicago Tribune
2018-07-22 20:28:05 How world leaders, including Emmanuel Macron, are using Trump's tricks against him -Axios
2018-07-20 17:08:08 Chance the Rapper buys Chicagoist, calls out Mayor Rahm Emanuel in new song
2018-07-20 17:08:08 Chance the Rapper Buys Chicagoist, Promises to Investigate Rahm Emanuel - Hit & Run :
2018-07-01 23:16:11 Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Congratulations to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on becoming the next President of Mexico. I look very much forward to working with him. There is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico!"
2018-05-10 09:20:11 Mel Gibsons Unlikely New Advocate: Ex-Agent Ari Emanuel Hollywood Reporter
2018-05-02 06:24:05 Emmanuel Macron raises eyebrows after calling Australian Prime Ministers wife 'delicious'
2018-04-24 20:22:04 Trumps host French President Emmanuel Macron in elegant first state dinner - CBS News
2018-04-24 10:26:05 Rahm Emanuel: Impeachment isn't "a political tool" -Axios
2018-04-17 14:22:08 I Appreciate the Forthright Conversations: Emmanuel Macron Opens Up About Iran and His New Pal in the West Wing Vanity Fair
2018-04-06 17:42:05 Memphis reporter Manuel Duran now in Louisiana immigration detention center
2018-03-22 09:24:04 PARIS PROTESTS: Thousands rally in France against Emmanuel Macron's hated reforms World News
2018-03-18 19:14:05 Saudi Fund Said to Take $400 Million Stake in Emanuels Endeavor - Bloomberg
2018-03-12 09:26:05 Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a 2019 challenger, Neal Sales-Griffin, a young tech guy who gives a s---
2018-01-23 15:16:04 Emmanuel Macron invited to White House for first state visit of Trump administration - CBS News
2017-12-17 09:18:09 Emmanuel Macrons popularity bounces back POLITICO
2017-11-14 12:42:05 Emmanuel Macron faces first revolt as 100 party members resign over 'arrogant, undemocratic' ways
2017-09-20 17:22:05 Emmanuel Macron: French media are totally narcissistic POLITICO
2017-09-05 14:22:04 Rahm Emanuel tells students Chicago schools are 'Trump-free zone' - Washington Times
2017-08-31 11:20:05 Top French union calls strike after Emmanuel Macron unveils crunch labour reform
2017-08-24 16:10:04 Emmanuel Macron spent 26,000 on makeup in three months POLITICO
2017-08-14 07:28:06 France - Emmanuel Macron's popularity slump after En Marche party duped supporters World News
2017-08-04 20:48:05 Emanuel to sue Feds over new Sanctuary City Rules WLS-AM 890 WLS-AM
2017-07-13 16:56:07 Donald Trump buddies up to 'great president' Emmanuel Macron and tells his wife 'you're in such good shape'
2017-07-07 08:18:04 Probe launched into French president Emmanuel Macron's lavish Las Vegas soire
2017-07-03 16:24:02 Mayor Emanuel didn't seek comparison to Mussolini in NYT op-ed - Chicago Tribune
2017-05-30 08:44:05 Emmanuel Macron slams 'fake news' from Russia in tense meeting with Vladimir Putin World News
2017-05-28 12:30:07 Rahm Emanuel: Dreamers Are 'Part of the Chicago Family' - Illegal Immigrants Are 'Welcome Here' - Breitbart
2017-05-28 12:18:05 Rahm Emmanuel Can't Decide if he Thinks Clinton Should Run for President Again
2017-05-07 21:08:04 Emmanuel Macrons wife, his former drama teacher Brigitte Trogneux, to take centre stage as France's First Lady
2017-05-07 16:38:05 Emmanuel Macron blunder sees live feed cut to new French president having make-up applied as world waited for inaugural speech - Mirror Online
2017-05-07 08:42:05 Louvre evacuation: Suspicious package found outside museum where France Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron planned to celebrate election win - Mirror Online
2017-05-06 20:22:07 French election: Russian hackers blamed for Emmanuel Macron leaks on eve of vote World News
2017-05-06 19:04:08 France prepares for presidential election between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron on day before historic vote
2017-05-06 08:56:05 Emmanuel Macron hacked emails: French media ordered by electoral commission not to publish content of messages The Independent
2017-05-04 09:22:04 FRANCE ELECTION 2017: Marine Le Pen falls behind Emmanuel Macron after debate World News
2017-05-03 19:42:11 Emmanuel Macron is 39 and his wife is 64. French women say its about time. - The Washington Post
2017-05-01 08:24:05 Marine Le Pen enjoys boost as Emmanuel Macron plummets in the polls World News
2017-04-29 17:50:11 Angela Merkel 'clashed with Emmanuel Macron over Greek debt deal' new book claims
2017-04-28 11:24:05 Marine Le Pen closes the gap with Emmanuel Macron Daily Mail Online

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