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2019-03-13 06:40:05 Scientists have built a world's first 'time machine' in experiment which defies the laws of physics
2019-03-11 19:00:04 Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to Build a Mind-Reading Machine WIRED
2019-03-09 09:36:04 Chernobyl: The secrets they tried to bury - how the Soviet machine covered up a catastrophe
2019-03-06 14:10:04 Soldier who took a machine gun round to the head now has his helmet to prove it
2019-03-06 06:18:04 Dont look now: why you should be worried about machines reading your emotions Technology The Guardian
2019-02-20 18:34:04 Drunken woman mad about losing money in pinball machine brawls with cops, EMS, authorities say
2019-02-07 22:36:03 Robot Love: Why romance with machines is a foregone conclusion ZDNet
2019-01-31 09:24:01 White-Collar Machines Coming for Jobs.
2019-01-31 07:12:04 Robot that thinks for itself from scratch brings forward rise the self-aware machines
2018-12-16 07:52:04 To Expand Access to Emergency Contraception, Some Colleges Try Vending Machines - WSJ
2018-12-07 11:44:04 Paris braced for Day of Rage carnage as cops prepare machine gun cars to break-up Yellow Vest smash and kill raids
2018-11-22 13:44:04 Money laundering: Dutch police find cash in washing machine
2018-11-22 09:08:04 Machines
2018-11-14 06:52:04 Florida's Palm Beach County voting machines overheat, forcing another recount of about 175K early votes Fox News
2018-11-12 11:06:09 Rick Scott wants state police to impound voting machines Miami Herald
2018-11-10 09:22:04 Unsung heroes, animals were vital part of WWI war machine
2018-11-06 14:34:06 Voters face long lines, machine snafus, 'mosh pit' crowds
2018-11-06 13:14:04 Missing Machines in Detroit.
2018-10-29 20:12:05 Texans say glitchy voting machines are changing their ballots - Chicago Tribune
2018-10-26 07:18:09 TX Voters Report Machines Changing Votes To Other Parties.
2018-10-22 21:52:17 Groundbreaking Moment as a Robot Closes the NY Stock Exchange Machine Design
2018-10-08 12:46:05 Wireless voting machines may be vulnerable to hackers Miami Herald
2018-10-05 08:28:07 I dont think hes behind the 8-ball this time around: Biden cranks up his 2020 machine - POLITICO
2018-09-16 21:16:05 Fraud-rich paper ballots or susceptible electronic machines?Dec - CBS46 News
2018-09-11 07:58:04 Possible crack pipe vending machines found in Suffolk County
2018-09-06 21:50:21 Prince Charles GQ interview: Royal issues robot 'part man, part machine' warning Daily Star
2018-08-30 15:12:05 Useful or creepy? Machines suggest Gmail replies
2018-08-27 18:36:08 Russia tests 'Robocop' exo-skeleton armour that lets 'cyborg' squaddies shoot with machine-like accuracy
2018-08-23 15:48:04 Your Next Steak Could ComeFrom a Vending Machine - BloombergQuint
2018-08-13 15:40:08 Cash machines could be mass-hacked in global cyber attack, FBI warns
2018-08-12 09:20:08 Tensions Flare as Hackers Root Out Flaws in Voting Machines - WSJ
2018-07-29 23:48:05 The vest vending machine at San Francisco's airport is making bank - Business Insider
2018-07-24 08:48:04 Robots: Humans to 'connect minds to machines' to attend own funerals Daily Star
2018-07-18 23:46:05 House Democrats bet on 'For the People' slogan to counter Trump 'tweet' machine - Washington Times
2018-07-17 11:18:04 Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States - Motherboard
2018-07-07 08:10:06 High-Skilled White-Collar Work? Machines Can Do That, Too ::
2018-06-23 09:24:06 The man who was fired by machine \'out for blood\'.
2018-06-12 10:52:16 Machine learning predicts World Cup winner - MIT Technology Review
2018-06-08 14:00:05 Americas new supercomputer beats Chinas fastest machine to take the worlds most powerful title - MIT Technology Review
2018-06-01 09:58:04 Brent shooting: Machine gun attack and three stabbings rock London Daily Star
2018-05-23 23:28:23 Goldman Warns the Rise of the Machines Leaves Markets Exposed - Bloomberg Quint
2018-04-27 11:08:07 ISIS propaganda machine Amaq which spread terror murder videos is smashed by Europol in cyber raid
2018-04-24 21:18:13 Russian doomsday machine nuke could wipe out coastal infrastructure Daily Mail Online
2018-04-24 16:06:05 Addressing Recent Claims of Manipulated Blog Posts in the Wayback Machine Internet Archive Blogs
2018-04-14 22:10:07 Suicide machine draws crowds at Amsterdam funeral show
2018-03-30 16:56:04 These tiny robots could be disease-fighting machines inside the body
2018-03-06 06:30:04 Fighting the rise of the machines TheHill
2018-02-20 16:02:05 Trump signs a memo telling Attorney General Sessions to ban devices that turn weapons into machine guns
2018-02-13 10:18:04 Woman climbs into x-ray machine because she didn't want to leave bag Metro News
2018-02-09 14:54:05 Pennsylvania to require voting machines with paper backup

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