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2018-10-11 16:14:05 Trump's lawyers preparing answers to Mueller's questions - CNNPolitics
2018-10-02 21:18:11 Lawyers for Kavanaugh accusers question FBI's thoroughness
2018-09-26 11:10:07 Ford's lawyers submit 4 affidavits backing up assault story
2018-09-26 10:24:04 Whoa! Kavanaugh Attorney: Lawyers for Christine Ford Have Not Turned Over Results of Lie Detector Test or Therapist's Notes (VIDEO)
2018-09-20 15:04:05 Ford lawyers say she is open to testifying, but not Monday ::
2018-09-18 17:08:04 Trump-proof aspects of Manafort deal rankle lawyers - POLITICO
2018-09-15 12:32:05 Obama's First White House Counsel Lawyers Up Law & Crime
2018-09-06 19:36:05 Alleged bike-path terrorist's lawyers use Donald Trump's tweets in defense
2018-09-06 11:36:13 After Johnny Depp's Court Win, Lawyers Question "Handshake" Contracts Hollywood Reporter
2018-09-04 19:14:07 Special counsel team responds to Trump lawyers on potential interview: Sources - ABC News
2018-08-31 07:22:04 Concern in White House over shortage of lawyers, press aides
2018-08-30 12:58:05 Trump lawyers hope Emmet Flood will focus on Mueller, not replace McGahn
2018-08-28 15:24:07 Johnny Depp Wins In Oral Contract Battle With Ex-Lawyers; Hollywood Jolted Deadline
2018-08-23 15:58:04 Trump sought his lawyers advice weeks ago on possibility of pardoning Manafort but they counseled against it, Giuliani says - The Washington Post
2018-08-19 20:12:07 Trump Lawyers Sudden Realization: They Dont Know What Don McGahn Told Muellers Team - The New York Times
2018-08-15 22:40:05 Trump's lawyers prepare to fight subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court TribLIVE
2018-08-15 20:32:07 Trumps lawyers prepare to fight subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court - The Washington Post
2018-08-15 07:10:05 Lawyers to begin closing arguments in explosive Manafort trial
2018-08-12 20:18:04 Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Lawyers Are Prepared to Counter Mueller - WSJ
2018-08-08 13:44:05 Trumps Lawyers Counter Muellers Interview Offer, Seeking Narrower Scope - The New York Times
2018-08-08 08:10:04 York County lawyers demand grand jury indictments get tossed The Herald
2018-08-07 18:08:05 Paul Manafort's lawyers to question Rick Gates's credibility after explosive testimony US news The Guardian
2018-07-23 21:36:04 Why Trump's lawyers allowed investigators to get ahold of Michael Cohen tapes - Business Insider
2018-07-23 15:26:21 Paul Manafort's lawyers seek to delay fraud trial
2018-07-19 06:44:05 Flash - Weinstein lawyers claim actress Judd made sexual 'deal' with disgraced mogul - France 24
2018-07-08 09:12:05 Trump lawyers call Comey 'Machiavellian' in note to Mueller
2018-07-07 12:20:26 Trump lawyers call Comey 'Machiavellian' in note to Mueller
2018-07-02 18:46:07 Paul Manafort's Lawyers Want to Know Where Jurors Get Their News - Bloomberg
2018-06-07 09:06:06 Kaepernick lawyers expected to subpoena President Trump
2018-05-16 17:52:07 Giuliani: Mueller's team told Trump's lawyers they can't indict a president - CNNPolitics
2018-05-03 11:18:11 Corey Lewandowki lawyers send demand letter to New York Magazine over trespass Daily Mail Online
2018-05-02 18:36:05 DOJ sends 35 lawyers, 18 judges to border to stop illegal immigrant caravan - Washington Times
2018-04-26 06:44:05 Trump Lawyers Fate Hinges on 32-Year-Old Corruption Fighter - Bloomberg
2018-04-25 23:42:08 No verdict from Cosby jury; defense lawyers slammed
2018-04-25 14:52:05 Lawyers To Coach Caravan Asylum Seekers The Daily Caller
2018-04-24 17:40:08 EXCLUSIVE: Comey Has Brought On Former U.S. Attorney Pat Fitzgerald As One Of His Lawyers Talking Points Memo
2018-04-19 22:08:07 Johnny Depp Dumped By New Lawyers As Trial Loom In Ex-Biz Managers Battle Deadline
2018-04-15 23:52:04 Trump Lawyers Ask Judge for First Review of Cohen Documents - WSJ
2018-04-15 09:50:10 Trump Claims Lawyers Are Deflated And Concerned About FBIs Cohen Raids Mediaite
2018-04-10 10:12:05 Cosby lawyers expected to portray alleged victim as greedy liar Page Six
2018-04-09 19:10:02 Trump slams FBI raid on lawyers office, calls Mueller probe an attack on our country
2018-04-07 13:10:05 Did lawyers ask right questions?
2018-03-25 16:00:07 Lawyers decline Trump legal team invite
2018-03-21 21:44:15 Academy President John Bailey Lawyers Up to Fight Harassment Claims (Exclusive) Hollywood Reporter
2018-03-15 07:40:06 Trump lawyers have no easy options on interview request
2018-03-11 15:44:04 Trump Lawyers Are Considering A Challenge To Stop "60 Minutes" From Airing A Stormy Daniels Interview
2018-03-09 15:54:05 Trump Lawyers Seek Deal With Mueller to Speed End of Russia Probe - WSJ
2018-03-06 19:12:05 Cosby Lawyers: #MeToo Moment Makes a Fair Trial Difficult - The New York Times
2018-03-05 20:48:05 The Utah State Bar emailed a photo of a topless woman to lawyers and now it is investigating how it happened - The Salt Lake Tribune
2018-02-21 22:16:05 No Lawyers Under Mueller Are Republican? The Daily Caller

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