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2020-10-17 08:32:10 Covid Police: Couple Fined Hundreds for Kissing Outside
2020-10-07 19:52:03 Kissinger Warns U.S. and China Must Set Limits to Avoid a Blowup
2020-07-01 14:40:05 Kissing off menu as lockdown ends for Dutch sex workers - Reuters
2020-06-19 06:48:03 Kissing starts again in French films
2020-01-30 15:18:04 COPS: Woman bites off inch of man\'s tongue while kissing.
2019-11-23 11:04:04 For 2020 candidates, eating tacos is the kissing babies of stumping for Latino votes - Los Angeles Times
2019-11-21 09:30:04 Henry Kissinger: China & U.S. in 'Foothills of a Cold War' National Review
2019-11-15 07:18:03 Henry Kissinger warns of catastrophic conflicts unless China and US settle their differences South China Morning Post
2019-05-18 10:48:04 Calvin Klein apologizes to LGBT community for Bella Hadid kissing ad
2019-05-17 11:20:03 Austrians told to stop French kissing COWS after bizarre challenge sweeps social media sparking fears of attacks by 'protective' herd
2019-05-09 21:54:04 French kissing could be unexplored cause of throat gonorrhea The Independent
2019-04-24 16:24:04 Remember the 'kissing bug?' CDC confirms one was found in Delaware
2019-04-24 06:26:03 CDC: Blood-sucking 'Kissing Bug' Triatoma Sanguisuga Confirmed in Delaware For First time
2019-03-31 21:36:05 DNC Finance Chair Sides With Biden Over Lucy Flores Unwanted Kissing Accusation The Daily Caller
2019-03-14 10:30:04 Shocking video shows shark 'kissing' diver Fox News
2019-02-19 12:54:03 Vandals spray-paint '#MeToo' on statue of WWII sailor kissing nurse
2019-02-18 12:48:04 Sailor kissing woman in VJ Day photo at Times Square dies
2019-01-10 06:18:04 Top Bernie Sanders 2016 adviser accused of forcibly kissing subordinate - POLITICO
2019-01-05 12:42:04 Video of Rapper Drake Fondling and Kissing 17-Year-Old Girl Surfaces.
2018-10-01 21:46:10 16-year-old gets 4.5 years in prison for kissing 13-year-old - Turkey News
2018-08-23 21:32:13 Parasitic illness caused by 'kissing bugs' is spreading across the US Daily Mail Online
2018-07-18 12:32:04 Lena Dunham Deletes Tweets About 'French Kissing Animals
2018-07-05 13:50:05 Instagram apologises after removing photo of gay couple kissing The Independent
2018-06-11 14:48:05 VIDEO: Homophobic Uber driver boots lesbian couple for kissing in the backseat - NY Daily News
2018-06-04 06:32:04 Philippines' Duterte stirs controversy by kissing woman on ...
2018-03-16 21:00:05 Abu Zarin Hussin dead Firefighter famed for kissing snake dies after king cobra bite
2018-02-01 20:32:05 Kissinger: 'Temptation to Deal' with N. Korea by Pre-emptive Attack 'Strong'
2018-02-01 11:54:04 Media attack Brady for kissing son.
2017-12-02 08:32:07 Fashion photographer accused of touching, forcefully kissing male model New York Post
2017-11-16 13:16:05 Radio personality accuses Sen. Al Franken of unwanted kissing, groping during USO tour -
2017-11-11 13:06:13 Roy Moore Didn't Deny Kissing Teenagers as 30-Year-Old in Call With Lawmaker Washingtonian
2017-05-10 13:14:04 President Trump, Henry Kissinger, Meet In Oval Office Amid Watergate Comparisons - White House, US Patch
2017-02-21 08:10:06 Eight reasons why KISSING is so good for your health Daily Mail Online
2017-01-18 19:42:05 Kissinger Files and Invisible Ink Recipes: CIA Trove Has It All.(NYT)
2016-12-24 08:54:04 Kissinger, a longtime Putin confidant, sidles up to Trump - POLITICO
2016-12-18 12:06:08 Kissinger calls Trump a 'phenomenon that foreign countries haven't seen' TheHill
2016-12-05 20:08:05 Trump to meet with Kissinger Tuesday TheHill
2016-12-02 08:22:16 China, Grappling With Trump, Turns to Old Friend Kissinger - Bloomberg
2016-11-21 11:30:05 Kissinger Speaks Of Opportunity To Mold Trump
2016-11-20 18:28:05 Kissinger: Donald Trump Is Unique, He Enters Office With "No Baggage," "No Obligations" Video RealClearPolitics
2016-11-20 14:34:05 Kissinger: Trump has no baggage TheHill
2016-11-04 08:08:02 2 teenage girls in Morocco could face up to 3 years in prison for kissing each other - The Washington Post
2016-10-13 07:16:09 Women accuse Trump of groping, forcibly kissing them
2016-08-08 16:16:07 Clinton Looks to Kissinger for Endorsement
2016-07-28 18:34:56 Kissing-while-blindfolded dating show announced
2016-06-13 11:08:03 Henry Kissinger Does The Bilderberg Walk Of Shame
2016-06-11 20:10:03 Murderer! Henry Kissinger Heckled at Bilderberg
2016-06-03 08:14:38 Zika May Be Transmitted by Oral Sex, KISSING.(NY Times)
2016-05-31 16:06:03 Samantha Power to Receive Prize From Henry Kissinger, Whom She Once Harshly Criticized

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