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2018-09-27 17:48:05 Elon Musk calls SEC fraud lawsuit 'unjustified'
2018-09-06 16:44:11 Rand Paul: Trump would be 'justified' in using 'lie-detector' tests to find anonymous New York Times author
2018-03-31 13:36:13 Israel Says Firing on Palestinian Protesters Was Justified - WSJ
2017-02-14 17:54:05 The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynns Lie Committed Serious and Wholly Justified Felonies
2016-12-20 18:12:06 Assassination of Russian Ambassador Justified, Says Liberal Journalist
2016-11-16 12:28:04 Not justified Cop who Killed Black Man Philando Castile in his Car Charged with Manslaughter
2016-08-17 07:56:03 Norwegian Police Chief Says Xenophobia Is Highly Rational and Justified, Cites Crime Stats
2016-06-17 07:42:02 20% Of Muslim Turks Living In Germany Say Violence Is Justified
2016-03-08 15:16:02 Shooting of Oregon Occupier LaVoy Finicum Justified Prosecutor
2015-10-11 10:40:12 Two Reports Conclude Officer's Shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice Was Justified
2015-08-06 09:52:11 Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader says
2015-07-15 11:22:17 Gardena Police Shooting Video: Justified or cold-blooded Killing?
2014-11-25 19:42:04 Obama Lectures America About the Justified Anger Towards Law Enforcement in Minority Communities
2014-06-05 14:06:09 Cops Enter Home, Shoot Dog, Rule It Justified
2013-11-03 09:57:06 Snowden says calls for reform prove intel leaks were justified.
2013-09-27 17:09:05 Taser victim sues police despite IPCC saying use was justified
2013-07-04 11:24:06 “Justified Shooting”: Cop Aims At Dog, Hits Woman Instead
2013-04-11 13:07:28 CISPA Amendment Proves Everyone's Fears Were Justified While Failing To Assuage Them
2013-01-08 10:11:53 Alex Jones blasts out with justified outrage at Piers Morgan and other traitors to human freedom - January 8th, 2013
2012-11-19 01:10:07 Is Israel justified in attacking Gaza?
2012-11-18 22:07:21 Is Israel justified in attacking Gaza?
2012-11-10 04:07:56 Barclays Defeats Claim That It Required Unjustified Payment From SemGroup
2012-10-27 13:11:21 Judge: Aurora Police Justified in Stopping 25 cars at Gunpoint in Search for Bank Robber - October 27th, 2012
2012-10-12 16:09:22 Government to Argue Detention Based on Arabic Flashcards Was Justified - October 6th, 2012
2012-04-05 19:07:01 'Editorially justified, in public interest'...
2012-04-05 13:07:02 'Editorially justified, in the public interest'...
2012-02-29 13:07:16 'Mad Men,' 'Fringe,' 'Justified' And 'Game Of Thrones'...
2012-01-09 13:07:05 Justified Self Defense: Mom Kills Armed Intruder with Shotgun - January 5th, 2012
2012-01-05 15:07:02 Justified Self Defense: Mom Kills Armed Intruder with Shotgun - January 5th, 2012
2011-12-23 17:07:04 Egyptian Military Adviser Calls Attack on Woman Justified - December 23rd, 2011
2011-12-22 21:07:01 Egyptian Adviser Calls Attack on Woman Justified...