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2019-03-04 22:02:22 Scientists DOUBLE lifespan of roundworm in immortality breakthrough Daily Star
2019-03-04 19:12:03 Elixir of Immortality Uncovered in 2,000-Year-Old Chinese Tomb
2019-02-23 11:38:03 Is Silicon Valley's quest for immortality a fate worse than death? Technology The Guardian
2019-01-19 12:34:04 Science news: Humans will download SOULS to microchips for IMMORTALITY Daily Star
2018-12-24 09:06:04 Immortality: Human negligible senescence for rich and famous Daily Star
2018-10-16 08:54:07 Human beings on bring on IMMORTALITY using Artificial Intelligence Daily Star
2018-04-06 16:52:04 Elon Musk Worries That AI Research Will Create an 'Immortal Dictator'
2018-02-19 07:20:05 Science news: Humans could be immortal by 2050 with advancements in technology Science News
2018-01-06 16:16:05 Scientists could one day make humans immortal New York Post
2017-12-25 07:36:05 An order from the Chinese emperor: find immortality
2017-10-05 23:02:13 Human brains will be uploaded to machines to let us achieve immortality sooner than you think, says Professor Brian Cox
2016-12-26 18:46:09 Immortal Vladimir Putin? Russian leader visits anti-ageing pill factory Daily Star
2016-06-28 11:28:39 Survival of the richest: Could an elite class of SUPERHUMANS upgrade their way to immortality? - Sophie Curtis - Mirror Online
2016-06-20 18:54:42 IMMORTALITY 'ALMOST THERE': You will be able to SPEAK to loved ones AFTER they die Science News Daily Express
2016-04-29 18:32:02 KEY TO ETERNAL LIFE? Someone already born will 'live to 1,000 and immortality IS possible' Science News Daily Express
2016-04-26 11:58:05 Meet the Company Offering a Chance at Immortality for $200,000
2016-04-26 11:10:03 Meet the company offering a chance at immortality for $200,000
2016-02-05 18:20:02 Immortality Quest Aims to Preserve Brain 100 Years : Discovery News
2015-12-31 09:50:03 Transhumanist Party presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan says we could be immortal cyborgs in years Daily Mail Online
2015-09-26 11:50:04 Into the wild: Inside isolated retreat immortalized by hit Instagram site Cabin Porn where New Yorkers flock to get off the grid Daily Mail Online
2015-09-12 14:22:04 CHASING IMMORTALITY: Young Woman's Hope to Transcend Death, Via Cryonics.(NY Times)
2015-07-04 07:20:03 Scientist claims immortality within reach - National News TVNZ
2015-04-23 11:42:03 Head transplant: man will be attached to new body in under an hour and aim is immortality, doctor says - Science - News - The Independent
2013-06-21 17:45:03 Russian Tycoon Predicts Immortality Within 25 Years
2013-06-20 12:30:05 Russian Tycoon Predicts Immortality Within 25 Years
2013-06-17 10:21:11 Russian Multimillionaire Seeks Human Immortality, Artificial Brains By 2045...
2013-04-04 07:09:30 Russian billionaire plans to turn humans into immortal...
2013-02-26 16:11:43 Immortal Technique On Fire with Alex Jones (257 comments)
2013-02-26 10:08:52 Immortal Technique On Fire with Alex Jones (254 comments)
2013-02-26 01:10:50 Immortal Technique On Fire with Alex Jones (253 comments)
2013-02-05 22:10:26 Shenae Grimes, Fiance Josh Beech Immortalize Their Love —...
2013-01-02 22:10:11 The immortal jellyfish has been studied for its unique ability to reverse its aging and repeat its lifecycle without dying.
2012-12-23 16:09:42 excellent alternative courtesy of an immortal entertainer
2012-11-28 10:11:52 Does an immortal jellyfish hold the key of everlasting life for humans?
2012-09-04 22:07:39 Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov is trying to get other billionaires to pony up some research funds for a project that's aiming for cybernetic immortality for humans by 2045.
2012-08-02 10:10:36 2045 ‘Immortality’ Transhumanism Program Threatens Humanity’s Integrity - August 2nd, 2012
2012-04-19 21:11:56 Original Vampire Jonathan Frid Is Truly Immortal (VIDEO)