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2020-10-17 10:06:03 Rural Midwest hospitals struggling to handle virus surge
2020-10-14 17:38:03 As virus surges anew, Milan hospitals under pressure again
2020-10-14 11:54:08 Shaky U.S. Hospitals Risk Bankruptcy in Latest Covid Wave
2020-10-14 10:56:06 Shaky U.S. Hospitals Risk Bankruptcy in Latest Covid Wave
2020-10-13 12:40:04 Paris hospitals near Covid saturation: Top health official - Times of India
2020-09-30 20:10:03 Some Georgia hospitals are keeping coronavirus case statistics private
2020-09-30 12:14:03 Didnt Expect It To Be Quite So Rapid: COVID Patients Filling Wis. Hospitals As Virus Surges WCCO CBS Minnesota
2020-09-25 12:28:03 Moscow ramps up COVID hospitals to handle 'big second wave' ...
2020-09-11 10:40:03 Hospitals, nursing homes fail to separate COVID patients, putting others at risk
2020-09-10 23:24:03 As hospitals fill, Kosovo battles plague of virus deniers
2020-08-18 21:46:03 Everybody Should See This Pain: On The Frontlines With ICU Nurses In Jackson Memorial Hospitals COVID Unit CBS Miami
2020-08-18 12:04:05 Long Island Miracle Patient Finally Goes Home After Battling COVID-19 For 111 Days In 4 Different Hospitals CBS New York
2020-08-10 11:38:16 American tragedy: Number of people dying alone in hospitals skyrockets due to COVID-19 - Study Finds
2020-07-25 14:56:05 Robots that kill viruses in 10 minutes unleashed in hospitals for Covid-19 fight - Daily Star
2020-07-24 15:20:03 DOD scouts contractors for potential mobile coronavirus hospitals in Florida
2020-07-22 15:02:03 Texas battling influx of coronavirus cases: "Our hospitals look like war zones" - CBS News
2020-07-16 10:34:06 'We're just overwhelmed': The view from inside hospitals as coronavirus surge hits National
2020-07-15 16:52:04 Trump HHS tells hospitals to send COVID-19 data to Washington, not CDC
2020-07-11 09:10:03 Panama Hospitals On Verge Of Collapse As Virus Cases Surge - Barron's
2020-07-10 20:22:09 'All the hospitals are full': In Houston, overwhelmed ICUs leave COVID-19 patients waiting in ER
2020-07-10 15:12:04 Mississippi's five largest hospitals have run out of ICU beds as infections soar across the state Daily Mail Online
2020-07-09 20:42:04 Patients Swamp Sun Belt Hospitals With Covid-19 on a Rampage
2020-07-09 20:36:06 Patients Swamp Sun Belt Hospitals With Covid-19 on a Rampage
2020-07-07 13:32:04 Dozens of Florida hospitals at full ICU capacity -state data...
2020-07-06 19:52:03 Hospitals approaching capacity as Miami closes restaurants
2020-07-06 08:56:04 Four Tampa-area hospitals at maximum ICU capacity TheHill
2020-07-05 20:26:04 Some Hospitals in Southern, Western U.S. States Near Capacity Amid Coronavirus Outbreaks - WSJ
2020-07-01 16:16:03 Internal Messages Reveal Crisis at Houston Hospitals as Coronavirus Cases Surge ProPublica
2020-06-30 21:52:09 Arizona faces new closures as hospitals prep for virus surge
2020-06-30 17:32:05 VICE - Houston Hospitals Deleted and Changed Charts That Track ICU Capacity
2020-06-29 21:48:07 U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surge Amid Strains on Hospitals - WSJ
2020-06-26 21:36:03 Reopenings, record cases and full hospitals: America's dissonant response to the pandemic - NewsTimes
2020-06-24 08:10:04 Hospitals Are Counting Beds Again With Virus Cases On the Rise
2020-06-12 15:32:04 Bolsonaro tells Brazilians to film hospitals
2020-06-10 23:02:04 Arizona hospitals at 83% capacity as coronavirus cases surge - MarketWatch
2020-06-08 07:44:03 Hospitals Got Bailouts and Furloughed Thousands While Paying C.E.O.s Millions DNyuz
2020-05-27 17:38:03 The world sacrificed its elderly in the race to protect hospitals. The result was a catastrophe in care homes - CNN
2020-05-26 16:42:03 Hospitals are busier than ever and going out of business - STAT
2020-05-18 20:38:05 Brazils Nurses Are Dying as Covid-19 Overwhelms Hospitals - WSJ
2020-05-18 06:38:04 Coronavirus: Hospitals in Brazil's So Paulo 'near collapse' - BBC News
2020-04-23 17:44:04 Coronavirus updates: House passes bill to aid small business, hospitals
2020-04-23 17:26:03 Coronavirus Not Reason To Skip Treatment, Mass. Hospitals Urge CBS Boston
2020-04-20 12:44:04 New York nurses sue state and two hospitals over ...
2020-04-17 14:00:04 Elon Musk says he sent ventilators to California hospitals, they say they got something else instead - CNN
2020-04-15 11:50:03 Smaller Hospitals In Chicago Can Have 2-Week Waits For COVID-19 Test Results CBS Chicago
2020-04-14 15:01:40 Coronavirus in Russia: Month after Putin declared COVID-19 "under control," Moscow hospitals are running out of beds - CBS News
2020-04-13 13:26:03 N.J. hospitals consider do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients to protect doctors, nurses -
2020-04-12 06:42:03 Opinion Life and Death as Hospitals Fight the Coronavirus in the Bronx - The New York Times
2020-04-11 13:28:03 Kremlin says Moscow hospitals flooded as coronavirus death ...
2020-04-07 18:40:12 Hospitals say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word

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