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2018-06-11 09:44:06 Crucial test of Ebola vaccine raises hopes, doubts in Congo
2018-05-22 08:32:09 Hollywood hopes for a rebound with a slew of summer blockbusters including 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' - LA Times
2018-05-11 16:20:05 Pompeo: US hopes to have NKorea as 'close partner' not enemy
2018-04-30 06:40:04 Israel hopes spy Pollard can emigrate for US embassy opening
2018-04-19 22:08:07 Rudy Giuliani joins Trump legal team, hopes to end Russia probe in a week or two
2018-04-13 09:50:04 Cambridge Analytica: Mayor hopes to put robots in charge to analyse data Daily Star
2018-03-31 09:46:05 Ready Player One Hopes For A High Score Over Easter Weekend: Box Office Deadline
2018-03-28 21:20:21 Victim's Family Hopes Chappaquiddick Film Will Reveal Truth on Ted Kennedy Crash
2018-03-24 11:22:04 Venezuela hopes to tackle the worlds worst inflation by deleting zeros from its currency - The Washington Post
2018-03-14 20:24:05 I would vote for him every time: Stormy Daniels mother hopes alleged affair doesnt hurt Trump Donald Trump Dallas News
2018-03-13 09:20:07 Home prices soar high as Federal Reserve hopes to avoid big crash TheHill
2018-03-10 20:40:04 Trump says he hopes Oprah runs: 'It would be a painful experience for her' TheHill
2018-03-03 12:22:05 New headaches for Trump's Mideast hopes as Netanyahu visits
2018-01-24 07:34:05 Comcast hopes for a TV windfall from Super Bowl, Olympics
2017-12-28 18:24:07 Grinchy glitch dashes familys hopes of Christmas Day lottery winnings
2017-12-25 21:40:05 In hopes of getting around federal law, immigrants seek governors' pardons to block deportation - LA Times
2017-12-24 09:50:05 Despite Trump hopes, US Russia relations get chilly - CNNPolitics
2017-11-30 07:30:22 Hopes increase for HIV vaccine SBS News
2017-11-09 07:56:05 50,000-year-old lion cub raises hopes of real-life JURASSIC PARK Daily Star
2017-10-30 14:48:05 George Papadopoulos sought dirt on Hillary in hopes of creating Trump-like dossier - Washington Times
2017-10-22 10:00:05 German zoo hopes to cure panda's bad walking habit with sex
2017-10-19 05:46:05 Discovery of lunar cave raises hopes for human colonization of moon.
2017-10-12 09:36:04 Czechs pin hopes on billionaire Babis to fix their country
2017-09-20 12:10:05 City hopes fencing stops disrobing of Confederate statues Local
2017-09-18 20:08:05 Antifa leader hopes for dead cops, while teaching cops for a living TheHill
2017-09-04 06:08:04 Hollywood Hopes It Can Pull Box Office Out of the Gutter - WSJ
2017-08-30 19:50:05 Trump pushes tax cuts, hopes he isnt disappointed by Congress - The Washington Post
2017-08-22 14:54:04 Tillerson hopes for opening after North Korea 'restraint'
2017-08-17 14:42:05 Mo. Senator Hopes Trump Is Assassinated The Daily Caller
2017-07-13 13:02:05 Man's BIG TOE is transplanted on to his HAND after his thumb was ripped off when he was trampled by cows (and he hopes to be back bull riding by Christmas)
2017-07-10 20:32:05 Research raises hopes for gonorrhea vaccine -
2017-07-06 08:06:13 Hopes of Trump bump for U.S. economy shrink as growth forecasts fade
2017-07-04 20:40:03 Report: Apple Hopes to Replace Fingerprints With a 3D Face Scanner on iPhone 8
2017-06-23 12:32:03 DC hopes grants, high-tech bins helps curb growing rat population WTOP
2017-06-03 09:34:02 Toyota-supported flying car hopes to light the Tokyo 2020 Olympic flame Reuters
2017-05-26 16:28:05 French winegrowers pin hopes on June bloom to save harvest - The Local
2017-05-24 10:10:05 Inmate Hopes to Dodge Death for 8th Time.(NYT)
2017-04-30 13:30:09 Apples $250 Billion Cash Pile Enlivens Hopes, Fuels Expectations - WSJ
2017-04-29 19:30:02 After a tumultuous start, Trump hopes for a smoother agenda on jobs and taxes - The Washington Post
2017-04-19 12:06:04 Marine Le Pens hopes of winning the French elections may rest with the youth The Washington Post
2017-04-18 19:50:08 On North Korea, Trump administration talks tough but hopes to avoid war - The Washington Post
2017-03-30 09:42:05 SpaceX hopes to launch a recycled rocket. Can it cut the turnaround to a couple days? - LA Times
2017-02-23 16:14:07 Sebastian Inlet District hopes to crack down on angry anglers
2017-02-02 08:36:04 US official hopes Trump border wall finished in two years
2017-01-22 16:48:07 Cubans Newly Blocked at Border Place Hopes in Trump.(NYT)
2017-01-21 09:08:04 Europe's nationalist leaders launch year of election hopes
2017-01-09 18:46:10 Clooney hopes Trump presidency won't spawn 'terrible things'
2016-12-15 16:02:05 DNC BATTLE: Establishment Hopes Perez Can Stop Ellison.(AP)
2016-12-01 08:40:07 Vladimir Putin says Russia hopes to 'normalise' relations with the United States
2016-11-13 09:24:02 Iran resort hopes relaxed rules will attract tourists

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