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2020-10-17 09:22:03 Hitler was exorcised by Pope Pius XII, new book reveals Barry Duke
2020-07-21 19:00:03 Hitler unmasked: CIA report reveals Nazis micropenis and twisted sexual desires World News
2020-06-09 12:02:04 'Miss Hitler' beauty pageant contestant jailed for part in neo-Nazi terror group - Mirror Online
2020-06-02 11:54:03 Stephen Colbert shockingly compares Trump to Hitler for retreating to underground bunker during George Floyd protests The US Sun
2020-02-04 10:48:03 Painting showing Hitler as Cain displayed in Berlin museum
2019-11-30 08:44:04 London attacker linked to jihadist group that admired Hitler
2019-11-22 22:42:03 Baron Cohen: Facebook would have let Hitler post anti-Semitic ads
2019-11-19 16:56:03 Hitler birth house in Austria to become police station
2019-11-15 16:06:04 Pope compares politicians who rage against gays to Hitler - Reuters
2019-11-06 08:34:03 Outrage grows over Hitler masks on sale in Prague - The Local
2019-10-16 09:08:03 Waititi takes on Nazis in 'Jojo Rabbit'... by playing Hitler
2019-09-05 16:44:03 Adolf Hitlers last living relative convicted of pedophilia
2019-08-19 07:06:04 VIDEO: High-School Students Sing Nazi Song, Give Hitler Salute.
2019-08-10 09:44:04 Pope Francis cautions against nationalism, says recent political rhetoric has echoed 'Hitler in 1934' TheHill
2019-05-20 08:48:04 Hasidic Teens Taunted In NYC: \'Allah Akbar,\' \'We Love Hitler\'.
2019-04-11 11:06:03 Bob Iger Calls for Civil Discourse, Warns "Hitler Would Have Loved Social Media" Hollywood Reporter
2019-02-10 07:40:03 Hitler paintings go unsold at Nuremberg auction - Washington Times
2019-02-07 07:42:02 Walmart sells Hitler & Nazi symbol pillow to Fresno CA priest The Fresno Bee
2019-01-27 12:18:03 Polish PM says Hitler's Germany responsible for Holocaust, not Nazis
2019-01-14 16:58:03 'Bolsonaro is Hitler!' Venezuela's Maduro exclaims amid Brazil spat Reuters
2018-12-31 11:24:05 France's Le Monde apologises for 'Hitlerian' Macron cover
2018-11-12 10:18:05 Far-right parents who named son after Hitler jailed in Britain
2018-10-31 20:14:05 Nazi skeletons saluting Hitler in concentration camp, neighbors outraged
2018-10-10 06:38:05 Flash - German historians accuse far right chief of echoing Hitler - France 24
2018-09-07 07:24:05 Michael Moore compares Trump to Hitler in new documentary Reuters
2018-08-27 22:28:04 SAfrica Civil War? White Farmers, \'Black Hitler\' Willing To Die Over Land.
2018-08-19 11:30:04 Hitler lookalike is among far-right mob marching through Berlin Daily Mail Online
2018-08-19 08:36:07 Hundreds of neo-Nazis, including a Hitler lookalike, march in Berlin The Times of Israel
2018-08-02 07:00:05 German youth leader says man who tried to kill Hitler is a TRAITOR Daily Star
2018-07-24 06:06:05 Israel news: Turkey's President Erdogan says Hitler's spirit has re-emerged in Jerusalem Daily Star
2018-07-07 12:14:47 Hitler speech transmitted over Chicago police radios
2018-06-24 13:00:08 PAPER: The strategic blunder of \'Trump-as-Hitler\'.
2018-06-15 20:24:04 The Hitler Of South Africa Tells White People, He Won't Kill Them...Yet! Zero Hedge
2018-06-02 12:22:10 Flash - German far-right leader sparks furore with Hitler remarks - France 24
2018-05-19 11:28:05 Hitler definitely died in 1945, according to new study of his teeth
2018-05-17 08:38:05 Austrian man jailed up for glorifying Nazism after cops found "joke" Hitler-branded wine in his home - Mirror Online
2018-04-28 11:50:04 Hacked electronic road sign reads 'Hail Hitler' in Arizona
2018-04-20 06:04:04 German neo-Nazis mass for festival on Hitler's birthday
2018-04-13 23:30:05 The Latest: Russian official likens Trump to Hitler - 4/13/2018 9:41:08 PM Newser
2018-04-04 10:14:04 'Roseanne' producer urges fans to ignore star's Hitler photo shoot
2018-04-02 14:16:08 Saudi Crown Prince: Iran's Supreme Leader 'Makes Hitler Look Good' - The Atlantic
2018-03-26 11:32:05 Turkey daily portrays Merkel as Hitler, decries 'Nazi mentality'
2018-03-21 12:02:15 Boris Johnson likens Putin's 2018 World Cup to Hitler's 1936 Olympics -Axios
2018-03-17 08:16:04 Indian Childrens Book Includes Hitler Among Great Leaders - The New York Times
2018-03-15 08:32:08 Why Saudi crown prince says Iran's leader is "much like Hitler" - CBS News
2018-03-01 07:26:04 Veteran singer Joan Baez muses on Trump ... and Hitler
2018-02-27 07:12:04 German village votes to keep 'Hitler bell' as memorial
2018-01-24 15:24:08 Erykah Badu Defends Hitler's Humanity The Daily Caller
2017-12-07 09:34:05 Obama Compares Trump to Hitler, Implies America Like 1930s Nazi Germany Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
2017-11-24 07:30:08 Saudi crown prince calls Iran's supreme leader 'new Hitler'

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