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2019-04-30 14:30:05 Schiff Hires Ex-Chief of FBI Financial Crimes Section.
2019-04-25 20:24:03 Biden campaign's top hires include onetime Harvey Weinstein adviser and former Bernie spokeswoman Daily Mail Online
2019-04-25 11:12:03 Biden hires strategist Symone Sanders, adds diversity to bid The Seattle Times
2019-03-05 12:20:04 Adam Schiff Hires a Former Prosecutor to Lead the Trump Investigation The New Yorker
2019-03-01 11:14:04 Bernie Sanders Hires Twice-Arrested Illegal Alien as Press Secretary
2019-03-01 08:04:04 Bernie Sanders hires illegal immigrant to be press secretary
2019-02-16 17:56:02 Jussie Smollett hires Michael Cohens criminal defense lawyer
2019-02-16 12:46:04 Jussie Smollett Hires Michael Cohen's Attorney Amid Attack Investigation
2019-02-13 14:56:03 School Hires Combat Vets With Rifles To \'Put Down\' Active Shooters.
2019-02-07 15:20:06 Trump furious after Schiff hires former NSC aides to help with probe - CNNPolitics
2019-02-04 11:26:04 SPLC Hires High-Powered Defamation Lawyer to Defend Its Tax-Exempt Status from Glen Keith Allens Powerful RICO Lawsuit
2019-01-28 17:34:03 Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz hires ex-Obama aide as communications advisor as he mulls running for president in 2020
2018-12-30 11:50:02 The man who could impeach Trump: Nancy Pelosi hires new top lawyer
2018-12-19 19:18:03 The GEMSTONE planet:Shimmering super-Earth 21 light years away could be made of sapphires and rubies Daily Mail Online
2018-11-21 21:28:12 Facebook hires DOJ lawyer Kate Patchen amid Trump antitrust concerns - Business Insider
2018-10-22 12:56:08 California company that hires protesters is accused of extortion The Sacramento Bee
2018-10-09 23:46:08 Sears Hires Advisers to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing - WSJ
2018-10-01 15:32:05 D.C. restaurant hires guards after anti-Kavanaugh crowd harasses Ted Cruz and wife Politics Dallas News
2018-09-25 13:58:05 GOP hires female attorney to question Kavanaugh accuser - POLITICO
2018-09-20 13:04:05 After 'Summer of Hell' New York Cardinal Hires Former Judge to Review Church Sex Abuse Policies - NBC New York
2018-08-22 16:22:04 Leslie Moonves Hires Lawyer Daniel Petrocelli for CBS Sexual Misconduct Probe Variety
2018-07-05 18:00:05 Michael Cohen hires Bill Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis - Business Insider
2018-06-02 08:58:06 Louis Vuitton fires, then hires shaman to prevent rain at fashion show
2018-05-03 11:08:14 Trump hires lawyer who represented Clinton in impeachment
2018-05-02 21:26:05 Trump hires lawyer who represented Clinton in impeachment.
2018-04-27 12:34:04 SMITHSONIAN Hires Robot Employee.
2018-04-11 17:30:07 Russian firm charged in election interference case hires attorneys - POLITICO
2018-04-09 14:24:05 Newsmax hires former Fox executive to run TV operations
2018-04-03 15:36:05 NASA Hires Lockheed Martin to Build Quiet Supersonic X-Plane
2018-03-16 21:08:07 Vanessa Trump hires criminal defense attorney for Donald Jr. divorce Page Six
2018-02-01 18:36:04 PolitiFact hires then fires Alan Grayson to be reader advocate - Orlando Sentinel
2018-01-18 15:34:04 US dad hires strippers to perform at sons 12th birthday Daily Mail Online
2017-09-21 13:36:05 Spain Hires Cruise Liner to House Police in Rebel Catalonia - Bloomberg
2017-08-21 13:04:05 Cosby Hires Michael Jackson\'s Lawyer for Retrial.
2017-08-07 07:44:04 'F*ck Zuck 2020' street art appears as Facebook founder hires Hillary strategist - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2017-08-05 19:06:05 Newest hires at factory in search of reliable workers: Robot 1 and Robot 2.
2017-08-04 18:42:10 Hillary Clinton Hires Two Former Campaign Aides For "Resistance" PAC
2017-08-02 18:40:07 Zuckerberg hires former Clinton pollster Joel Benenson - POLITICO
2017-07-10 20:40:07 Exclusive: Donald Trump Jr. hires N.Y. lawyer for Russia probes Reuters
2017-07-06 18:42:10 City of Hartford Hires Law Firm to Consider Bankruptcy Filing - WSJ
2017-06-20 19:42:01 Sessions hires his own lawyer TheHill
2017-06-20 12:30:02 Robert Mueller Hires Another Clinton Donor For Russia Probe The Daily Caller
2017-06-16 08:16:02 Robert Mueller expands special counsel office, hires 13 lawyers -
2017-06-15 19:50:02 Pence hires outside counsel to deal with Russia probe inquiries - The Washington Post
2017-05-25 16:18:05 Apple Hires Editor of Liberal New York Magazine for Apple News Need To Know Network
2017-04-11 18:16:09 Doctor dragged off United hires two sets of lawyers Daily Mail Online
2017-03-22 08:24:07 ICE agents outnumbered 5 to 11,000 illegals, cheer new Trump hires Washington Examiner
2017-02-20 19:38:07 Uber hires Eric Holder to lead sex harassment investigation - Axios
2017-02-06 19:42:21 David Beckham hires crack squad of cyber spooks to hunt down 1million email hacker - Mirror Online
2017-02-06 08:22:12 Uber Hires Veteran NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars - Bloomberg

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