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2019-08-09 13:08:03 UK power cut plunges Britain into darkness after National Grid outage sparks chaos on trains, tubes and traffic lights
2019-08-09 07:10:04 Gridlock at LaGuardia forces travelers to walk to terminals
2019-07-30 09:30:03 Hacked Highways? Connected Cars Could Gridlock Entire Cities, Study Warns
2019-07-15 19:54:03 New York City Blackout Caused by Power Grids Protection System Failing - WSJ
2019-06-17 06:54:04 Cyberattacks Make Smart Grids Look Pretty Dumb
2019-06-16 18:40:04 Trump calls newspaper report on Russia power grid 'treason'
2019-06-15 22:30:03 U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russias Power Grid
2019-06-15 16:54:03 U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russias Power Grid - World Crypto News
2019-06-14 20:30:03 Hackers That Took Down Saudi Oil Site Probing U.S. Power Grid - BNN Bloomberg
2019-05-24 10:52:04 Gridlock first, then down Impeachment Road - WND
2019-05-16 21:12:03 2019-2020 TV Schedule: Primetime Grid For Broadcast Network Season Deadline
2019-04-03 11:22:03 Truckers gridlocked at U.S.-Mexico line as border agents moved Reuters
2019-03-13 22:56:13 Venezuelan government investigates Guaido for 'sabotage' of power grid
2019-03-12 20:02:05 Americas Undersea Battle With China for Control of the Global Internet Grid - WSJ
2019-03-03 20:32:03 Amy Klobuchar mocks Robert Kraft at Gridiron Club dinner - Washington Times
2019-03-03 14:24:03 Ivanka Trump jokes at Gridiron dinner that being president's daughter is 'the hardest job in the world' TheHill
2019-02-11 07:14:03 Power grid serving 65 million may be at risk in East, Midwest TheHill
2018-12-22 13:46:06 Holiday-season gridlock in DC brings partial federal closure
2018-11-27 19:28:04 Lawmakers Gridlocked Over Wall Funding as Deadline Nears - WSJ
2018-11-21 16:47:55 CNN on Twitter: "Aerial footage shows traffic gridlock Tuesday night on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles as the Thanksgiving travel rush begins.Follow along here for live traffic updates from across the US throughout the holiday weekend:
2018-10-30 17:26:14 Progress? Gridlock? How midterm vote could affect US economy
2018-10-02 08:40:05 Inside Slab City: Military base turned home for off-grid living.Last free place.
2018-07-24 10:14:05 California Was Warned Months Ago Its Grid Could Buckle In The Heat. Now Its Happening The Daily Caller
2018-07-23 21:52:26 California power grid urges consumers to conserve energy in heat wave
2018-07-23 08:10:04 Power Grids Stretched as Deadly Heat Wave Scorches Asia - Bloomberg Quint
2018-07-06 09:56:04 Southern California's heat wave puts the power grid under pressure
2018-06-16 18:42:04 Nigeria's entire 200million population plunged in to darkness by power grid meltdown after nation watches World Cup defeat on TV
2018-06-13 08:10:06 Rocks Under I-95 Present Odd, and Scary, Threat to Power Grid - Bloomberg Quint
2018-06-02 10:22:05 How 'preppers' plan to survive off-the-grid in the event the nation's power supply fails Daily Mail Online
2018-05-27 22:14:05 Bitcoin backlash as miners suck up electricity, stress power grids in Central Washington The Seattle Times
2018-05-09 14:22:05 California grid operator sees tight power supplies for summer News The Mighty 790 KFGO
2018-03-27 12:58:05 U.S. Electric Grid Vulnerable to Unprecedented Waves of Attack
2018-03-17 08:48:05 Britain 'four meals away from anarchy' if cyber attack takes out power grid
2018-03-15 18:16:05 In a first, U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy grid Reuters
2018-03-07 18:18:07 European clocks slowed by lag in continent's power grid
2018-03-04 19:40:04 Read Trump's remarks at Gridiron dinner TheHill
2018-03-04 19:32:07 Italy elections deliver hung parliament, gridlock: exit polls
2018-03-04 14:00:08 The most memorable jokes from Trump's Gridiron dinner speech TheHill
2018-03-04 13:50:07 Trump Spends Night With Crazy Media at White-Tie Gridiron Dinner - Bloomberg
2018-03-04 13:36:08 After his debut, Trump says Gridiron gala was 'great fun'
2018-03-04 05:30:04 Trump puts aside the feud with media for a night at Gridiron The Kansas City Star
2018-02-19 14:14:14 Trump to break bread with reporters at Gridiron Dinner - CNNPolitics
2018-02-04 20:38:07 US Congress gridlocked as budget, immigration deadlines loom
2018-01-29 10:08:07 Cold winters are testing the limits of US energy grid TheHill
2018-01-24 21:56:13 University Under Fire For Off-The-Grid Herpes Vaccine Experiments Kaiser Health News
2018-01-19 21:34:14 We did it! Texas shatters record for winter electricity use, without swamping the grid Weather Dallas News
2018-01-11 17:22:31 Cryptocurrency mining puts electrical grid of small Washington state county 'to the test'
2018-01-02 22:34:07 Americas Power Grid Is Showing Signs of Strain During Brutal Cold - Bloomberg
2017-10-09 09:36:04 South Korea developing graphite 'blackout bombs' to paralyse North's electrical grid
2017-09-01 11:26:05 Power grid officials ask public to cut electrical use due to heat - SFGate

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