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2019-05-31 08:16:03 US stock futures fall after Trump announces tariffs on Mexican goods
2019-05-13 09:22:03 Dow futures fall nearly 500 points as China moves to retaliate on tariffs - MarketWatch
2019-05-13 08:04:03 Dow futures point to a 300-point drop after Trump warns China against retaliating in trade war
2019-01-28 09:30:02 Stocks futures fall to new lows after poor earnings outlooks from Caterpillar, Nvidia
2019-01-02 06:06:06 Stock markets: Dow futures fall after weak economic data in China
2018-12-28 06:34:04 US stocks and futures: Dow, S&P and Nasdaq on roller coaster week
2018-12-27 07:30:03 Futures on the back of Wednesday's Wall Street surge
2018-12-19 08:56:03 Futures climb, all eyes on Fed Reuters
2018-12-06 08:46:04 The stock selloff started with a mysterious fall in the futures
2018-12-05 22:18:04 Market sell-off set to continue as Dow futures get hit
2018-12-05 08:10:06 US futures following Tuesday's market rout stateside
2018-11-07 08:10:06 Stock market: Futures rise as Democrats win House, split Congress
2018-10-26 06:24:10 Stock market: US futures show drop for Dow
2018-10-25 09:26:05 Futures point to a rebound after the Dow's 600-point slide
2018-10-12 08:40:05 Dow futures point to more than 300-point jump, regaining some of this week's steep losses
2018-10-11 08:34:05 S&P 500 futures go positive after CPI data shows weaker inflation than expected
2018-07-07 12:24:05 The political futures of McCarthy and Pelosi could hinge on their home state of California - Laredo Morning Times
2018-06-19 06:14:07 Trade Watch: US futures slide as Trump ratchets up the pressure on China with additional tariffs
2018-04-25 07:12:11 Futures indicate another rough day ahead for stocks following Dow's 400-point drop Tuesday
2018-04-04 06:10:17 US futures indicate a triple-digit loss at the open as China announces new tariffs
2018-03-26 08:18:05 US futures point to a triple-digit rise at the open, as trade concerns ease
2018-03-23 08:08:05 Dow futures erase large overnight deficit, now point to higher open
2018-03-07 06:12:07 Stock futures point to sharply lower opening after Wall Street-friendly Cohn resigns
2018-02-20 06:54:05 Dow futures drop 200 points as rates rise; Walmart falls after earnings
2018-02-14 09:12:07 Futures sink as strong inflation data raises rate hike fears
2018-02-14 08:44:04 Futures sink as CPI data raises inflation fears Reuters
2018-02-04 18:22:05 Dow futures slide 209 points as Wall Street adds to Friday's losses
2018-02-02 08:52:05 U.S. stock-index futures extended losses after jobs report - MarketWatch
2018-01-30 09:18:05 Dow futures drop 227 points as sell-off continues for a second day
2018-01-02 08:54:04 US stock futures: data, Dow, tax, politics on the agenda
2017-12-18 09:02:07 Dow futures rise 150 points as tax plan optimism boosts sentiment
2017-12-10 08:18:04 Bitcoin Futures Launch Stokes Fears of Manipulation, Hacks, Glitches - WSJ
2017-12-04 07:10:07 Dow futures surge 222 points as US tax plan sign-off lifts sentiment
2017-10-24 08:04:05 Dow futures rise 133 points after strong earnings from Caterpillar and 3M
2017-08-14 08:30:05 Dow futures jump 94 points as geopolitical tensions ease
2017-03-27 08:22:13 Dow futures slide 150 points as global markets fall on Trumps health-care failure
2016-12-16 08:52:05 Futures higher; Dow marches toward 20,000 mark Reuters
2016-11-10 08:14:02 U.S. Stock Futures Signal Dow Will Rise to Record on Trump Bets - Bloomberg
2016-11-08 23:42:03 SHOCK: Fears of Clinton Loss Plunge Dow Futures 700 Points!
2016-11-08 21:34:03 STOCK FUTURES PLUNGE
2016-02-11 08:32:02 Futures slump as global growth worries resurface
2016-02-11 07:58:03 Dow futures plunge nearly 300 as Europe tanks; 10-year breaks below 1.6%
2016-02-03 14:26:07 Futures Jump After Bill Dudley Hints At Fed Policy Error, Warns Of Significant Consequences From Strong Dollar
2016-01-04 09:04:02 U.S. stocks; Dow futures plunge more than 300 points as China fears return - MarketWatch
2015-09-22 09:12:03 U.S. stocks: Dow futures slide more than 270 points - MarketWatch
2015-09-04 09:14:03 U.S. stock futures extend losses after jobs report - MarketWatch
2015-09-04 08:42:03 Dow futures fall 200 points after jobs number miss, wages tick up
2015-09-04 08:22:03 Drop in U.S. Stock Futures Signals Anxiety Over Payrolls Report - Bloomberg Business
2015-09-01 08:52:03 Dow futures tumble more than 380 points amid China data jitters

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