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2019-02-26 11:36:06 New fitness test presents challenges for Army Guard Fox News
2018-11-26 17:26:04 Air Force base defenders upgrade weapons, training and fitness standards to meet near-peer threats
2018-11-25 09:48:04 Houston Realtor faces backlash for using half-naked fitness models to promote home - Houston Chronicle
2018-10-18 11:20:33 127 cases of polio-like illness under investigation, CDC says Health, Medicine and Fitness
2018-08-06 13:58:05 Pentagon restricts use of fitness trackers, other devices
2018-07-30 06:22:05 Where Churches Have Become Temples of Cheese, Fitness and Eroticism ::
2018-07-23 21:42:04 Man arrested for exercising naked at Planet Fitness gym
2018-07-21 14:58:07 Michael Cohen privately questions Trump's fitness to be president -Axios
2018-06-02 09:44:05 Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Man Doing \'Ritualistic Dance\' With Snake In PLANET FITNESS Parking Lot.
2018-05-22 08:54:05 Dangerous Side Effects Reported From Fitness Trackers.
2018-04-19 11:16:05 L.A. Fitness fires 3 workers after black men get kicked out of N.J. gym
2018-04-05 22:22:05 In L.A. today, fitness can mean IV drips, vitamin shots and a daily freeze at -292 degrees
2018-04-04 12:24:04 Furious at YouTube, passionate about fitness and veganism: Shooter left a bewildering profile
2018-02-08 13:32:04 Woman Secretly Living In Fitness Center Found Dead In Club Pool.
2018-01-08 06:08:05 Trump Medical Exam Comes as Critics Question Fitness for Office - Bloomberg
2018-01-06 14:12:07 Trump boasts that hes like, really smart and a very stable genius amid questions over his mental fitness - The Washington Post
2018-01-05 17:04:04 Life Time fitness chain blacks out all-news TV channels -
2017-12-22 13:32:08 Navy grants fitness amnesty to 48,000 sailors who failed test
2017-12-21 12:04:05 South Korea gym fire: 28 dead as inferno engulfs Jecheon fitness centre Daily Star
2017-11-27 06:18:05 Man's death linked to protein powder but is the fitness product safe? Daily Star
2017-11-23 06:54:05 Strong is the new skinny: the rise of female bodybuilders and their modern fitness ideal
2017-11-17 00:56:08 Pelosi suffers brain freeze - while questioning Trump's 'fitness' to be president! - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2017-11-08 17:14:05 Mile-high musicals and fitness tests: The wacky new world of in-flight entertainment - MarketWatch
2017-09-30 10:50:07 'It's intoxicating I became obsessed': has fitness gone too far? Life and style The Guardian
2017-08-24 11:30:05 Hulk Lou Ferrigno set to take job on Trump Fitness Council Daily Mail Online
2017-08-23 00:28:07 James Clapper: I Question Trump's Fitness, Wonder If He Is "Looking For A Way Out" Video RealClearPolitics
2017-07-27 10:36:05 HIIT: is the fitness scene's biggest fad doing more harm than good?
2017-07-04 14:20:02 Kucinich rips Dems for proposal to examine Trump's mental fitness Fox News
2017-06-21 21:52:02 Exploding cream dispenser kills French fitness blogger - BBC News
2017-05-09 08:16:16 Is the revenge body the worst fitness fad to date?
2017-04-16 21:12:04 10,000 steps-per-day fitness fad \'arbtirary goal\'.
2017-04-10 19:02:07 From heart failure to health: Pump shown to restore organ to fitness
2017-01-22 13:04:12 A bizarre new fitness trend is sweeping the nation - where participants exercise completely NAKED
2017-01-09 11:20:04 'Weekend Warriors' reap significant health benefits with fitness blitz
2016-12-19 08:04:05 Fitness tracker Christmas 2016 could bump up insurance premiums and leak personal data on the dark web
2016-11-25 10:36:04 Naked exercise isn't just for exhibitionists - it's a growing fitness trend - The i newspaper online iNews
2016-11-16 10:18:03 Crawling has some fitness experts going gaga -
2016-10-20 08:52:19 ARMY Refuses To Pay Medical Bills After Soldier Has Heart Attack During Fitness Test.
2016-10-13 11:40:05 Apple Watch Is the Most Precise of Fitness Trackers
2016-10-10 12:00:05 Could You Pass A 1902 Fitness Test?
2016-09-20 19:46:39 Fitness Trackers Didn't Help People Lose Weight : Shots - Health News : NPR
2016-08-29 10:38:39 Chicago begins building 'fitness tracker' to check its vitals
2016-08-24 16:28:44 McDonald's recalls 29 million fitness trackers amid burn reports
2016-08-08 15:48:41 Spooked by obesity trends, the U.S. military is redefining its basic fitness standards
2016-07-18 12:02:40 Many fitness trackers leak personal data: study
2016-06-17 09:08:39 The new fitness trend sweeping the UK sees women SCREAMING and popping balloons bearing their angry words
2016-06-05 19:08:38 Trial to investigate link between weight, fitness and cancer recurrence Society The Guardian
2016-06-01 11:12:38 Why 40 is the new age of fitness
2016-05-25 19:18:38 Power Plant Fitness pot-friendly gym opening in San Francisco - Tech Insider
2016-05-17 11:58:38 Forest bathing is latest fitness trend to hit U.S. Where yoga was 30 years ago - The Washington Post

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