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2019-06-15 13:42:04 WATCH: Glenn Greenwald Explains the Political Earthquake in Brazil Caused by Our Ongoing Exposs
2019-06-13 10:58:04 Jessica Biel, facing criticism, explains why she is against California vaccine bill - Los Angeles Times
2019-04-12 11:48:03 Trump explains why he wanted Ivanka to lead World Bank
2019-02-27 21:36:04 Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains Deboosting, Troll Report, & Political Targeting in Video Interview Project Veritas
2019-02-15 08:48:06 Man explains how he killed mountain lion with bare hands.
2019-02-15 06:42:03 Travis Kauffman explains how he killed a mountain lion with his bare hands
2019-02-01 13:36:03 AP Explains: Why Congo's Ebola outbreak still going strong
2019-01-07 22:30:04 AP Explains: Can Trump use an emergency to build his wall?
2018-12-19 21:32:04 Facebook explains how Netflix, Spotify, and others used info
2018-11-25 22:36:04 Jane Wong explains why she uncovers hidden app features that tech giants like Facebook want to keep secret South China Morning Post
2018-10-17 11:30:07 Engineer who railed against liberal culture explains why he quit.
2018-10-11 10:20:19 Camille Paglia Explains Why Feminism Is The Collapse Of Western Civilization - MGTOW - YouTube
2018-10-05 20:02:05 Manchin drowned out by protesters as he explains vote TheHill
2018-09-10 08:32:04 Shhhh! Dem leaders don't want to say 'impeach.' Bill Clinton's case explains why.
2018-08-17 17:28:07 New Mexico man explains how he survived a bear attack
2018-07-16 11:50:04 Nancy Pelosi: Russia has something on Trump, explains 'his refusal to stand up to Putin' at summit - Washington Times
2018-05-15 11:04:07 Spike Lee Denounces 'That Motherf--er' Trump, Explains Charlottesville Scenes in 'BlacKkKlansman'
2018-02-22 22:34:11 Colton Haab Explains CNN Town Hall Scripted Questions on Tucker Carlson Mediaite
2018-02-19 23:02:05 Frances McDormand explains wearing pink to BAFTAs 2018 Daily Mail Online
2018-02-15 07:48:05 Sharyl Attkisson Explains the Origins of the 2016 'Fake News' Narrative
2018-01-06 16:36:04 How 'wi-fi' connects human brains and explains why people have 'gut feelings'
2017-12-29 09:40:07 Black Mirror creator explains Metalhead robot nightmare
2017-12-25 21:32:05 Navy explains 'inadvertent' tweet about Julian Assange TheHill
2017-11-20 20:52:06 Bill Belichick on DHK explains why he's in no rush to play game in Mexico City again WEEI
2017-11-17 01:02:05 USA TODAY exclusive: Patriots' Tom Brady explains why he's sharp as ever
2017-11-15 08:38:05 Alec Baldwin explains why he thinks Trump deserves mocking Daily Mail Online
2017-10-13 14:36:11 Jimmy Fallon explains: Trump news often 'too serious' to joke about
2017-09-12 12:56:04 ESPN reporter explains Monday Night Football debacle New York Post
2017-09-11 10:48:06 WATCH: Photographer Explains How CBS Uses Color Adjustments To Make Steve Bannon 'Look Bad' On 60 Minutes
2017-07-24 14:58:07 Democrats face two problems, its national chairman explains
2017-04-06 20:00:04 Hillary Clinton Explains Why She Really Lost to Trump - NBC News
2017-04-04 08:02:15 Cernovich Explains How He Learned About Story.
2017-03-27 12:28:04 Devin Nunes Explains His White House Visit - Bloomberg View
2017-03-24 10:40:05 In fullest statement yet on hacking controversy, Roger Stone explains what happened -- and what didn't Miami Herald
2016-12-17 13:00:10 China says it will return underwater U.S. drone, explains seizure
2016-12-05 12:36:02 Trump Explains Why He Tweets So Much
2016-11-30 19:40:07 Jill Stein explains rationale of Michigan presidential recount request
2016-11-25 11:16:07 Science Explains Your Thanksgiving Food Coma
2016-11-12 00:58:05 Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe Explains Why Trump Won
2016-10-29 06:20:04 In Leaked Memo, James Comey Explains Why FBI Told Congress About Reopened Clinton Probe
2016-10-15 13:26:04 Bills Ex Explains Why Hillary Attracts Flies
2016-10-12 08:32:13 Professor explains the rise of 'precious snowflakes' cites narcissism, over-nurturing - The College Fix
2016-09-30 07:44:39 Tim Burton Explains Why 'Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children' Features A Predominantly White Cast
2016-09-24 08:06:04 Ameriphobia: Filmmaker Explains Hillarys Fear Of America
2016-09-05 09:06:03 Blunt Language Goldman Explains Why It Is So Confident The Fed Will Hike In Under 3 Weeks
2016-08-27 11:08:43 Colin Kaepernick explains protest of national anthem -
2016-08-04 14:12:44 'Ben-Hur' 2016 vs. 'Ben-Hur' 1959: New Director Explains the Differences Hollywood Reporter
2016-07-26 00:16:04 Exclusive Video: Clinton Delegate Explains How Democrats Will Ban All Guns
2016-07-25 18:42:45 Exclusive Video: Clinton Delegate Explains how Democrats Will Ban All Guns Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
2016-07-13 08:30:51 Republican Senator Jeff Flake Explains Why Trump Cant Win Vanity Fair

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