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2018-06-17 07:38:05 Boston Globe suspends columnist accused of embellishing Boston Marathon bombings story Boston Herald
2018-05-07 21:22:05 Bret Easton Ellis Warns More Celebrities Will Red Pill la Kanye West Observer
2018-05-07 17:50:05 Keith Ellison sports 'I don't believe in borders' T-shirt
2018-04-25 10:08:02 Bret Easton Ellis Less Than Zero in Development as Hulu Series Variety
2018-04-20 09:18:05 BOSTON GLOBE Columnist Under Review Over \'Embellished\' Marathon Bombing Columns.
2018-02-18 21:44:05 North Korean athletes at Winter Olympics desperate to avoid hellish GULAG fate of 1966 World Cup squad
2018-02-12 12:36:04 Ellison Attended Private Dinner With Iranian President and Louis Farrakhan in 2013
2018-02-12 09:02:08 Inside Facebook's Hellish Two Yearsand Mark Zuckerberg's Struggle to Fix it All WIRED
2018-01-30 08:26:04 Nellis sergeant's profane rant against colleagues spurs investigation - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper
2018-01-03 23:00:23 EASTON ELLIS: TOP MOVIES \'17.
2017-12-19 05:52:04 Movie of the Year: Bret Easton Ellis on the Many Pleasures of 'Call Me by Your Name' Out Magazine
2017-11-13 21:26:07 HARD TIME: Inmates sue ver \'hellish\' conditions; Heat, mold, rats and spiders.
2017-11-02 11:26:08 Outrage as Dutch TV show Raped or Not? that invites panellists to decide if woman is sex attack victim is set to air in wake of Weinstein scandal
2017-09-14 16:40:04 Keith Ellison Flack Mocks Jewish Reporter as 'Anti-Semitic Caricature'
2017-08-21 18:02:08 Ellison: Pelosi Supports Single-Payer The Daily Caller
2017-08-03 09:36:04 Bret Easton Ellis Finds Stephen Miller 'Completely Compelling,' Wants to Write a Novel About Him
2017-07-11 21:26:10 Midlothian woman ran Medicaid scam from federal prison, officials say Ellis County Dallas News
2017-03-28 15:38:04 Bret Easton Ellis: Lena Dunham, Barbra Streisand Blame Trump for Own 'Neuroses'
2017-02-22 07:54:17 Ellison holds edge in DNC race TheHill
2017-02-03 08:16:04 Bret Easton Ellis: Trump is president, get over it - The Irish News
2017-01-04 08:50:03 Van Jones: Muslim Keith Ellison Future of the Democratic Party
2016-12-15 16:02:05 DNC BATTLE: Establishment Hopes Perez Can Stop Ellison.(AP)
2016-12-08 17:22:07 Ellison's DNC Chair Bid Regains Steam as New Challenger Looms - NBC News
2016-12-08 17:22:07 Ellison Says He'll Resign From Congress If Elected DNC Head - ABC News
2016-12-01 15:58:06 Listening more. Talking less. Keith Ellison Medium
2016-12-01 15:38:07 Keith Ellison's Saudi Arabia Trip Included Meetings With Radical Cleric
2016-12-01 15:36:07 Anti-Defamation League: Ellison's past remarks about Israel 'disqualifying' TheHill
2016-12-01 15:36:07 Rep. Keith Ellison faces renewed scrutiny over past ties to Nation of Islam, defense of anti-Semitic figures -
2016-09-15 11:28:40 'American Psycho' Author Bret Easton Ellis Reads Monologue Blasting SJWs, BLM Pandering, Political Correctness - Breitbart
2016-08-03 12:22:42 Read Bret Easton Ellis' excoriating monologue on social justice warriors and political correctness Culture The Independent
2016-05-18 17:10:38 Kerry to State Department Staff on Iran Deal: 'Embellish it a Little Bit For the Grandchildren' The Weekly Standard
2016-05-13 11:14:02 Trumps Wall No Different Than Ellis Island
2016-04-27 19:02:02 Mark Zuckerberg Gains $4 Billion To Become World's Sixth Richest Person Ahead Of Larry Ellison
2016-04-19 19:48:04 Bret Easton Ellis Takes In \'AMERICA PSYCHO\' the Musical.(NY Times)
2016-04-13 12:18:02 Larry Ellisons Private Eden Is Open for Business - Bloomberg
2016-03-16 21:18:03 BOOM: Ellison Makes $1 Billion Overnight.Overtakes Zuckerberg as 6th Richest.
2016-02-21 07:54:03 Bret Easton Ellis on Twitter: "Just back from a dinner in West Hollywood: shocked the majority of the table was voting for Trump but they would never admit it publicly."
2016-02-20 18:50:03 Larry Ellison gives another $1 million to boost Rubio.
2015-12-29 10:48:02 Bret Easton Ellis on Twitter: "Best Movies that were released theatrically in the U.S. in 2015:"
2015-12-14 12:34:03 Undocumented Teens Spend First Night In Ellis County CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
2015-12-13 09:06:34 At first stop on Europes refugee trail, a 21st-century Ellis Island is born - The Washington Post
2015-12-11 09:42:03 Bret Easton Ellis on James Deen Rape Claims: "A Ridiculous Witch Hunt" (Exclusive) - Hollywood Reporter
2015-12-08 11:42:03 EASTON ELLIS: LIVING IN CULT OF LIKABILITY.Desire to be accepted; Enslaved to corporate staus quo.Anyone resisting groupthink ruthlessly shamed.(NY Times)
2015-10-26 08:54:03 Bret Easton Ellis on Twitter: "Dinner with a filmmaker/cinephile last night and we both agreed: 2015 is the worst year EVER for American film. An infection has arrived..."
2015-07-13 06:48:12 GMOs Montier Shifts To 50% Cash, Sees 3 Hellish Scenarios For Markets
2015-06-20 21:24:03 A Hectic Day at Church, and Then a Hellish Visitor Arrived.(NY Times)
2015-06-03 12:04:03 Orpheus :: A Film by Bret Easton Ellis on Vimeo

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