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2018-10-11 08:26:05 Suspect dressed all in black and carrying a rifle is arrested in Malibu Park Daily Mail Online
2018-09-05 10:24:04 Thirty years at Vogue: how Anna Wintour changed the way the world gets dressed Fashion The Guardian
2018-07-19 15:30:05 An Aide To The French President Was Filmed Assaulting A Protester While Dressed In Riot Gear
2018-05-01 14:22:04 School to hand out 'Modesty Ponchos' for teens dressed inappropriately for prom - Story WJBK
2018-04-25 19:52:05 Witness says man dressed like "ninja" ran toward the Scott County Courthouse - OURQUADCITIES
2018-04-25 10:44:06 Disturbing video shows performing monkey dressed up as blonde doll and cruelly chained to side of road in Indonesia - Mirror Online
2018-02-14 21:32:12 Reported Florida Shooter Dressed as Communist, Supported ISIS Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
2018-01-25 12:52:04 Suspect Dressed As Mailman Robs, Duct Tapes Victim.
2017-12-24 15:00:04 Suspicious Package Addressed to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Contained Horse Manure: Officials - NBC Southern California
2017-10-03 17:32:06 Knoxville man dressed as pirate arrested for burglary WATE 6 On Your Side
2017-09-29 16:52:05 Massachusetts librarian who compared Dr. Seuss books to 'blackface minstrelsy' once dressed as Cat in the Hat
2017-09-26 22:32:13 Police: Armed Robber Dressed As Coke Bottle The Smoking Gun
2017-09-10 11:20:10 People dressed as clowns have been lurking in cinemas to see It... and viewers are freaking out
2017-08-29 09:36:05 Women dressed as nuns attempt to rob Poconos bank
2017-08-07 16:48:04 'Driverless' Van in Virginia Is Driven by Man Dressed Like a Car Seat - NBC4 Washington
2017-06-27 21:46:02 Australia outrage over kangaroo shot dead, dressed in leopard-print
2017-06-14 14:02:02 Interest rates addressed at Fed meeting with Janet Yellen
2017-06-06 23:42:02 Jeremy Corbyn addressed rally attended by extremists Daily Mail Online
2017-05-16 22:04:04 Police seek man dressed as giant penis who witnessed city centre attack
2017-05-09 19:40:10 Michael S. Schmidt on Twitter: "Comey learned of firing as he addressed FBI employees in LA. TV screens in background flashed news of firing. Letter was then given to FBI."
2017-04-06 15:52:05 Man dressed as knight refuses to drop samurai sword despite Plano police commands Crime Dallas News
2017-04-04 19:36:04 Designer Who Dressed Melania Trump for White House Portrait Tells Critics to 'Go to Hell'
2017-03-25 08:34:05 Virginia police arrest sword-wielding man dressed as the Joker - ABC News
2017-03-10 17:32:04 Priest who dressed up as Hugh Hefner and simulated sex with male playboy bunnies seeks forgiveness - The Local
2017-03-06 10:24:04 Armed Men Dressed As Clowns Terrify Children Playing Hide-And-Seek In Woods.
2017-01-29 19:40:04 HORROR: 4 Men Dressed Up As Animals, Raped Young Boy At Sex Parties, Cops Claim.
2016-12-31 20:00:05 Istanbul terror attack: 35 killed as gunman 'dressed as Santa' opens fire at nightclub in Turkey
2016-12-31 19:48:04 Gunmen dressed in Santa costumes.
2016-12-24 11:16:07 Man dressed as ISIS fighter tests German border after Berlin attack World News Daily Express
2016-10-30 20:54:02 Man dressed as Freddy Krueger shoots five at Halloween party
2016-09-20 19:38:42 Teens dressed as clowns charged with making terroristic threats against students
2016-09-15 11:46:40 Bizarre epidemic of men dressed as clowns threatening to abduct children sweeps USA - as cops warn terrified parents to be on alert
2016-08-25 08:44:56 Man dressed as Batman/Captain America steals beer - Story
2016-06-10 15:18:40 iHeist: Thief Dressed Like Apple Employee Lifts $16K in iPhones
2016-06-08 16:36:38 Gunmen dressed as ultra-Orthodox Jews kill three people and wound nine others in Tel Aviv shooting Daily Mail Online
2016-06-07 10:22:38 This is what Meryl Streep looks like dressed as Donald Trump
2016-06-06 12:34:02 Facebook Officially Addressed conspiracy theory About Listening to Your Phone Calls
2016-05-19 16:12:38 Unaddressed, superbugs could kill 'every 3 seconds' by 2050, report suggests Fox News
2016-04-18 20:10:03 YouTuber Walks into Womens Bathroom Dressed as Transgender Female
2016-03-29 15:40:04 Santa Barbara actor dressed as Jesus falls 13ft off cross during reenactment Daily Mail Online
2016-03-25 13:24:03 For party, French Jew goes to synagogue dressed as jihadist
2016-03-07 13:36:07 Father is hospitalised by 'Sharia patrol' in Austria after he told them to stop threatening his wife and daughter for not being properly dressed as fears rise of no-go areas in Vienna Daily Mail Online
2016-02-26 14:32:03 Pony dressed as unicorn leads Calif. authorities on wild chase
2016-02-08 09:30:02 Alabama Man Dressed In Clown Costume Arrested For Drunk Driving The Smoking Gun
2016-01-13 15:32:02 Marvel-dressed robbers try to steal ATM in Brevard County
2015-12-31 07:48:04 America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed
2015-11-19 13:10:03 LAX police search for man dressed as pilot near JetBlue flight - LA Times
2015-10-27 08:18:04 Man Dressed As Batman Accused Of Committing Crime Spree In O.C. CBS Los Angeles

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