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2019-05-13 21:54:04 Will political correctness kill classic movies? TheHill
2018-12-06 08:36:04 Police Arrest Leader of Dutch Yellow Vests Ahead of Nationwide Protests Against Political Correctness
2018-06-15 09:04:52 Fox News Poll: Political correctness has gone too far, NFL fumbling Fox News
2018-04-23 09:02:04 MEL BROOKS: \'I\'ve Never Been Fan of Political Correctness\'.
2017-12-26 09:48:05 Sign a contract before sex? Political correctness could destroy passion RT Op-Edge
2017-10-31 12:44:05 Poll: 71% of Americans Say Political Correctness Has Silenced Discussions Society Needs to Have, 58% Have Political Views Theyre Afraid to Share Cato @ Liberty
2017-06-04 09:30:02 Trump urges end to political correctness in wake of London attack
2017-05-22 08:22:07 Clint Eastwood: Political correctness would stop Dirty Harry being made today
2017-03-24 08:20:05 A Homeland Security Official Came to Warn Us About Workplace Shootings and Political Correctness
2017-01-13 15:14:07 Overwrought Political Correctness Helped Trump Win - SPIEGEL ONLINE
2016-11-21 12:20:04 Clint Eastwood: 'Too many people are labelled heroes because of political correctness' - Mirror Online
2016-10-01 13:36:05 Political Correctness Kills Thought
2016-09-15 11:28:40 'American Psycho' Author Bret Easton Ellis Reads Monologue Blasting SJWs, BLM Pandering, Political Correctness - Breitbart
2016-08-03 12:22:42 Read Bret Easton Ellis' excoriating monologue on social justice warriors and political correctness Culture The Independent
2016-07-21 03:40:04 VIDEO: Political Correctness Kills
2016-07-18 14:32:04 VIDEO: Political Correctness Kills
2016-07-17 06:52:04 Poland: Multiculturalism, Immigration, Political Correctness Responsible For Nice Attacks
2016-07-13 13:12:03 Best Political Correctness Rant Of The Year
2016-06-30 13:18:03 Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Political Correctness
2016-06-16 12:20:03 Former CIA Head: Political Correctness Hampering Anti-Terror Strategy
2016-06-13 05:40:03 Co-Worker Reported Nightclub Killer; Ignored Because of Political Correctness
2016-06-06 12:34:02 Govt Pushing New Religion Of Political Correctness
2016-04-24 08:26:05 Trump: Dumping Jackson From $20 Bill Is About Pure Political Correctness
2016-04-21 11:42:04 Trump: Dumping Jackson From $20 Bill Is About Pure Political Correctness
2016-04-21 10:24:04 Donald Trump Says Harriet Tubman on $20 Is 'Pure Political Correctness' NBC New York
2016-04-06 14:26:03 Paul Gottfried on Why Political Correctness Is Political
2016-03-18 17:36:03 FLASHBACK: George Carlin Bashes Political Correctness
2016-03-08 17:12:03 Diner offers Dictator Obama breakfast special, political correctness talking points Fox News
2016-03-04 11:48:06 How The Mafia Used Political Correctness In The 70s
2016-02-25 13:40:03 Political Correctness Video Shames White People!
2016-02-03 14:42:08 John Cleese: Political Correctness Will Lead To 1984 Nightmare
2016-02-02 07:52:04 John Cleese: Political Correctness Will Lead To An Orwellian Nightmare
2016-01-04 21:54:02 Why Trump may be winning the war on political correctness - The Washington Post
2015-11-26 11:12:07 The War On Political Correctness
2015-11-24 16:11:03 Political Correctness Goes To War on American History The National Interest
2015-11-11 11:22:13 How YOU Can Stop Political Correctness Watch & Learn!
2015-11-10 14:10:04 MAG: Can We Start Taking Political Correctness Seriously Now?
2015-11-02 17:28:19 Political Correctness Has Peaked National Review Online
2015-10-31 09:34:09 The Truth About Political Correctness
2015-10-11 16:06:16 political correctness as a manipulative tool to centralize power
2015-09-15 19:46:05 Civilities: The current rage about political correctness is both wrong and rude - The Washington Post
2015-07-30 10:56:07 encourage censorious codes of political correctness
2014-10-16 19:15:04 Ebola: Political correctness could kill a lot of us
2014-10-16 19:12:04 Ebola: Political correctness could kill a lot of us
2014-10-02 21:48:08 Rand Paul: Political Correctness Hindering Scientific Decisions On Ebola Outbreak
2014-02-20 07:06:06 The Twisted Motives Behind Political Correctness
2013-10-04 16:30:03 Fear the finger gun: Political correctness ensures little boys never grow into alpha males
2013-09-10 10:36:05 POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Wisconsin golf course apologizes for $9.11 rate on 9/11 anniversary.
2013-05-01 13:11:44 RGIII: Americans 'Held Hostage By Tyranny Of Political Correctness'...
2013-05-01 10:07:11 RGIII: Americans 'Held Hostage By The Tyranny Of Political Correctness'...

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