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2019-01-12 10:40:03 CDC: Superbug involved in Tijuana bariatric surgery infections showed concerning mutation - The San Diego Union-Tribune
2018-11-08 21:00:04 Matt Whitaker Called Political Makeup Of Mueller Grand Juries Concerning The Daily Caller
2018-09-13 17:50:05 Feinstein says she referred letter concerning Kavanaugh to federal investigators - The Washington Post
2018-05-04 11:18:05 UNITED Apologizes For \'Concerning Incident\' With \'Out Of Control\'.
2018-03-23 12:36:06 Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "News conference at the White House concerning the Omnibus Spending Bill. 1:00 P.M."
2017-10-18 07:06:05 Economist lays out a concerning trend for Apple stock
2017-03-24 11:24:05 Nunes Calls Comey, Rogers For "Closed Session" After Finding "Concerning Info" In Intel Reports Zero Hedge
2016-07-14 19:24:40 Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "In light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow's news conference concerning my Vice Presidential announcement."
2016-06-06 13:48:39 Yellen: Weak jobs report "concerning"
2016-01-29 12:14:08 Canadian Liberals Committed to Saudi Arms Deal Even after Concerning UN Report, Dion Says
2014-09-02 15:18:05 Rick Perry Deletes Truthful Tweet Concerning Indictment Witch Hunt
2014-02-14 11:03:08 Police Using Data Concerning Lawful Gun Ownership to Ratchet Up Scrutiny, Escalate Tactics
2013-12-11 17:48:06 Cruz: 'Deeply Concerning'.
2013-05-15 11:31:19 Tuesday: Nightly News. The White House Knows "Nothing" concerning the DOJ's seizure of AP Records? Highly Incompetent or Just Another Cover Up?
2013-05-01 19:11:54 That’s A Lot Of Look: Rihanna’s Legs Are Concerning Me
2013-04-30 13:09:42 Barnes & Noble's excellent filing with the FTC and DOJ concerning the problems of today's patent system
2013-04-19 13:08:53 Megaupload Points Out That The DOJ Has Contradicted Itself Concerning Legality Of Serving Megaupload
2013-03-19 16:10:25 La Toya Jackson Says Omarosa Comments Concerning Michael...
2013-03-01 13:09:50 Kim Dotcom Loses Appeal Concerning Extradition
2013-02-21 16:07:21 White House Petition Concerning Legality Of Unlocking Phones Passes The Magic 100,000 Mark
2013-02-06 16:08:29 a DMCA takedown notice concerning ten posts they had done about researcher Anil Potti
2013-01-17 10:10:40 Carmen Ortiz Releases Totally Bogus Statement Concerning The Aaron Swartz Prosecution
2012-12-28 16:11:19 EPIC Sues CIA For Release Of Documents Concerning Domestic Spying It Swears It's Not Doing
2012-10-30 16:09:50 Supreme Court Puzzles: How There Can Be Oversight Concerning Warrantless Wiretapping If No One Can Sue?
2012-10-12 13:07:50 Over 19,000 Emails Sent Concerning UK 'Snooper's Charter' -- Not A Single One In Support Of It
2012-09-25 07:08:54 Garbage In, Garbage Out On Studies Concerning Which Countries 'Lead' In Education
2012-08-20 07:07:29 concerning re-exams
2012-08-15 01:09:25 Rojadirecta Points Court To FlavaWorks Ruling Concerning Infringement On Linking Sites
2012-07-05 15:38:38 Google Works Out Deal Concerning 'Jew' Suggestions In France
2012-06-26 11:08:02 The White House Wants To Hear From You Concerning Its Strategy For Intellectual Property Enforcement
2012-06-04 17:10:48 blog symposium concerning antitrust issues related to Google
2012-06-04 13:08:51 concerning ACTA
2012-05-14 17:11:14 concerning fair use
2012-04-04 07:07:11 approved a legislative proposal concerning "cyber attacks,"
2012-03-27 15:07:16 concerning the miraculous concept of the TacoCopter
2012-02-16 15:07:17 concerning the legal issues if they sued Google
2012-02-09 13:07:12 debunk that and other claims concerning online laws
2012-01-24 17:07:28 Movie Theaters' Top Lobbyist Resorts To Making Up Facts Concerning SOPA/PIPA
2012-01-17 19:07:08 displaying for/against statements from ESA members (Entertainment Software Association) concerning SOPA
2011-12-27 21:07:05 US Air Force pilots who control drones are burning out at a concerning rate.
2011-12-15 17:07:08 Revolving Door: Sixteen Former Judiciary Committee Staff Are Lobbying Congress Concerning SOPA
2011-12-15 13:07:07 look at some of the behind-the-scenes dealings concerning SOPA and PIPA