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2019-05-12 17:38:03 Sex robots 'can't compete' with real prostitutes, says Sheri's Ranch madam - Daily Star
2019-03-13 22:56:13 Heres what robots destroy when they compete with humans - MarketWatch
2019-03-11 11:12:03 Humans, AI compete to predict cherry blossom dates
2019-03-03 09:00:04 Fury as ex-Olympian Sharron Davies says trans women should not compete in women's sport The Independent
2019-02-21 13:38:03 LGBT Sports Group Athlete Ally Cuts Ties With Lesbian Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Over Her Refusal to Compete With Transgender Women in Sports
2018-12-17 14:08:03 Sumner Redstone is declared incapacitated. Court doesn't rule on media mogul's competency - Los Angeles Times
2018-11-28 13:40:04 White liberals 'patronize' minorities by downplaying competence -- conservatives don't: Study - Washington Times
2018-11-12 11:28:07 Europe should become EMPIRE to compete with China and US, says French minister after Trump rubbishes calls for EU army
2018-10-16 12:38:05 Stormy Daniels on Twitter: "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your president. In addition to his...umm...shortcomings, he has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self control on Twitter AGAIN! And perhaps a penchant for bestiali
2018-10-07 16:46:15 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner compete in the Army Ten-Miler in Washington, DC Daily Mail Online
2018-09-24 21:52:07 WIRE: Tech Giants Spend $80 Billion to Make Sure No One Else Can Compete.
2018-07-12 12:00:10 New ways to conquer sleep apnea compete for place in bedroom
2018-07-02 18:40:07 Trans Woman Makes History, Will Compete for Spain in Miss Universe
2018-07-02 11:00:09 Bill Gates: U.S. Should 'Compete in Generosity' with Foreign Aid
2018-05-17 14:10:04 North Korea says won't hold talks with 'incompetent' South unless differences settled Reuters
2018-05-17 13:58:04 NKorea Turns On \'Incompetent\' South.
2018-03-15 17:14:07 California considers lower taxes on pot to help new legal industry compete with black market
2017-12-27 13:30:05 GOP Tax Cuts Forcing Other Countries to Compete National Review
2017-12-12 20:06:05 Live Alabama Election Results: Roy Moore and Doug Jones Compete for Senate Seat Election Results 2017 The New York Times
2017-11-09 17:54:05 As Uber spends big to compete with Lyft, profitability in the U.S. is not in sight - LA Times
2017-11-01 17:34:07 Blind runner to compete in New York marathon unaided using groundbreaking technology - ITV News
2017-08-14 16:58:08 Using Smiley Faces In Work Emails Portray Low Competence, Study Finds
2017-08-08 13:20:04 Fox Orders Singing Competition The Four, Viewers at Home Compete TVLine
2017-06-09 08:20:02 Facing 3-0 deficit against Warriors, Cavaliers LeBron James considers it part of his calling to compete against dynasties - Cavs - Ohio
2017-03-09 14:26:12 Assange says leaks show CIA's 'devastating incompetence'
2017-01-13 15:24:04 Al-Qaeda leader denounces Isis 'madness and lies' as two terrorist groups compete for dominance The Independent
2017-01-05 14:52:04 To compete with Silicon Valley for engineers, aerospace firms start recruitment in pre-kindergarten - LA Times
2016-12-13 10:36:08 The CIA Has Always Been Incompetent
2016-12-13 08:34:04 Gingrich: Russian Hacking Only Exposes Obama & Hillarys Utter Incompetence
2016-11-25 11:30:06 Judge Rules Dylann Roof Competent to Stand Trial
2016-10-10 14:30:04 Hillary Clinton: Not Incompetent, Criminal
2016-07-29 19:24:44 Muslim female athletes find sport so essential they compete while covered - The Washington Post
2016-07-23 14:18:42 Wikileaks hits DNC ahead of convention, competes with Kaine VP nomination
2016-07-22 12:28:42 EMS Ghouls Competed In "Selfie War" The Smoking Gun
2016-06-14 09:12:38 University of Wisconsin students to undergo mandatory cultural competency training
2016-05-14 12:58:38 Capitol Hill Newspapers, Once Protected Class, Redefine Themselves.Scrambling to compete in shifting political landscape.(NY Times)
2016-05-06 13:22:39 Sumner Redstone Competency Trial Under Way Variety
2016-05-06 13:10:38 Redstone trial over mental competence begins with expletives
2016-04-27 15:04:02 China's Copycat Cars Compete With Western Giants - NBC News
2016-04-18 16:36:03 Paglia: Hillary Clinton Is Utterly Corrupt, Incompetent, Soulless
2016-04-05 12:20:02 Trump: Obama Is Incompetent, Truly Doesnt Know What Hes Doing
2016-03-28 08:26:03 Trump and Ryan compete for control of the GOP Washington Examiner
2016-03-18 16:30:03 Sumner Redstone's medical records will remain sealed, judge in competency case rules - LA Times
2016-03-02 16:06:04 Rio 2016: Refugee team to compete at Olympics - BBC Sport
2016-03-01 13:44:03 Planned Parenthood Attack Suspect Says Lawyers Want Him Held Incompetent
2016-02-10 14:56:05 John McAfee: Obama Admin. Too Incompetent to Implement Cybersecurity
2016-01-26 12:02:05 Rumsfeld: US Has to Compete with the Islamic State
2016-01-22 15:32:03 Olympics Loosen Rules to Allow Pre-Op M-to-F Transsexuals to Compete with Women - Breitbart
2016-01-01 12:14:06 Man Who Outed TSA Lies and Incompetence Speaks Out

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