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2018-09-24 18:42:04 Virginia prison visitors to be barred from wearing tampons; contraband concern cited Crime, Police & Fire
2018-09-17 11:30:04 Record-Low 12% Cite Economic Issues as Top U.S. Problem
2018-09-11 12:00:04 Illegal immigrants cited in theft of 39 million Social Security numbers
2018-09-03 14:54:05 Man who stabbed American tourists in Amsterdam names Wilders, cites 'insults' to Islam Reuters
2018-08-25 11:42:04 Russia Warns Staged "Chemical Provocation" Coming In Syria After Bolton Cites New Intel Zero Hedge
2018-08-17 18:30:04 Conservative Page Claims \'Shadow Ban\', Cites 99.9999% Drop.
2018-08-01 12:24:04 Parma man cited for criminal damage after rescuing dogs from car
2018-07-31 17:36:05 Small number of 'slowpokes' cited so far, but police say new law improves safety Local News
2018-07-31 06:54:04 Flash - Israel Arab sentenced to jail for 'incitement' with poems - France 24
2018-07-23 21:24:04 Suspected Danforth shooters family cites psychosis, severe mental health challenges, after SIU identifies him as Faisal Hussain, 29, of Toronto The Star
2018-07-21 14:48:18 New Gallup Poll: Americans do not even mention global warming as a problem 36 problems cited, but not climate Climate Depot
2018-07-20 19:58:05 Russian firm indicted in special counsel probe cites Kavanaugh decision to argue that charge should be dismissed - SFGate
2018-07-19 19:00:04 Rosenstein Cites Growing Cyber Threat Against U.S. Elections - Bloomberg Quint
2018-07-11 07:16:04 England World Cup excitement hits fever pitch as nation gears up for Croatia semi-final
2018-07-05 21:38:10 U.S. private citizen cites mystery illness symptoms after China visit.
2018-06-29 14:30:07 6 arrested, cited during demonstration outside Philly ICE building
2018-06-05 12:07:17 Trump scraps Eagles visit to avoid low turnout, cites anthem
2018-06-03 11:52:49 Trump lawyer cites growing opposition to a Mueller interview
2018-06-01 09:30:04 Kanye West cites Trump, #MeToo and his bipolar disorder on new album ye Music The Guardian
2018-05-30 11:44:33 Conservatives see double-standard on Roseanne, cite Olbermann, Joy Reid.
2018-05-17 21:54:08 Argentina's peso plunge incites frustation at Mauricio Macri - Washington Times
2018-05-07 21:24:08 Comcast Prepares To Make Unsolicited Offer For Fox Deadline
2018-05-06 20:52:05 Mexico journalist fired over retweet seen to incite violence
2018-05-06 07:58:06 Woman cited after urine explodes in 7-Eleven microwave - Arizona's Family
2018-04-23 06:26:04 Chinese smartphones cited by intelligence as security risk sold on US bases - News - Stripes
2018-04-20 18:56:10 North Korea announces end to missile testing as Trump cites 'big progress' Fox News
2018-03-06 13:14:05 Kellyanne Conway Cited for Two Hatch Act Violations for On-Air Comment Variety
2018-02-26 15:02:07 Defense attorneys want to cite Accutane use in Longmont stabbing case
2018-02-08 19:28:08 Paul cites jittery markets and rising rates to block spending bill
2018-01-25 13:26:05 California Considers $1,000 Fine for Waiters Offering Unsolicited Plastic Straws - Hit & Run :
2018-01-02 09:48:04 German police accuse AfD lawmaker of incitement over anti-Muslim tweet
2017-12-28 13:54:07 Roy Moore cites polygraph to insist he's no pedophile Daily Mail Online
2017-12-26 13:40:04 Court tosses murder appeal that cited witness' help from God
2017-12-22 17:04:04 Elderly man jailed, his wife only cited in Christmas pot case News
2017-10-28 08:34:04 VR Gets Naughty.New Porn Excites, Disturbs.
2017-10-10 06:42:04 North Korean missiles will be able to reach U.S. after modernization: Ifax cites Russian lawmaker Reuters
2017-09-26 12:44:07 Paul Revere\'s Outhouse Believed To Be Found By Archaeologists.Excitement Over Chance To Examine Historical Icon\'s Waste.
2017-09-18 21:24:16 New report cites risks youths face when getting tattoos and body piercings - Chicago Tribune
2017-09-18 16:46:05 Hillary Clinton mulls challenging legitimacy of 2016 election, cites Russian influence - Washington Times
2017-09-14 14:48:05 UPMC hospital cited for allowing cellphone photos, video of Pa. patient's genitals
2017-09-11 13:34:05 Clinton Cited False Study As Reason She Lost Wisconsin NTK Network
2017-08-30 18:46:05 France's Macron says his job not 'cool', cites talks with Turkey's Erdogan Reuters
2017-08-24 11:20:10 Israel charges firebrand Islamic cleric with incitement
2017-08-15 06:04:05 Israel arrests Islamic cleric for 'incitement' Daily Mail Online
2017-08-06 13:00:04 Israel seeks to silence broadcaster Al-Jazeera for 'incitement'
2017-07-21 00:24:05 Tebow cites comfort as reason for recent surge
2017-07-04 08:46:03 James Deen Blocked Documentary that Cites Rape Claims, Suit Alleges Variety
2017-06-24 14:20:02 CIA chief: Intel leaks on rise, cites leaker \'worship\'.(AP)
2017-06-06 14:28:02 In statement, the Intercept cites unproven assertions and speculation in government allegations - The Washington Post

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