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2019-04-17 15:58:11 Pig's brain made 'cellularly active' four hours after DEATH after scientists pumped cocktail of chemicals into it
2019-04-02 14:12:03 One dead in fire at KMCO chemical plant in Crosby - Houston Chronicle
2019-03-11 14:48:05 Black Trans Woman Arrested in NYC Chemical Attack on White Couple.
2019-02-11 07:42:04 EPA decision soon on chemical compounds tied to health risks Minnesota
2019-01-29 11:44:03 Jussie Smollett Recovering from Homophobic Attack, Chemical Substance
2018-12-21 18:38:03 Study links early puberty in girls to chemicals in shampoo, toothpaste and soap even if only used by mother in pregnancy South China Morning Post
2018-12-11 22:28:06 Whole Foods Is Cutting Food Packaging With Cancer-Linked Chemicals
2018-12-05 07:58:04 Men's penises are half-an-inch smaller because of chemicals in non-stick frying pans Daily Mail Online
2018-11-25 22:02:04 Potentially 'Catastrophic' Chemical Leak Shuts Down Delaware Memorial Bridge Amid Thanksgiving Travel Rush - NBC 10 Philadelphia
2018-11-25 20:14:04 Chemical leak closes Delaware Memorial Bridge in both directions
2018-11-16 17:28:06 Florida ant species collects skulls, uses chemical weapons to kill prey -
2018-11-16 17:12:04 Iran to Be Declared in Breach of Chemical Weapons Bans
2018-09-17 11:02:11 DHS Terror Advisory Warns of Drone, Chemical Weapon Use
2018-09-11 08:40:05 Staged Filming of False Flag 'Chemical Attacks' Has Begun in Idlib: Russian MoD Zero Hedge
2018-09-04 21:20:19 Flash - Amid 'bloodbath' fears, US warns Assad against using chemical weapons - France 24
2018-08-28 16:52:02 US warns Russia, Syria against chemical weapons use
2018-08-25 11:42:04 Russia Warns Staged "Chemical Provocation" Coming In Syria After Bolton Cites New Intel Zero Hedge
2018-08-15 10:50:07 Glyphosate, weed-killing Roundup chemical linked to cancer, found in children's breakfast foods - CBS News
2018-07-27 07:32:05 Plastic ain't fantastic...for your penis! Chemicals in food packaging 'make your manhood SMALLER'
2018-07-23 06:42:04 Chemicals in Food May Harm Children, Pediatricians Group Says ::
2018-06-21 06:16:05 Threshold for harmful chemicals in drinking water lower than thought: Study - ABC News
2018-05-14 21:34:19 New chemical compound \'stops common cold in its tracks\'.
2018-04-15 09:42:05 Haley: Chemical attack could happen in USA \'if we\'re not smart\'.
2018-04-14 21:34:05 US training Syria militants for false flag chemical attack as basis for airstrikes Russian MoD - YouTube
2018-04-13 21:48:07 Trump orders strikes against Syria over chemical weapons attack Reuters
2018-04-13 20:56:08 AP source: Trump to speak Friday night amid anticipation of retaliatory strike for Syrian chemical weapon attack
2018-04-13 11:22:08 Russia claims Syria chemical attack was staged by BRITAIN and insists it had 'proof'
2018-04-11 15:40:05 Theresa May vows to hit Assad over chemical attack soon as she reveals the West now has proof he was behind the atrocity
2018-04-09 10:04:04 Calls grow for action over Syria 'chemical attack'
2018-04-09 09:16:04 McCain takes his Trump criticism to a whole new level, suggesting blame for chemical weapons attack in Syria - The Washington Post
2018-04-08 09:56:13 Syria chemical attack: Trump threatens "Animal Assad," Putin for apparent chemical weapons strike - CBS News
2018-04-04 06:10:17 China announces new tariffs on 106 US products, including soy, cars, and chemicals
2018-04-02 22:22:13 Arkansas judge rules six farmers can spray controversial chemical
2018-03-21 13:14:05 Germany Selling Iran Chemical Weapons Tech, Boosting Anti-Israel Efforts as U.S. Dems Block Trump Ambassador
2018-03-18 08:38:57 Boris Johnson claims Russia has been developing chemical weapons to kill enemies for a decade
2018-03-14 16:24:05 Nikki Haley warns: Russia could use chemical weapons in New York
2018-02-14 06:36:05 Chemicals in packaging, carpets and non-stick pans 'may contribute to obesity' Science The Guardian
2018-02-13 15:46:07 Macron: 'France will strike' if proven chemical bombs used in Syria Reuters
2018-02-05 07:50:05 Chemicals in plastic found in 90% of teenage bodies Daily Mail Online
2018-02-03 11:10:06 Oklahoma considers chemical castration for sex offenders
2018-01-19 07:04:05 Man on CTA Red Line threw chemicals on woman before he set fire on train car - Chicago Tribune
2018-01-08 09:40:05 Are toxic chemicals at Air Force bases leading to cancer, low birth weight? - CBS News
2018-01-02 22:42:07 Tiangong-1 Chinese space station packed with cancer chemicals Daily Star
2017-12-30 11:08:04 Michigan scrambles to address chemical contaminants in water
2017-12-21 18:42:05 Department of Homeland Security suspends chemical testing near Oklahoma town
2017-12-11 06:44:05 Monsanto offers cash to U.S. farmers who use controversial chemical
2017-12-10 18:52:08 Armed police and firefighters in biohazard suits swarm Israeli embassy in London in mock chemical terror attack exercise - Mirror Online
2017-11-01 22:42:05 Monsanto halts launch of chemical after users complain of rashes
2017-10-09 17:26:10 North Korea says 'terrorist' CIA tried to assassinate Kim Jong-un with chemical weapon The Independent
2017-09-28 10:20:05 \'Chemical surgery\' used to mend mutations in human embryos.

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