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2018-12-04 11:48:14 'Cheating' gorillas show clever puzzle-solving Reuters
2018-11-30 11:34:06 Facial recognition deployed at China marathon to stop cheats
2018-11-10 10:10:04 France to hunt for tax cheats on social media Reuters
2018-10-17 07:42:05 MLB investigates suspected Astros cheating in ALCS Game 1
2018-09-18 08:54:04 Stormy Daniels' tell-all book on Trump: salacious detail and claims of cheating US news The Guardian
2018-09-10 22:08:07 Post Malone continues to cheat death in his own private 'Final Destination'
2018-09-10 10:52:08 Post Malone's house stormed by armed raiders days after rapper cheated death twice in plane drama and car crash
2018-09-09 00:20:04 I'm not a cheater': Serena Williams argues with umpire at U.S. Open women's final Daily Mail Online
2018-09-07 07:46:05 Post Malone cheats death AGAIN as high speed crash destroys Rolls Royce two weeks after plane scare
2018-09-06 18:28:04 Boris Johnson 'splits from long-suffering wife after she accused him of cheating' - Mirror Online
2018-08-29 18:24:05 Land nav cheating scandal: Inside the total meltdown at TBS
2018-08-13 07:44:04 \'Manipulation, name calling, cheating, physical abuse\'.
2018-08-08 12:16:04 Six Marine lieutenants face separation after allegedly cheating on land navigation course
2018-07-30 12:40:05 Among them ex-CIA agents, these are the people Qatar used to cheat its way to WC 2022 - Al Arabiya English
2018-07-29 14:30:13 Wife's shock as husband, 26, is caught cheating with a 72-year-old lover at Premier Inn - Mirror Online
2018-07-19 23:22:26 Democrats 'less inclined to cheat on spouses than Republicans' Science The Guardian
2018-07-18 06:14:04 How animals lie, cheat, kidnap babies and go to war to get their wicked way - Mirror Online
2018-07-05 12:26:05 Make-or-Break Exams Bring Out the Best and Brightest Cheaters - WSJ
2018-07-03 15:56:57 Wife says she sliced off cheating husbands penis, then threw it out the window
2018-06-22 07:38:06 Ashley Madison accounts for cheating spouses spiked in these cities
2018-06-20 17:10:05 Algeria Has Done Away With Internet To Stop Students From Cheating
2018-05-15 05:58:04 Sichuan Airlines co-pilot cheats death after being sucked out of cockpit window at 32,000ft as he's pulled back in by hero captain who then makes emergency landing
2018-04-21 21:42:05 Ivana Trump tells all about Donald being president and her Donald Jr.'s cheating
2018-04-05 08:12:05 Why havent cheating FBI lovebirds been fired yet? New York Post
2017-12-28 19:34:05 Doctor insists man with the worlds longest todger is cheating because he stretches his foreskin
2017-12-20 09:24:04 Devious sex robots are so intelligent they will be able to get away with cheating by LYING to their human partners
2017-11-07 05:58:05 Angry woman gets flight diverted over 'cheating' husband
2017-10-20 10:20:05 Elaborate prosthetic penis found on drink driver as he attempted to cheat urine test - Mirror Online
2017-10-10 22:32:10 Call for athletes to be fitted with microchips in fight against drug cheats.
2017-09-28 09:42:04 Hugh Hefners first wife CHEATED on him - a betrayal which gave birth to his Playboy lifestyle
2017-07-29 10:56:02 Why millennials cheat less than their parents New York Post
2017-07-12 15:06:10 Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is stopping love rat men from cheating on their wives
2017-04-13 14:16:10 Special report: 1 in 4 Americans don't think one-night stands count as cheating Deseret News
2017-04-13 10:20:05 Beijing marathon to use facial recognition in cheating crackdown
2017-01-16 18:50:07 Amir Khan sex tape: Boxer's shame as long-rumoured 'cheating' clip is finally posted on porn site
2016-12-21 23:18:14 Whole Foods accused of cheating workers out of bonuses in class-action lawsuit - The Washington Post
2016-12-06 08:18:22 Woman 'finds husband cheating on Tinder' - gets revenge by writing savage bio - Mirror Online
2016-11-15 10:40:02 Women cheat on men who don't do house chores, French survey finds
2016-11-15 08:02:02 Husband uses drone to catch his wife cheating on him then shames her online Metro News
2016-10-31 15:36:02 Trump: I'd Get Electric Chair for Cheating Debates Like Hillary
2016-10-11 08:16:14 Heartbroken man shoots himself dead live on Facebook after breaking up with 'cheating' girlfriend - Mirror Online
2016-10-04 18:42:28 Bill Cllinton ducks question about wife Hillary's alleged cheating Daily Mail Online
2016-08-31 19:36:41 People Are Using Drones To Catch Their Cheating Partners Personal Space
2016-08-24 19:28:45 Nearly a fifth of Brits cheat on their partner while they're on holiday - 13% while they're WITH them - Mirror Online
2016-08-17 15:02:42 Tim Kaine Once Said Cheating Politicians Should ResignIncluding Bill Clinton - The Daily Beast
2016-08-13 07:54:04 Trump Claims Cheating Is Only Way He Can Lose Pennsylvania
2016-08-11 08:20:41 Catching a cheating partner has never been easier New York Post
2016-08-03 07:56:44 People are most likely to cheat at the age of 39 and the last year of every other decade
2016-07-25 13:38:02 Hillary Won Because She Cheated
2016-06-02 11:32:02 Many Flints: 33 US Cities Cheated to Pass Lead Water Testing

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