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2020-08-04 18:00:05 Massive warehouse explosion rocks Beirut, causing thousands of injuries and widespread damage
2020-08-01 20:50:07 Coin Shortages Are Causing a Liquidity Crisis at Laundromats
2020-08-01 09:28:04 Coin Shortages Are Causing a Liquidity Crisis at Laundromats
2020-07-29 14:50:03 Train derails in Arizona causing massive fire
2020-05-15 10:34:03 Stay-At-Home Divide Causing Tension Along Illinois-Wisconsin Border CBS Chicago
2020-05-07 20:58:06 Trump valet tests positive, causing West Wing scramble - The Hour
2020-05-04 21:26:08 Limit on meat purchases in supermarkets causing consumers to head to farms, butchers
2020-03-19 08:58:03 Coronavirus Update: Disinfecting Wipes Being Flushed Down Toilets Causing Major Pipe Problems CBS San Francisco
2020-03-16 22:12:03 Coronavirus: 'Stealth transmission' causing vast majority of cases, study finds - Mirror Online
2020-03-16 07:42:07 Aggressive and starving monkeys take over town hall causing staff to flee for lives - Daily Star
2020-03-09 17:46:04 Report: Pilots restarted software, causing fatal nosedive - ABC News
2020-02-22 12:06:03 Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit and some new judges are causing a 'shock wave' - Los Angeles Times
2020-02-17 06:46:04 Hubei Doctors Warn Of Even-Deadlier Coronavirus Reinfection Causing Sudden Heart Attacks
2020-02-13 09:54:03 COVID-19 causing first drop in oil use in decade: IEA
2019-12-22 06:44:04 Three passenger buses engulfed in flames at LAX, causing traffic delays
2019-12-05 14:02:03 A news helicopter was struck by a suspected drone over Los Angeles, causing substantial damage - CNN
2019-10-28 10:48:03 Getty fire causing traffic nightmare on 405 and beyond: Here's how to get around it - Los Angeles Times
2019-10-24 10:14:03 Broken health care system is causing rampant burnout among doctors, nurses - SFGate
2019-10-21 17:46:04 New CRISPR tool could fix almost all disease-causing DNA glitches - STAT
2019-10-03 11:26:03 Theyve Put My Life At Risk: Reckless Motorcyclists Causing Concern Throughout The City CBS Chicago
2019-10-02 19:26:04 Zebra shot dead after escaping circus and causing car crash on motorway
2019-09-10 07:16:03 NYCs gross subway cars are actually getting worse and causing delays
2019-09-09 10:20:04 UPDATE: Child-Rape Holocaust Movie Causing Walkouts.
2019-07-01 11:38:04 Mysterious UFO spotted over Korea DMZ just hours after Trumps historic visit to meet Kim Jong-un causing fighter jets to be scrambled The Sun
2019-06-30 09:38:04 World's spy agencies desperately want Angela Merkel's medical records to find out what's REALLY causing shaking fits
2019-06-28 14:46:04 The Infrastructure Mess Causing Countless Internet Outages WIRED
2019-06-07 11:26:03 Sleep apps backfire by causing anxiety and insomnia, says expert Science The Guardian
2019-05-23 05:50:03 Tornado strikes Jefferson City in Missouri causing 'catastrophic damage' to the state capital Daily Mail Online
2019-05-12 07:18:03 Cleaner New York waterways are causing surge in beached whales
2019-04-05 13:08:04 Shrink Shortage Causing Mental Health Crisis.
2019-03-13 06:12:04 What is mysterious \'global Hum\'?Causing insomnia, headaches.
2019-01-29 17:28:03 Tourist sex sessions on famous nudist beach causing massive damage, say furious environmentalists.
2019-01-16 23:20:03 Human diet causing 'catastrophic' damage to planet: study
2018-12-12 17:32:08 Florida nursing homes escape penalty despite staff causing patient deaths
2018-11-01 17:32:04 Carnival ship lists mid-cruise, causing chaos
2018-10-29 11:22:15 Donald Trump: Blame media for causing 'great anger' in US
2018-10-25 19:40:06 Antibiotic 'Trojan horse' could defeat superbugs causing global medical crisis, trial finds The Independent
2018-09-25 06:34:05 Millennials Are Causing the U.S. Divorce Rate to Plummet
2018-09-20 17:26:08 Foreign warships in South China Sea causing trouble, Beijings ambassador to Britain says South China Morning Post
2018-09-04 10:54:05 Heartstopping moment woman hypnotises deadly tiger shark causing the killer to roll over like a dog
2018-08-22 20:06:05 Man had such bad constipation his bowels burst causing his organs to shut down Metro News
2018-07-09 14:40:33 FDA: Parasites In DEL MONTE Veggies Causing \'Explosive\' Diarrhea.
2018-07-09 09:10:06 Humans are causing extinctions 1,000 times FASTER than normal Daily Mail Online
2018-06-11 10:38:05 McDonalds customers claim ridiculous new toilet rule is causing them to wet themselves
2018-06-01 19:56:04 \'Paintball Wars\' Causing Concern For Police Depts.
2018-05-18 06:12:10 Vladimir Putin unveils underwater Poseidon drone that carries nuclear warheads 'capable of causing 300ft tsunamis' - Mirror Online
2018-04-18 15:10:05 Driver strips naked, dances in street after causing 5-vehicle...
2018-04-15 13:14:19 ROBOTS causing job losses could lead to the rise of communism Daily Star
2018-04-11 19:32:05 Lonely goose runs a fowl, causing chaos in DeBary neighborhood
2018-04-10 20:18:05 SF scientists erase Alzheimer-causing gene in human brain - SFGate

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