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2020-10-17 11:36:03 Crime lord forms new cartel with 'thousands of troops' to take down El Chapo's sons - Daily Star
2020-10-10 09:00:03 'Heads will roll': El Chapo's soldiers declare war on Mexico's most powerful cartel - Daily Star
2020-09-19 10:32:03 Inside brutal cartel's deadly female hit squad with recruits being picked off - Daily Star
2020-09-16 12:42:03 GRAPHIC EXCLUSIVE: Cartel Gunmen Burn Rivals Face Off in Mexico
2020-09-12 12:48:03 Inside hyper-violent Mexican cartel who 'now outgun El Chapo's criminal empire' - Daily Star
2020-08-29 10:38:03 Drug Cartel Now Assassinates Its Enemies With Bomb-Toting Drones - The Drive
2020-08-21 12:54:04 Mexican cartels now using explosive-packed DRONES in chilling new brand of warfare
2020-08-11 21:00:05 Jaeson Jones Exclusive: Mexican Cartel Labs Are Flooding U.S. with Meth
2020-08-02 09:56:04 Mexico captures 'El Marro', cartel boss blamed for fueling ...
2020-07-31 09:26:04 Did CIA Torture Undercover DEA Agent for Mexican Drug Cartel?
2020-06-22 12:46:04 Tearful Mexican cartel chief threatens government after ...
2020-05-24 09:58:05 COVID-19 is costing drug cartels millions of dollars
2020-04-16 20:16:03 El Chapo's daughter, Mexican cartels hand out coronavirus ...
2020-04-14 10:10:03 Cartels, gangs and rebels join coronavirus fight - GreenwichTime
2020-03-19 09:50:04 El Chapo's sons vs. "El Mencho": Mexico sees rising cartel bloodshed - CBS News
2020-03-18 08:32:04 In Mexico, a cartel is taking over: Jalisco New Generation
2020-03-11 15:24:05 Feds arrest over 600 alleged Mexican cartel members TheHill
2020-02-11 10:18:03 Inside El Chapo cartel and Mexico's evil gangs waging war with beheadings and torture - Daily Star
2020-02-07 15:24:03 Mexico, Under U.S. Pressure, Adds Muscle to Fight Against Drug Cartels - WSJ
2020-01-16 12:48:03 Inside La Catrinas Jalisco New Generation Cartel who hang butchered rivals from bridges & make millions from avocados The Sun
2019-12-14 09:12:03 He Was One of Mexicos Deadliest Assassins. Then He Turned on His Cartel.
2019-12-10 13:40:03 Former top Mexican cop charged with protecting El Chapo's cartel
2019-12-05 10:24:03 Exclusive Video: Network of Mexican Cartel Smuggling Trails on Texas Soil, Says Border Patrol Supervisor
2019-12-04 10:20:03 Texas Deer Hunters Tell Tale of Kidnapping After Deadly Mexican Cartel Shootout.
2019-12-03 12:22:03 150 Los Zetas Cartel Gunmen Crossed into Texas Before Deadly Attack That Killed 22
2019-11-29 10:56:03 Mexico warns will not allow US operations against cartels Business Standard News
2019-11-25 08:44:04 El Mencho: What to know about powerful CJNG Mexican drug cartel leader
2019-11-25 08:40:03 El Mencho's Mexican drug cartel empire is devastating small-town US
2019-11-24 16:18:04 Inside the bloody cartel war for Mexico's multibillion-dollar avocado industry
2019-11-20 10:00:04 Violence in Mexico peaks as cartels fight over drugs and avocados - Los Angeles Times
2019-11-18 21:42:04 Exclusive Video: Pregnant Migrant Beaten for Crossing Texas Border Without Paying Gulf Cartel Fee, Says JTFW Director
2019-11-11 15:08:04 El Chapo's beauty queen wife WILL join VH1 reality show Cartel Crew Daily Mail Online
2019-11-10 08:32:09 American families fleeing Mexico arrive in Arizona days after cartel massacre Fox News
2019-11-06 12:36:03 Mexico Now Says Different Cartel Responsible for Mormon Family Murders
2019-11-06 07:46:03 Cartels vs. Mormon Sect: Behind Horrific Massacre of American Moms and Children.
2019-11-05 19:02:04 Drug cartel gunmen kill 9 US citizens in an ambush in Mexico
2019-11-05 16:38:04 Women killed in Mexican cartel murders had alleged Nxivm ties
2019-11-05 12:36:04 Mexican Cartels Are Winning the Propaganda War
2019-11-05 09:58:04 Mexican cartel shootout: Mom died saving baby
2019-11-05 09:46:04 Trump calls for 'war' against Mexican drug cartel 'monsters' after Americans murdered Fox News
2019-11-05 09:08:03 Sonora Mum dies saving baby as twin tots among 9 Mormons murdered by Mexico cartel on way to wedding The Sun
2019-11-05 09:02:04 Mexican cartel shootout: Death toll climbs as more US citizens identified
2019-11-05 08:04:03 Mexico's president under pressure over 'hugs not bullets' cartel policy World news The Guardian
2019-11-05 07:04:05 Three American mothers and at least six of their children are killed by Mexican drug cartel gunmen Daily Mail Online
2019-11-04 14:38:04 El Chapos wife Emma Coronel Aispuro in talks to join VH1s Cartel Crew
2019-10-31 10:52:12 Video Details Brazen Attack by Mexican Drug Cartel on Government Forces - WSJ
2019-10-28 07:52:04 Over 40 skulls found at altar in den of Mexico cartel ...
2019-10-21 10:34:03 A Drug Cartel Just Defeated The Mexican Military In Battle
2019-10-20 16:38:03 El Chapo is in prison, but cartel crime is still pervasive National
2019-10-18 12:16:04 Mexican president defends retreat in face of cartel gunmen

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