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2018-12-11 22:22:03 More effective than condoms? Seattle-area couples test new birth control for men The Seattle Times
2018-12-06 07:36:01 Honduran woman in migrant caravan gives birth in US
2018-11-29 14:58:04 Male birth control gel could replace condoms
2018-11-29 08:44:06 A Male Birth Control Gel Is Getting Closer to Reality
2018-11-22 13:48:04 Eloise, a gibbon on birth control, gives birth at the San Diego Zoo
2018-11-20 08:48:04 Goat gives birth to furless 'half-pig, half-human' creature in Philippines Daily Mail Online
2018-11-20 06:24:04 Farmers goat gives birth to half-pig half-human creature sparking curse fears - Mirror Online
2018-11-09 20:20:05 Supermum Sue Radford is celebrating the birth of her 21st baby and says it 'will be her LAST' after 12-minute labour
2018-11-09 10:12:04 Trump Fires Back After Michelle Obama Says She Won't Forgive His Birtherism: I Won't Forgive Barack
2018-11-09 08:32:04 Michelle Obama: 'I'd never forgive' Trump for 'birther' conspiracy TheHill
2018-11-06 14:38:06 Twins Unexpectedly Give Birth Hour Apart.
2018-10-31 19:10:05 Italy's populist government plans to reward fertile families with state land in bid to boost birth rate
2018-10-31 13:48:08 GOP civil war: Trump slams Paul Ryan for opposing end to birthright citizenship
2018-10-30 19:44:05 George Conway Denounces Trump's 'Unconstitutional' Proposal to End Birthright Citizenship in Op-Ed
2018-10-30 14:30:05 BREAKING NEWS: Speaker Ryan: You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order - POLITICO
2018-10-30 14:04:08 House Speaker Paul Ryan rejects President Trumps idea of ending birthright citizenship by executive order - The Washington Post
2018-10-30 11:14:05 Trump: End birthright citizenship for some US-born babies
2018-10-30 06:08:04 Exclusive: Trump to terminate birthright citizenship -Axios
2018-10-21 08:54:05 Birth of a new Ukrainian church brings fears of violence
2018-10-17 07:14:10 AlmostHalf of U.S. Births HappenOutside Marriage, Signaling Cultural Shift
2018-10-07 16:52:05 Limo on way to birthday party blows stop sign; 20 killed
2018-09-23 14:00:05 Pope warns Lithuanians against rebirth of anti-Semitism
2018-09-15 12:04:08 Inside North Korea's 'worst zoo in the world' neglected tigers give birth to stillborn cub in front of cheering kids and turtles swim covered in algae
2018-09-12 18:16:07 X marks the gender under birth certificate bill passed by the City Council, Mayor expected to sign into law - NY Daily News
2018-09-12 17:54:05 Hillary Clinton Spreads Fake News, Suggests Brett Kavanaugh Will Ban Birth Control - Hit & Run :
2018-09-08 12:50:05 Birth of 'first red heifer in 2000 years' fulfils Bible prophecy and signals 'end of days' - Mirror Online
2018-09-05 15:48:08 Mueller subpoenas Jerome Corsi, birther and ex-Alex Jones associate
2018-08-22 08:10:08 Pregnant Venezuelan women going to Brazil to give birth
2018-08-18 22:28:05 Madonna's 60th birthday bash: Inside the lush 350-a-night Moroccan palace where singer threw party Daily Mail Online
2018-08-09 11:48:04 Woman gives birth while overdosing on heroin in Burger King bathroom, police say
2018-07-31 09:44:04 Mum with TWO wombs gives birth to twin babies after beating one-in-500million chance to become pregnant - Mirror Online
2018-07-28 11:18:05 Is Americas birth rate about to start booming?
2018-07-25 18:42:05 Dead baby found in plane toilet after underage mum gave birth on board, stuffed its mouth with toilet paper and dumped it for cabin crew to discover
2018-07-19 18:12:04 BBC - Future - The age you feel means more than your actual birthdate
2018-07-04 09:06:05 For U.S. birthday, life, liberty and the pursuit of hot dogs
2018-07-03 11:16:06 Terminally ill dogs at canine hospice treated to steak dinners, trips to McDonald's and birthday parties in their final days - Mirror Online
2018-06-23 21:14:05 Brigitte Nielsen, 54, has given birth to her fifth child
2018-06-20 12:54:04 Condoms, kites, birthday balloons: 'Silly' Gaza weapons could lead to real war The Times of Israel
2018-06-14 17:28:04 Ivanka and Eric lead tributes to Donald Trump on his 72nd birthday Daily Mail Online
2018-06-14 11:30:07 Ivanka Trump: Donald Trumps daughter shares intimate Twitter photo for fathers birthday Life Life & Style
2018-06-14 10:42:22 Donald Trumps Extravagant Birthday Parties: A History Observer
2018-06-11 12:00:06 Trump begins Singapore summit with birthday cake at the palace Daily Mail Online
2018-06-07 21:56:04 Justice Department to release James Comey report on Donald Trump's birthday
2018-06-07 15:10:05 Minnesota Cow Gives Birth To Quadruplets.
2018-06-05 11:23:06 'World's oldest person' celebrates her '129th birthday' - but still wishes she was dead - Mirror Online
2018-06-04 13:34:05 Macon, Ga., woman celebrates 105 birthday with friends The Telegraph
2018-06-01 20:22:12 When a 'service dog' gives birth at Tampa airport, controversy takes flight
2018-05-28 21:34:04 Yankees crowd loudly boos Giuliani on his birthday.
2018-05-21 08:12:08 China Considers Ending Birth Limits as Soon as This Year - Bloomberg
2018-05-17 11:08:05 US Birth Rate Hits All-time Low: What's Behind the Decline?

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