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2018-06-11 14:26:05 Vatican-backed family rally to have speech on welcoming gays
2018-06-03 07:48:06 Jordan protests snowball over IMF-backed austerity
2018-05-23 11:50:46 Trump-Backed Prison Bill Splits Democrats - The Atlantic
2018-05-17 15:36:05 Koch-backed group gives boost to Democrats on immigration - CNNPolitics
2018-05-16 08:02:04 Socialist-backed candidates win Pennsylvania elections.
2018-04-25 22:16:08 Joy Reid Blog Post Mocked 'Chubbed-Out Shrew' Rosie O'Donnell, Backed 'Kick-Ass Funny' Donald Trump
2018-04-16 12:44:08 U.S., UK charge Russian-backed hackers of global cyber espionage campaign Reuters
2018-03-13 06:44:05 Kitty Hawk Cora: Larry Page-backed firm unveils autonomous flying taxi
2018-03-06 08:52:05 Soros-backed ACLU jumps into district attorney races.
2018-02-09 08:32:07 Obama-backed committee targeting races in 11 states
2018-02-05 21:44:10 Justin Timberlake backed out of using Prince hologram at the last minute Page Six
2018-01-25 20:26:07 Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, but Backed Off When White House Counsel Threatened to Quit - The New York Times
2018-01-08 19:44:04 Huma Abedin backed up emails to Anthony Weiner's laptop Daily Mail Online
2017-12-29 08:06:05 Venezuela oil-backed cryptocurrency to launch in days
2017-11-26 20:32:05 Time Inc. Sells Itself to Meredith Corp., Backed by Koch Brothers - The New York Times
2017-11-16 11:54:04 Russia names nine U.S.-backed news outlets likely to be labeled 'foreign agents'
2017-11-15 10:34:07 Ashton Kutcher-Backed Medical Startup Brings A.I.-Assisted Body Scans to L.A. Mall Hollywood Reporter
2017-11-06 21:38:10 Weight Watchers Extends Oprah-Backed Rally With Higher Forecast - Bloomberg
2017-10-26 10:28:04 Twitter Bans Two Kremlin-Backed News Outlets From Advertising - The New York Times
2017-10-17 22:04:16 Bannon's army includes candidates backed by the GOP establishment - POLITICO
2017-10-17 06:26:05 Raqqa: Isis completely driven out of Syria 'capital' by US-backed forces The Independent
2017-10-05 23:02:13 HEDGE fund: Mercers Donate to OPPONENT of Bannon-Backed Candidate.
2017-09-15 11:04:04 Famous Italian exorcist claims recent hurricanes and rise of devil-backed Kim Jong-un' are signs of IMMINENT APOCALYPSE
2017-09-13 16:08:08 Trump Blocks China-Backed Bid for Chipmaker Over Security Risk - Bloomberg
2017-08-11 16:32:05 Mitch McConnell-backed group 'very interested' in Kid Rock for Senate
2017-07-05 18:56:21 Artists Protest Lincoln Center Play Backed by Israel - The New York Times
2017-06-02 19:58:02 Organic foods backed by landmark report - warning pesticides far more dangerous than was thought
2017-05-30 14:36:01 Iranian-backed forces amassing near U.S. training base in Syria - Washington Times
2017-04-21 13:00:05 French Elections: Marine Le Pen Backed By Quiet Army of Women - NBC News
2017-03-25 12:02:05 British Party That Backed \'Brexit\' Loses Only Member of Parliament.(NYT)
2017-01-17 08:40:14 Hungary set to turn screws on Soros-backed NGOs
2017-01-09 12:46:04 Soros-Backed Fund Glen Point Loses in First Trading Year - Bloomberg
2016-11-27 22:54:04 Iran-Backed Militias Legalized By Iraqi Parliament - Vocativ
2016-11-20 11:16:06 Nigel Farage Vows to Fight for Commons Seat in Thanet South Backed by Donald Trump
2016-11-07 07:40:03 Traffic To Get Into PA Rally Backed Up For Miles.
2016-10-13 18:28:03 Clinton Backed Egypts Muslim Brotherhood Regime
2016-10-12 14:52:07 Facebook-backed school software shows promise and raises privacy concerns - The Washington Post
2016-10-12 08:18:13 Most GOP Senators Defecting from Trump Backed Amnesty Push LifeZette
2016-09-16 11:28:41 American commandos 'forced to run away' from US-backed Syrian rebels
2016-09-13 08:00:44 Syrian cease-fire backed by U.S. and Russia gets off to rocky start - The Washington Post
2016-09-08 15:44:06 Syrian Rebel Who Kidnapped and Shot a Journalist Twice Now CIA-Backed Moderate
2016-09-01 16:34:06 Obama Appointee Manages Soros-Backed Election Fund
2016-08-24 08:04:09 Taxpayer-Backed School Holds Lesson On How To Stop White People
2016-08-16 16:20:39 US officials: Up to 100,000 Iran-backed fighters now in Iraq Fox News
2016-08-03 21:50:02 US-backed Syrian rebels responsible for toxic gas attack in Aleppo Russian military
2016-07-20 16:24:03 Beheading of 12-Year-Old Boy by US-Backed Moderate Rebels Sparks Outrage
2016-06-17 13:46:02 Carter furious as Russia ignores call to stop bombing U.S.-backed Syrian forces
2016-06-09 14:32:39 CIA and Pentagon Bicker While Russia Wipes Out U.S.-Backed Rebels - The Daily Beast
2016-05-15 07:58:38 Can Buffett-backed bid unlock Yahoo growth where others failed?
2016-05-06 14:32:03 Former U.S. Diplomats Decry the U.S.-Backed Saudi War in Yemen

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