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2020-07-03 09:32:03 About halfway through their historic mission, a pair of NASA astronauts are preparing for their return - Laredo Morning Times
2020-06-06 12:14:04 SpaceX opens era of amateur astronauts, cosmic movie sets
2020-05-30 12:28:07 Making History: NASA and SpaceX Launch Astronauts to Space! - YouTube
2020-05-30 12:28:07 2 astronauts head for launch pad for historic SpaceX flight
2020-05-30 08:54:06 SpaceX, NASA to try again for landmark launch of two astronauts from Florida - Reuters
2020-05-29 10:08:03 SpaceX, NASA astronauts make preparations for second attempt at historic launch Fox News
2020-05-27 07:58:03 SpaceX to make history launching NASA astronauts on a private rocket New Scientist
2020-05-25 06:50:03 NASA calculated how risky SpaceX's first launch of humans could be, and the astronauts flying the space mission say they're 'really comfortable' with those odds
2020-05-25 06:42:04 SpaceX Is About to Launch Two Astronauts Into Space in a Historic First
2020-05-22 20:08:03 NASA's newest test pilots are veteran astronauts, friends
2020-05-20 09:28:04 SpaceX just one week away from launching 1st astronauts on Crew Dragon for NASA Space
2020-05-20 09:24:05 SpaceX's Dragon capsule for astronauts has arrived at launch site for historic mission - AIRLIVE
2020-05-18 10:06:03 Next SpaceX launch Demo-2 will be its first with NASA astronauts
2020-05-13 09:44:03 Mars Habitat - Life on Mars Astronauts Could Live in Lava Tubes
2020-04-17 13:24:08 NASA to launch astronauts from U.S. soil for the first time in nearly a decade with help from SpaceX
2020-04-17 06:50:03 Astronauts land back on Earth transformed by pandemic
2020-04-07 07:18:03 Space Crime Allegation Leads to Charges Against Astronauts Ex-Wife DNyuz
2019-12-12 12:04:03 Elon Musk is sending marijuana to astronauts on the ISS and could create new 'mutant' weed
2019-12-06 12:20:03 Emotion-sensing robot launches to assist space station astronauts - Reuters
2019-11-18 08:50:04 Snooze cruise: Study sees future for hibernating astronauts
2019-11-02 14:02:03 NASA could leave dead astronauts to 'orbit Earth like space junk - Daily Star
2019-09-18 15:38:04 NASA manager casts doubt on 2024 moon landing by astronauts
2019-08-28 22:08:03 A trip to Mars could cause brain damage. Here's how NASA aims to protect astronauts.
2019-08-21 13:52:03 Spacewalking astronauts add parking spot to space station
2019-07-24 15:54:03 Moon's water may lie within easy reach of future astronauts, new research suggests
2019-07-16 08:24:03 Apollo 11 astronauts returning to launch pad 50 years later
2019-06-15 17:06:04 NASA female astronauts who could be first woman on moon in 2024 - Daily Star
2019-06-07 11:04:03 NASA is opening the ISS to commercial business and more private astronauts - The Verge
2019-05-06 18:20:01 Liquid in brain causes vision problems for Astronauts?
2019-03-18 11:22:07 NASA issues space herpes warning as virus reactivates in astronauts Science & Tech News Sky News
2019-01-24 19:10:03 Earth's oldest rock was found by Apollo 14 astronauts -- on the moon - CNN
2018-12-13 11:14:04 Virgin Galactic flight could send first astronauts to edge of space
2018-11-23 17:00:05 International Space Station infested with mysterious space bugs leaving astronauts at risk of serious harm
2018-10-11 05:58:04 Rocket launch booster malfunction forces astronauts to return to Earth in 'ballistic re-entry' Daily Mail Online
2018-10-01 20:50:05 Travelling to Mars and deep into space could kill astronauts by destroying their guts, finds Nasa-funded study The Independent
2018-09-16 15:50:04 Toronto Film Fest Surprise: Audience Chooses Buddy Film over Michael Moore, Lady Gaga, Moon Landing Astronauts Showbiz411
2018-08-17 19:26:07 Lockheed Martin gives first look into where astronauts may live on missions to deep space - Orlando Sentinel
2018-04-05 18:36:05 Astronauts could 3D print tools from their own processed faeces New Scientist
2018-01-30 13:32:05 Astronauts to recycle waste into protein paste.
2017-12-11 15:16:04 Trump to send astronauts back to the moon -- and eventually Mars - CNNPolitics
2017-10-26 21:54:15 Earth is fragile, pope tells astronauts who see planet from \'eyes of God\'.
2017-10-09 06:20:04 Nasa may alter the DNA of astronauts who journey to Mars Daily Mail Online
2017-09-28 09:46:05 Secret Nasa docs warned against mixed gender Mars missions due to risk of astronauts having SEX, Brit space woman Helen Sharman claims
2017-06-10 10:40:03 Sunset High grad is one of 12 new astronauts at NASA Miami Herald
2017-06-07 12:50:03 Mars Astronauts Face Double the Cancer Risk as Previously Estimated, Says Study - Seeker
2017-03-30 20:46:04 Spacewalking astronauts lose a piece of shield needed for International Space Station - LA Times
2017-03-30 14:28:05 OOPS: Spacewalking Astronauts Drop Shielding Needed for ISS.(AP)
2017-02-15 13:06:04 NASA, heeding Trump, may add astronauts to a test flight moon mission - The Washington Post
2017-02-02 20:58:06 Under Trump, astronauts might chart a new path to a familiar place: The moon
2017-01-03 17:06:03 NASA Reveals Plan for Housing Astronauts on Mars

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