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2020-10-17 10:08:04 Artist hikes length of Vermont, painting along the way
2020-09-29 17:28:04 Early Works by Edward Hopper Found to be Copies of Other Artists DNyuz
2020-09-09 09:12:03 Kirstie Alley Calls New Diversity Rules for Best Picture Oscar a 'Disgrace to Artists Everywhere' Entertainment Tonight
2020-07-28 08:48:04 Artist David Hockney lays into 'bossy boots' Boris Johnson's anti-obesit crackdown Daily Mail Online
2020-06-25 10:34:03 Tattoo artist sees bump in desire to erase hateful skin art
2020-06-09 19:34:11 Music Industry Rethinks Urban as a Genre for Black Artists
2020-06-09 17:56:07 Music Industry Rethinks \'Urban\' as Genre for Black Artists.
2020-06-01 07:00:03 Christo, artist known for massive, fleeting displays, dies
2020-04-15 11:56:04 Artist David Hockney says smokers are immune to the coronavirus
2019-12-06 12:08:03 Banana Duct-Taped To Wall By Artist
2019-11-28 09:06:04 Tucker Carlson Calls Trump 'A Full-Blown BS Artist'
2019-11-24 09:22:04 Picassos in the Garage? Artists Handyman Is Convicted of Hiding Stolen Works
2019-10-30 11:40:03 PayPal Booted Conservative Street Artist Sabo, Holding His Money
2019-06-17 10:30:03 Fashion icon and artist Gloria Vanderbilt dies at 95 - CNN
2019-06-11 08:38:03 Mary Max, wife of famed artist Peter Max, kills herself
2019-06-03 14:44:03 Artist, Icon, Billionaire: How Jay-Z Created His $1 Billion Fortune
2019-06-03 08:48:04 Meet Ai-Da: the robot artist giving real painters a run for their money
2019-05-28 13:50:04 Dementia stopped a major artist from painting. For some, that spelled a lucrative opportunity.
2019-05-22 16:40:03 CNN, MSNBC Made Scam Artist Michael Avenatti A Household Name
2019-05-15 21:56:03 Jeff Koons work sells for $91.1 million, record for living artist
2019-05-14 22:30:03 Monet Sells for $110.7 Million, Setting Artist and Impressionist Records - WSJ
2019-05-10 18:34:04 Former Rap Artist Indicted for Obama 2012 Campaign Donations - WSJ
2019-05-01 21:38:05 Leonardo da Vinci: World's second known portrait of artist uncovered The Independent
2019-04-28 09:58:04 Marty Tirrell's rise, fall: From radio pioneer to alleged scam artist
2019-04-17 11:32:04 Calling All Exhibitionists! Artist Wants Hundreds to Pose Naked in NYC Streets in Social Media Censorship Protest - NBC New York
2019-04-04 18:40:04 Toledo-area artist who created paint-by-numbers pictures dies Toledo Blade
2019-03-07 17:50:03 Hip hop artists to Supreme Court: Pittsburgh rapper's lyrics are not 'a true threat of violence' - CNNPolitics
2019-03-01 09:02:04 Artist Damien Hirst unveils the most expensive hotel suite ever - $200,000 for TWO nights Daily Mail Online
2019-02-28 09:26:04 2-Year-Old \'Artist\' Making Waves; Works Selling For $23,000!
2019-02-12 16:22:04 Telephone scam artist picked the wrong target former FBI and CIA director William Webster
2019-02-11 18:28:03 The new Picasso? Meet Ai-Da the robot artist Reuters
2019-02-09 20:36:04 A country music artist navigates an art form altered by Americas poisoned politics - The Washington Post
2019-01-24 17:10:04 The Art of War: How combat artists are capturing the soul of the Marine Corps
2019-01-09 17:12:04 La Jolla woman earns Guinness World Record for oldest trapeze artist
2018-12-25 14:20:06 Absolute Control: Cuba Steps Up Artistic Censorship - WSJ
2018-12-23 06:44:04 South African jazz artist plays guitar during brain surgery Reuters
2018-12-17 09:28:02 Back to the land: are young farmers the new starving artists? Environment The Guardian
2018-12-09 01:20:14 A new law that Cuban artists and performers say amounts to censorship takes effect Miami Herald
2018-11-10 09:28:07 Artists, intellectuals call for 'European Republic'
2018-11-01 18:50:05 Barbra Streisands Walls Review: Album Drags Trump, Flaunts Artistry Hollywood Reporter
2018-10-24 07:12:03 First-ever auction of painting created by an AI 'artist' opens at Christie's in New York Daily Mail Online
2018-10-19 11:26:05 Maxine Waters 'Halloween' Billboard Made by L.A. Street Artist Sabo Hollywood Reporter
2018-09-10 06:50:02 Meet Sabo, Americas Preeminent Right-Wing Guerrilla Street Artist
2018-08-12 07:48:05 Artists, fans push music festivals to tackle sex harassment
2018-08-03 10:20:05 Artist's nude paintings removed from cathedral exhibition after complaints they caused 'distress'
2018-07-21 12:20:04 America's top-earning musicians are mostly 'heritage artists'
2018-07-14 08:18:04 A real body of work, artists ditch canvases for humans at art festival
2018-07-11 19:00:04 Homeless South Beach artist with no arms stabs tourist, cops say Miami Herald
2018-06-28 08:28:05 Farting unicorn causes kerfuffle between Elon Musk and artist - MarketWatch
2018-06-20 10:14:05 Blood, sweat and accessories: artist recycles bodily fluids for fashion

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