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2018-09-23 19:32:10 China navy ship makes maiden visit to Venezuela after Maduro visit Reuters
2018-09-20 17:04:04 Colin Kaepernick's Attorney Hints Raiders and Patriots Interested In QB
2018-09-11 09:48:05 Trump only trusts 'much smaller' group of aides in White House after op-ed, Donald Trump Jr. says - ABC News
2018-09-10 10:52:08 Post Malone's house stormed by armed raiders days after rapper cheated death twice in plane drama and car crash
2018-09-05 20:52:07 The sleeper cells have awoken: Trump and aides shaken by resistance op-ed - The Washington Post
2018-08-31 07:22:04 Concern in White House over shortage of lawyers, press aides
2018-08-30 16:40:07 Top 2008 campaign aides shut out of McCain funeral - POLITICO
2018-08-24 17:54:07 Aides expect Trump to go rogue on Manafort pardon - POLITICO
2018-08-16 06:54:04 Jury to begin weighing U.S. charges against ex-Trump aide ...
2018-08-13 17:30:08 U.S. rests its case against former Trump aide Manafort Reuters
2018-08-10 12:02:10 Roger Stone ex-aide held in contempt in Mueller probe: Report
2018-08-09 22:12:05 Reality Contestant Turned White House Aide Secretly Taped Trump Conversations - WSJ
2018-08-06 14:46:05 Trial of ex-Trump aide Manafort resumes, main witness awaited Reuters
2018-08-06 13:06:05 Trump breaks with aides, tweets endorsement of Kobach
2018-08-02 17:32:05 Judge Rules Former Roger Stone Aide Must Testify Before Mueller Grand Jury Talking Points Memo
2018-07-31 11:38:04 Ex-Trump aide Manafort faces charges in first trial of ...
2018-07-30 11:40:04 Ex-Trump aide Paul Manafort is first to go on trial in Russia probe
2018-07-19 15:30:05 An Aide To The French President Was Filmed Assaulting A Protester While Dressed In Riot Gear
2018-07-19 13:04:04 EMAILS WITH BERNIE AIDE.
2018-07-09 07:52:06 Trump aides endure public fury toward presidents policies in liberal D.C. - The Washington Post
2018-07-05 17:14:06 Cohen adds ex-Clinton aide Lanny Davis to legal team.
2018-06-28 14:40:08 Pennsylvania homes raided in investigation into mystery explosions
2018-06-28 12:10:04 Ex-Aide to Roger Stone Is Subpoenaed in Russia Investigation - The New York Times
2018-06-25 16:20:05 Trump aides urged to get a gun
2018-06-24 21:02:05 How an Affair Between a Reporter and a Security Aide Has Rattled Washington Media - The New York Times
2018-06-10 10:52:08 Drama, Action, Emotional Power: As Exhausted Aides Eye the Exits, Trump Is Re-Energized
2018-06-09 16:04:05 Leak investigation that led to Senate aide's indictment puts spotlight on New York Times reporter - Chicago Tribune
2018-06-08 11:42:02 Ex-Senate aide charged with lying about reporter contacts
2018-06-01 13:26:07 The Latest: Kim aide at White House to give letter to Trump
2018-05-29 09:12:06 Roseanne Rips Ex-Obama Aide Valerie Jarrett With Racially Charged Joke
2018-05-27 09:58:05 Guitar maker Fender among firms raided in price-fix probe
2018-05-25 20:30:10 U.S. reaches deal to keep China's ZTE in business: congressional aide Reuters
2018-05-25 12:28:04 Ex-aides say congressman and wife made them his servants - POLITICO
2018-05-24 14:06:05 DEA acknowledges it raided wrong family's house in Tennessee
2018-05-22 08:32:09 Another 'informant' attempted to infiltrate Trump campaign under Obama, campaign aide says Fox News
2018-05-19 12:54:06 Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election - The New York Times
2018-05-18 16:06:05 Exclusive: Special Counsel subpoenas another Stone aide in Russia probe - sources Reuters
2018-05-13 06:50:04 Chinas first domestically built aircraft carrier begins maiden sea trial South China Morning Post
2018-05-03 22:50:04 Mueller focuses on links between Roger Stone, Trump campaign aide Gates
2018-05-02 10:50:05 'God damn you to hell!': Former Trump campaign aide explodes at Senate aides Daily Mail Online
2018-05-01 12:24:08 Trump doc says Trump bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files
2018-04-24 18:44:05 New book reveals how Chelsea Clinton's aides studied Kate Middleton Daily Mail Online
2018-04-18 16:18:04 New York attorney general seeking power to prosecute Trump aides who are pardoned by the president
2018-04-13 13:46:05 Trump Pardons Former Cheney Aide Scooter Libby, 'Treated Unfairly' by Special Counsel CBN News
2018-04-11 14:18:05 #THEMTOO: CA Councilwoman Accused Of Abusing Former Aide.
2018-04-10 21:50:11 Obama aide reveals president used to rub elbows with celebrities Daily Mail Online
2018-04-10 17:40:04 Fox offices in London raided by European Commission investigators
2018-04-09 13:54:04 Kremlin aide: Russia's centuries-long romance with West over
2018-04-03 22:40:05 Rosensteins Secret Special Counsel Memo Was Written After the Feds Already Raided Manaforts House Law & Crime
2018-03-30 17:20:05 Former Elizabeth Esty Aide: Congress Enables Domestic Violence and Harassment - Hartford Courant

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