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2019-08-19 20:48:04 Ride Sharing Adds to the Crush of Traffic at Airports - AfricansLive
2019-08-15 10:24:04 Film claims group plotted to infect black Africans with HIV
2019-07-16 09:10:03 Africans flee to South America on dangerous journey to US
2019-06-28 11:22:03 VIDEO: Hundreds of Haitians, Africans wade through Rio Grande, stroll into U.S. - carrying luggage! - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2019-06-17 07:00:03 Africans coming across southern border have 'rolls of $100 bills' - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2019-06-10 11:00:04 Hundreds of Africans bussed to San Antonio 'with no heads-up' - lounge on downtown sidewalks - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2018-11-30 06:58:04 White farmers' legal fight to stop land given black South Africans without compensation thrown out Daily Mail Online
2018-08-27 18:18:07 Tourists shocked as migrant boat speeds to Spanish beach before Africans dash for cliffs World News
2018-03-08 10:00:05 White South Africans face genocide, We are cutting the throat of whiteness TheBlaze
2018-01-24 08:06:04 Ugandan president praises Trump for his frankness: 'Africans need to solve their problems' TheHill
2016-08-15 17:28:50 Corsica BANS the burqini following brawl between North Africans and locals Daily Mail Online
2016-06-08 19:24:03 Muhammad Ali Converted to Religion that Enslaved Millions of Africans
2016-06-08 09:46:02 Muhammad Ali Converted to Religion that Enslaved Millions of Africans
2015-05-14 19:44:03 Toughening stance toward migrants, Israel pushes Africans to leave - The Washington Post
2014-10-16 23:09:03 West Africans in Washington say they are being stigmatized because of Ebola fear - The Washington Post
2014-10-15 07:06:03 Amid Ebola fear, West Africans in US try to help -
2014-08-20 21:54:08 South Africans want to boycott penis clamps because Gaza
2014-08-18 15:27:03 Korea: Africans unwelcome Ebola gives pub excuse to bar black people Media Equalizer
2014-08-03 17:36:11 Ebola outbreak: Western drugs firms have not tried to find vaccine because virus only affects Africans
2013-12-12 20:12:04 Leader, savior, terrorist: How white South Africans remember Mandela
2013-06-28 16:54:07 S. Africans protest Obama's visit...
2013-04-11 13:07:20 Brazil alarmed over flood of illegal Bangladeshis, Haitians and Africans - April 11th, 2013
2013-03-12 16:08:18 Africans are ready for an African pope, but they don't...
2013-02-14 22:08:04 Guns Are Everywhere in South Africa. But South Africans...
2012-11-30 10:11:52 Parody Charity Urges Africans to Help Norway Survive the...
2012-09-18 10:10:03 Black Men Chase White Woman in Ad That Only South Africans...
2012-09-05 04:08:49 Rachel Carson Didn’t Kill Millions of Africans
2012-06-12 13:12:01 Israel Rounds Up Africans Who Threaten the “Character” of the Jewish State - June 12th, 2012
2012-04-26 13:11:44 Rio+20: Why Africans (and the world) Should Fear European Elite’s Green Agenda - April 26th, 2012
2012-03-12 19:07:04 Shocking video: Libyan rebels cage black Africans, force-feed them flags - March 2nd, 2012
2012-03-02 15:07:05 NATO’s New Libya: Rebels cage black Africans in zoo, force feed them flags - March 2nd, 2012
2011-12-13 23:07:02 Right-wing gunman kills two Africans in Italy - December 13th, 2011
2011-12-13 20:45:46 Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it